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Mind Control Anarchy as A Reason for Gradual Decline of Western Civilisation

Aleksander Zielinski
August 2021

Since time immemorial people have been trying to employ nature’s forces for our own benefit. We know how to use powers of the sun, wind or water currents, but there is one essential force which we are unable to employ in a direct way. Gravitation is nature’s most important source of energy. It is possible to find traces of gravitation exploitation while taking a careful look at the oldest monuments of ancient civilisations. With the tools of resonance being employed on forces of gravitation we can produce free energy, control the weather and create states of weightlessness. Unfortunately, so far people are unable to duplicate this knowledge for useful purposes. However, it has been implemented in covert world of mind control. Secret phenomenon of mind control is at present one of the most important reasons for which we cannot understand technologies which traces we have been finding in monuments erected thousands of years ago.

The subject of mind control came out in a broader way at the end of the twentieth century. A group of people appeared back then to prove existence of this phenomenon while describing their own cases. I’m writing about technological mind control where drugs, hypnosis, chemistry, use of virology, physical and psychological trauma are merely supplementary means to assist techniques of highly influential physical access to human mind, nervous system and biological processes at a distance and in a wireless way. However, for someone unfamiliar with the subject of mind control its existence remains a notion very difficult to accept. Just as impossible to accept appears to be a fact of utilisation of gravitation thousands of years ago.

The number of people complaining about mind control is constantly growing and the subject has been treated with ever more acceptance. But there’s been anxiety because of a question, if humanity can become in time aware of dangers mind control represents so to develop remedies before we would find ourselves possessed by complex dependencies from which it is very hard to break out free? In fact, the phenomenon of precise mind control conducted mostly with the means of resonance induced by electromagnetic and sound waves has been in existence for many decades already. Personally, I can testify about sixty years of mind control operations on my person. This is a long period of time for unpunished activities of those who with the mind control’s help like to rule, play, enrich themselves and to constitute a higher social class above the uninitiated crowd. 

Because I have been an observer of horrid history of mind control development over a long period of time, I can testify that initially mind control declared itself with the ideological ideas which could be treated in a positive way. Fighting against cancer and prolonging human life, contact with extra-terrestrials, perpetuum mobile – such were promises of a system I found myself in, most definitely controlled by the State. Back then there was no information about existence of technology with easy and lasting influence on human mind. Promises I remember were taken in a natural context of a wonderful world I came to live in. I remember, it was after a short period of targeting of religious nature and constituted competition if not hostility towards religion.

Already back then this whole situation was misrepresented because of the total lack of information about existence of technology able to influence men in unnoticeable way. Soon after however things started to take ever worsening turns. Looking at it from the perspective of time it is easy for me to understand it was widening spread of corruption that became most important factor changing relationships between mind control, the state and religion. There was time when one could assume that relationships between state, religion and technology will provide system capable of preventing wrong use of technology. However, it is absolutely clear that at present the state and religion won’t even recognise mind control existence, not to mention about any responsibilities. There was time when the state did control mind control. It appears that now mind control controls the state. By now mind control systems are overtaken by omnipresent anarchy. It is difficult to describe it any other way. In the past mind control actions featured their reasons, aims and were conducted by powers possessing the dignity of identity. Since the time of seventeen years ago these rules became totally abandoned. We deal with hidden and anonymous operatives who conduct their operations for reasons and purposes which remain unknown. The victims of such activities may only keep guessing what it is all about. At present it is impossible to detect allegiances and hierarchies of mind control players. Instead, we deal with template qualities of signals, usually personalised avatars under cover of which operators conduct their operations. Mind control became an evident business where services are performed for suitable pay by the way of interim employment of business orientated workshops. I understand that enormous amounts of money come into play at the occasion of key events while ‘grey’ operators maintain everyday operations for proverbial change. For seventeen years, with the exception of sporadically apparent influences of the British Crown and Israel, there was nobody who would allow the use of their identity for the purpose of mind control. Such rigid rules of operations came into effect in 2004 with the paid-for engagement of Russian scalar canon supporting mind control for relatively short time. It is now understood this service was needed for wider implementation of nano-implants technology.

This kind of a system has drastically curbed defences of a mind-controlled person. People can defend themselves against activities caused by the wrong reasons or wrong ideologies but it is very hard to stand against purely technological molestation of human life’s quality. It is obvious however that now just like it was happening in the past the targeted individuals have to put together parts of a logical puzzle conjecturing what is it they’re dealing with. They need to patiently keep checking their observations before coming to lasting conclusions. Although now, while a person is treated as an object this process becomes much longer and more humiliating. 

With the passage of time, it is possible to see that some private and business-oriented powers work for private setters of their actions. Humanistic factors such as role of the state, religion, societal organisations are all falling out of play. Their roles based on the tradition and modern needs became overlayed by the requirements of private identity which supposed to have a name. There have been many names so far. Enough to mention identities of prominent politicians, religious leadership, famous multibillionaires families and at least one royal family. Because of controllers’ anonymity it is difficult to describe which identity plays a main role at any given time.

During Cold War despatchers of the eastern technologies created a system of interference into the western world which was based on supporting the corrupted interests of technology importers. It is clear, to succeed within local environment one could use technology of such environment’s adversary. The western world created similar system affecting block of pro-communist countries. This is only my personal opinion but I’m fully convinced that this kind of corruption brought the fall of the Soviet Union. During past two decades the Russians managed this problem by creating a system based on almost overt corruption. Almost anything may be bought for money, and no unnecessary ideology involvement. Such system appears to be resistant to outside influences. Meanwhile the western world remains a victim of interim as well as historically preconditioned corruption.

We are dealing with a set of two probably classic by now problems. The first one is that humanity already see that there is mind control but nobody wants to care and so the issues are left unattended. The second problem is about people with the knowhow who see the corruption within mind control world and who decided to tolerate it without any intervention. This set of two problems causes decline of moral values, insincerity and loss of abilities on many fields of human activities. The world of western civilisation remains supported by the traditions of the past but these traditions have been becoming less important. With no doubts if everything keeps going this particular way, we are on the course to meet with difficult future. Observable right now anarchy of mind control is clearly forecasting it.

In meantime it may get much worse. In this case it is not in the first place about potential dangers ensuing because of worldwide pandemic. This situation is still developing. Although at this occasion it makes some sense to remember that long ago Microsoft presented news about development of an interface between human mind and computer. Then information on this subject totally disappeared from the media. Microsoft’s back then CEO became a philanthrope preoccupied with the propagation of vaccines against viral diseases based on the mRNA technology. At present, with the arrival of the news about presence of graphene’s nanoimplants in the vaccines, we may ask if such interface is to serve human mind or a computer? Already by now it is possible to clearly understand that the gates leading to the spread of biological processes control technology are as never before widely open.

At present we do face more obvious dangers appearing with the news about so called ‘Havana Syndrome’. Since 2016 a number of American diplomacy and intelligence officials experienced some form of technological attacks. This is a story without any precedence in the history of mind control. We know about attacks against the US embassy in Moscow in distant past, but in this case the attacks take place in many countries and everything we know so far indicate that the weapons used in these attacks are of mobile and hand-held character. In the era characterised by the absence of information on mind control in official mass media the American administration had to admit that the attacks against their officials are most likely an effect of the technology allowing wireless access to human organism. One could say that on the field of mind control appeared a brand-new player who manifestly wishes to proclaim their presence. So far authorities stopped from any accusations regarding responsibility for the attacks. However, all the interested in the subject are asking this question and rather effortlessly can find satisfying answer.

In 2013 I wrote about an article in Mail Online which informed that Russian president, Putin, approved plans for psychotronic gun production. The project of this super-weapon, which was to realize a little-noticed election campaign pledge by president Putin was announced by then defence minister, Serdyukov. This weapon employs the use of electromagnetic radiation, and it was a part of the Russian arms procurement programme for 2011-2020. Elements such as timing, attacks taking place in environments considered to be safe for Russian technology, mobility and handiness of the weapon, and target of the attacks suggest that most likely ‘Havana Syndrome’ is an effect of a new super-weapon, psychotronic gun use.

I wrote back then about the dangers arising with the potential implementation of such weaponry. Today this threat presents itself much more clearly than at any time in the past. Mind control means may be implemented in a totally undetectable way. In such case mind control is most successful. Ostentatious use of a strong, handy weapon against officials of the world’s super-power suggests that the psychotronic gun implementation is at present at the stage of a placement within the environment. To explain this in a concise way, if administration of a super-power such as is the US cannot cope with activity of this kind, then how could it be managed by the weaker countries or single people? It appears that ‘Havana Syndrome’ is all about testing of how far owners of the psychotronic gun may advance. It is possible to assume that the attacks against the US officials are not a final act but rather serve the purpose of preparation for wider practical weapon’s implementation.

With psychotronic gun successfully placed within the environment come opportunities for its services hire. I write about services lease and not about the weaponry sale while being aware of a fact that in the past importation of Russian technology always depended on the fulfilment of Russian interests. For this exact reason in my local mind control environment there aren’t at all any signals colliding with the Russian interests. Such things, simply, never happen.

For already long time a vision of mind control centre isn’t tied up with a room with large number of people, equipment and computers, not even midsized workshop. Two decades ago, such vision would apply to the workspace inside of a mobile radar vehicle. Mind control backroom seems to be ever shrinking. With the psychotronic gun existence comes danger of the invisible single users of a small portable weapon who don’t have any need for the backroom infrastructure support. The vision of the world with psychotronic gunmen is tragically dangerous. There would not be any need for the state, religion and multibillionaires entanglement anymore. With single users in possession of this weapon the mind control problem may become impossible to resolve. This could fundamentally change the course of humanity’s fate. Meanwhile reaction of the American administration has been anaemic, to put it gently. There’s no talk whatsoever about mind control weapons prohibition. Information on the technology existence remains misty while avoiding calling things by their name. Nobody wants to say that electromagnetic radiation is scalar wave which in turn is an effect of gravitation.

Despite their reluctance to accept mind control existence, the state and religion are still responsible for the future situation development. If these two pillars of western civilisation won’t decide to take up a firm stand against mind control activities, then their role will be systematically diminished. It would lead to a total loss of the system’s use values. No use for furtive explanations mind control is based on technology eliminating the role of monotheistic religion. No help with consciousness edge explanations about the state’s fear of society’s wrath when it becomes clear that until today mind control cannot survive without resting on the state’s silence and its infrastructure. If the state and religion fail to resolve mind control problem, we may come to live in a system which perhaps does not yet have a name or decisive shape, but about which we know that it cannot be called the western civilisation.  


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