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Mysticism in Mind Control

Likely, every person dealing with mind control has met with this phenomenon. It happens very often that controllers associate effects of their technology with the unspoken role of ‘mystery’ which torments victim’s mind while morphing into operator’s personality. It is old school already, but some of its active elements find use in contemporary operations. So far I’ve never met with any attempt to tackle this subject in a serious way. That’s why I wanted to share my personal experiences of how I managed mind control’s mystery and where it led me to.. Read

Free Energy in Ancient Egypt

This video presentation introduces basics of the resonant coupling technology. Then this understanding is employed to interpret meaning of one of the Dendera Light images and most of all to describe free energy system built within the walls of the Great Giza Pyramid. Watch

Great Pyramid of Giza and Implant – Free Energy vs Mind Control

Is it possible that thousands of years ago there was on Earth civilisation possessing knowledge of electric energy? Was this knowledge exciding our present understanding? Is this technology analogous to the technology of remote mind control? This article introduces a vision of the Khufu’s Pyramid as a power plant and compares presumed principles of its system with practically known to me effects of the mind control implant’s work principles. I describe quite detailed implant’s history to substantiate the theory regarding gravitational fundamentals of remote mind control technology. Read

The Final Results of Investigation into Relationship between Mind Control and Religion

There is a fight taking place at the field of presumed Humanity’s future. The sides of this battle are the powers of mid control, and those who do try to implement technologies of free energy. Likely, never yet in history of Men was any matter as fundamentally important as this one. Mind control cannot be overcome by its own means, as this causes only broadening of this phenomenon. Mind control can only be defeated by human intellect and self-preservation instincts. Where are you going to be when this battle will reach yourself? What will you know about it? Are you going to be prepared? Perhaps my observations may direct you to suitable places, where you could start your search from. Read

Mind Control And Religion

Someone has to come, who would introduce the subject of connections between mind control and religion. Without information of this kind the phenomenon’s recognition goes in a wrong direction. Contemporary survivors deal with the controllers directed by the interests of religion, and they seem not to clearly recognise its direct involvement. In case of an individual controlled for many decades, such as this author, religious mind control holders are forced to operate under their real name for a sake of the organisational structures preservation and for the recognition of their past. Understanding of environmental conditions might be enormously helpful for the survival of people exposed to mind control. This article may offer some help with the creation of a suitable recognition tool for this task. Read

Mind Control And Reality

There is much more to mind control than the relatively narrow area of influencing human mind and body with the use of technological means. The following article is an attempt to broaden the understanding of conditions and dependencies, in which mind control steadily becomes the most important problem for the Humanity's future. Read

Mind Control in XXI Century – Witness Report

What’s happening in life of a person exposed to mind control? What’s the main physical phenomenon behind mind control techniques? Why is it happening that something so much against human nature remains so very successful for very long time, yet while being totally ignored by the society? What is the main objective of mind control? What should you know about it? Read the report by a person being under mind control attack for over half a century. Read