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Complicated Subject of Defence against Mind Control

Aleksander Zielinski
July 2019

In fact, so far, we don’t know anything of value about it. Tinfoil hat became a ridiculing symbol of ‘weird propagators’ of conspiracy theory. Homeopathic gold works for short time only, until controllers learn how to overcome this obstacle. Thick leather pilot hat, or headset helmet, are temporary solutions not lasting long at all. Making it short, we have a problem and we don’t know how to deal with it. One could assume there is not and likely there never will be any suitable way of complete defence against mind control. Even if we learn a way of how to defend oneself against a particular method, the controllers have many methods to choose from and we cannot possibly take a stand against all of it at once.

However, we could think about some solutions which can at least partly protect against mind and biological processes control. In my previous post, Mysticism in Mind Control, I wrote about how I’ve been managing controllers’ psychological methods. Described in that post attitude serves me reliably for already long time, but dealing with technology’s physical aspects is a different problem altogether. I would like now to discuss some non-psychological ways of defence. This subject may be divided into three main parts

  • Lifestyle which allows avoidance of unnecessary problems
  • Objects or tools that may be useful in defence
  • Ways of technology understanding that allow for constant creative search for defence measures in various situations

What I’m going to write about relays on my personal experience. Obviously, every person under mind control influence carries huge baggage of personal experiences. Although some difference may be such that I’m mind controlled for at least 55 years. I started to suspect it about 38 years ago and for the past 30 years I live fully aware that mind control is a reality. This is a long time and an enormous amount of various experiences. Presently, even hurtful effects in the first place bring about only personal feelings of repulsion and dullness. I tackle this subject without emotions that troubled me decades ago, and which are somewhat characteristic for ‘younger’ survivors. For this reason, I could be, perhaps, a little better suited to assess problem in an objective way. I’m going to avoid addressing reader in immediate way as to prevent any triggering dangers. Also, I don’t suggest anyone should necessarily follow my advice. I do suggest to take it into consideration and compare with personal situation. Then, to think about personal needs. We live through own sets of problems and ultimately everyone takes consequences of personal decisions.

Defence starts with the control of food, drinks, and personal contacts. This is especially important at the beginnings of victim’s ordeal when she/he does not know yet about any needs of defence against mind control. This is the time when target is customarily exposed to various chemistry and drugs. Knowing these dangers people wouldn’t allow themselves being served with supplements, and would do their best to avoid dangerous social contacts. Very often it is social politeness which causes acceptance of dangerous substances in food, drinks, and cigarettes, which events set a scene of exposure to stealthy hazardous environment. While these matters are very important, we get to understand it when it is already late. Personal experiences taught me that the states of permanent stupor and disorientation, so characteristic at the beginning of mind control ordeal, are in the first place an effect of spiked foods and drinks.

It can be done by ‘acquaintances’, maybe family members (possibly without their knowledge) and by people we pass by, figuratively and literally, on our way of life. I don’t believe I ever bought anything spiked in the shop, but one can get exposed to it in restaurant or club. Characteristic signs of this problem may be changes in mouth health, such as extreme dryness, and rapid mood changes. The latter may be foreshadowing serious problems while introducing pleasant and easy to accept feelings. When supply of substances ends then a TI falls into depression and goes into series of uncontrollable mental changes while fighting internal demons and not knowing what caused those unexplained problems. Poor thing stays ill for long time not realising that it all is simply drug hunger. I lived through many such rehab periods, before I understood I was mind controlled and so I always needed to watch myself against dangers of such kind.  I do remember one night in Vienna where I shared accommodation with a few countrymen. In the middle of the night I opened sleepy eyes to see one of them sneaking towards my head with a dropper in his hand. He cursed under his nose seeing that I awoke, likely being upset he needed wait longer to complete his task. Back then I didn’t understand it, but after many years this memory became to me a symbol of chemical danger.

Substances of this kind can also be some implants. When people hear about implants, they easily imagine a small microchip, preferably smaller in size than a grain of rice. Meanwhile there are many more kinds of implants and some of them may be delivered orally. In the Eighties I suffered terrible headaches caused by presence of liquid crystal in my brain. I was given a drink containing implanting component which later reached my brain where it was dumped for good. Back then it was a popular implantation method. For the controllers it was a tool to keep large areas of my brain resonating at stable frequency. For me, apart from all the trouble caused by their activities, I suffered huge pain lasting for many years.

Nano implants may also be distributed orally. It happened to me because of a food dish served unwittingly by a family member. Now I carry them inside my gums, on the jaw, as a huge antenna allowing wide stream of affecting me energy. If I knew what’s to come, I would’ve never accepted spiked food and drinks but unfortunately, as I said before, we understand it when it is already late.

shungiteAt this occasion it’s good to remember about tap water. When I first heard reports from the Russian survivors about mind control being delivered in water pipelines, I couldn’t really comprehend it. Despite the fact, I already was fully aware that supporting technology substances are being delivered from outside environment. I had to wait till 2004, for Putin’s people, to experience it myself. Those are things pumped to water by a neighbour. Typical sign of the problem might be sounds of pumping coming through the water pipelines. If neighbour pumps when victim isn’t home there maybe sounds of air locked pipes. Anything that dissolves in water might be pumped into water supply. It needs to be understood that custom designed scalar wave may be pumped into drinkable water. If consumed it may spread throughout the whole body becoming a universal and impossible to detect implant. However, there are ways of protecting oneself against this kind of danger. Water can be filtered and it could be decontaminated with shungite. This is interesting kind of coal capable of absorbing scalar wave. It can be found on Internet. In my case I keep water in a jug with small pieces of shungite at the bottom of it for at least 24 hours before it is ready to use. Presumably, I don’t have any problems with tap water contamination presently. Though I hope for tiny shungite particles to clean up scalar wave produced by implants, e.g. swallowed with saliva. 

Yet another method of external means supporting mind control are damages done to human body and spirit. It aims at worsening victim’s state of health, often permanently, and to supplement standard technology methods. When controllers detain and hold victim in laboratory conditions for several hours, though it can be longer, they cause injuries resulting in huge physical and psychological scaring. It happened to me a number of times and I was able to recall their methods. I’ll describe some examples of it. A musician has his fingers dislocated and a gun is fired in immediate proximity of his ear, which causes extreme hearing disorder. Interrogation sessions are conducted during which victim is beaten up and shocked with electricity. TI may literally be tortured and raped. I could describe many such methods, though my point here is that those events remain being not remembered about and their consequences reside permanently in subconsciousness.

If a targeted person suffers mental disorder as a result of it all, then relief may be possible only after full recollection of its causes. Only then one is able to understand that it is in fact a post traumatic disorder. It’s important to remember those are the means designed especially as the controllers’ tool so they may freely use and constantly refresh their effects. In compare, stress disorders of army veterans, PTSD, it is a different and rather lighter league of post traumatic mental problems. I was fortunate enough to remember such events. So, I could explain to myself there’s no need to feel guilty while something goes wrong with me physically or mentally.  Instead of pointless search for where I went wrong about myself or with my relationship with nature, I’m able to understand that I suffer personal wounds created by other people. This way I could profoundly concentrate on healing the effects of their activities.

If a mind-controlled person suffers indescribable mental and physical health problems without any obvious explanation, then it’s time to understand that such methods are used commonly. Most likely this exactly is one of the main problem’s reasons. Typically, such person experienced short time memory loss. For many unaware people it all may seem strangely unnecessary. Why to convince anyone in this particular situation that their nature is not at fault? But practical experience tells me it’s in fact extremely important, and so this understanding is one of the means of protection against mind control effects.

Another important method to be aware of it is a brain oxygen deficiency. It causes mind weakness in which case technology becomes much more efficient. I personally have a cyst in one of my lungs. I do remember when during one of the pseudo-laboratory sessions a group of people were blowing air in my lungs. Though I already had the cyst back then and they only were aiming at blowing it larger. Before I began to understand this technique, I was prone to methods keeping me on very short, minimal breath. In my case it was a method used by Polish intelligence during JP2 pontificate.  I remember myself back then sitting in the chair, being unconsciously woozy with brain oxygen deprivation. So, the next method of defence against mind control is to look after good brain oxygenation.

Finally, short note about indigestion. I could easily see that frequent indigestions have effects on my psyche. Good spirit resides in healthy body but being often bloated and swollen I cannot be comfortable. Metabolism diseases result in lack of sufficient healthy energy capable of fighting off energy controlled by the operators. I experimented with various techniques and became resistant to most of laxatives. I was most successful when for a several months I kept eating only every second day. Sometime after a month of this exercise it was the controllers who had to adjust their methods to my energy for change. So, this was a success but unfortunately such is nature of this problem that it seems to be impossible to manage it completely. The controllers always have spare methods in their disposition. In case of energy deficiency, however, it is good to have an energy drink. It can successfully refresh healthy brain activity.

All the mentioned about so far are very basic, call it ‘hygiene’ needs of mind control survivor.  I could easily guarantee that without those ‘special supplements’ mind control will not be as effective and oppressive as it seems to be. Such precautions should be observed forever. Not at all that it allows for total safety, but at least there is avoidance of unnecessary risks.

Afterwards the thigs become much less obvious. At one stage a victim becomes a fully adjusted, trained and installed mind-controlled person. Someone possesses this person and nobody in this world cares at all that times of slavery ended long time ago. This person may be employed for various purposes. TIs and their ‘services’ may be put for sale.  The most fortunate in this situation are those most unfortunate. Those are the victims exposed to multiple controllers’ games. Those on whom too many techniques have been applied are capable of recognising their true situation. When they start to guess what’s going on, they are overcome by series of unexplainable feelings. It is like one wanted to escape somewhere else, willing to beg some unknown power for yet one more day of old life. Looking towards the future brings about feelings of absolute fear. Philosophically, I can see that what they miss and what they worry about the most is not themselves but rather it is the relationship with their personal world. They suffer terribly considering there’s no more or maybe there never was the world they once knew. I do remember myself being affected the most by the impressions of the end of my world. And this must be something characteristic for the survivors that at this stage they live through the end of their world. Then, after, with forthcoming understanding that there is no escape, they may start to search for ways of defence.

People did try many different things trying to escape from technology. Even if some method works it would last for a short time only. We are but the energy susceptible to energy laws.  It is impossible to defend DNA in our bodies. If it was possible, we would lose our reason to be because DNA is created for the purpose of communication and not to be there just for itself. The controllers, while being using human biological information, don’t have to be DNA experts at all. They’ll be satisfied with a resonant coupling of a targeted person with their workshop. The coupling provides them with individual organism’s information which they’re capable of copying. They are able then to manipulate people by the way of introducing changes in natural information contained within human body’s energy. Then, with all the badness brought by mind control, targets go through terrible effects of false genetic changes, yet while at the same time their DNA provides them with healthy energy. In time they get accustom with this abnormality and become one with the controllers’ workshop. But while this workshop resides within them, they do not see that at the same time they reside in the workshop. It feels incredibly distressing when they observe their predicament from the point view of healthy energy which reaches them faster than controllers’ manipulations. Healthy people with normal predispositions to life do perceive themselves as some sort of difficult to tame weirdos who don’t fit in with anything they would consider as being normal. This is main reason for which they find it so difficult to talk about their personal experiences.

Mind control reaches people with the means of resonant coupling technology. This can be created by electromagnetic or mechanic, such as ultrasounds, techniques. Although this technology is based on gravitational waves interference. We need to search for resonance which allows this biofeedback. But in modern world full of various electromagnetic waves this seems to be rather impossible. Human aura, otherwise the weather, atmosphere of human body possesses personal biological information. In fact, those are scalar waves consistent with the resonant characteristics of specific body areas. It is not human body itself, but this aura which becomes targeted in first place. Controllers are able to interfere scalar waves hidden within electromagnetic waves with human aura. Then they are able to collect this bundle of interfered waves, which already contains biological information, and so target becomes caught. They may create a standing wave which transports natural biological information plus their manipulations. Human organism accepts false information because of the acceptance of its own natural information. Human nature did not foresee any access of false information in such a way. Mind control operator is like a hacker stealing victim’s biological information with criminal intend. Long time ago it was done with help of a small, several millimetres in diameter, circled antenna, touching only once the side of target’s face. Since the introduction of weather control techniques in mind control it is not necessary any more. It is not electromagnetic wave that’s dangerous, but scalar wave that’s hidden within, which capable of transporting biological information is what one needs to be aware of. This is already very old method, in my case almost sixty years. At present controllers may be able to utilise wide variety of electromagnetic frequencies employed for cellular telephony and public media needs. For those survivors who remember old mind control times, the things may be easier now as the controllers don’t need to watch that closely over critical for them subjects of quality and stability of connection. In the past those matters were unpleasant and oppressive for survivors to say the least. Paradoxically mobile telephony systems brought some relief and improvement in life conditions for the older victims. At least until introduction of weather control techniques in mind control.

Until cellular bands’ frequencies didn’t exceed 2.45 GHz it was possible to attempt some defence with water shields. But presently much higher frequencies could easily overcome water shields, so this seems to be not worth trying anymore. What I’ve described so far it is almost unnoticeable technology which doesn’t require any implantations. Implants make controllers’ work much easier. My first implant was some unknown chemical substance which was supposed to settle inside my muscles to serve as some sort of radiological contrast. As it happened, this wasn’t quite successful and this substance settled in the areas somewhere between my muscle tissues and tendons. It is still in use until now while causing sporadic muscles’ crumps, especially on my rib cage. Imagine, controllers told me about it over fifty years ago. However, I didn’t receive their information in detectable consciousness. I could say that I recalled about it only recently. But in fact, it rather happens the way that the controllers while employing their new techniques do uncover hidden memories which I wasn’t supposed to know about. Subsequent implants afterwards, were ever more advanced and while being believing that I understand their functions, I’m unable reliably describe them. I understand that modern implants consist of inbuilt firmware of required features. Though their integral part must be a system of resonant coupling serving as power supply. It is a paradox that one can be harmed with a device powered by one’s own body’s energy.

implantLet’s have a look at image of primitive implant from the middle of the last century. In this case it only provided resonant coupling function and resulting perpendicular electrical wave. It is something known as electrode. Implants allow for stable way of target influencing. But if we could block their resonant properties, they would become unusable. Many people carry their implants placed close under their skin. In such a case it may be possible to test anti-resonant shields outside of the body. It never could be fully efficient, but it may disrupt controllers’ abilities. On my own I’ve been using tools created with band-aid, magnetised foil (fridge stickers), and thin shungite pieces.

scalar stickerSome great results can initially be achieved with the use of the scalar stickers, commonly used as protection against phones’ EMF radiation. But over time this method loses its usability. It all may be worth trying because interim controllers may don’t want to, or have not suitable funds to hire more efficient services and so a TI may get some rest. Not to mention some satisfaction coming with outfoxing the operator. Though one needs to consider some cautious and stepwise testing to avoid controllers’ revenge possibility. Magnetised foil, just as scalar stickers, are efficient only with their active sides facing towards implants. Defence has more success chances with the use of a few prepared beforehand and randomly chosen methods. All my attempts of this type ended up in similar fashion. My controllers were employing services of firms specialised in Russian techniques. It’s because the Russians are able to set the smallest and most incisive scalar wave. Modern Russian technology is of military character based on weather control techniques. It allows for treating target’s body as a well-controlled gravitational field. These are very precise and foolproof methods.

Even though we cannot have any efficient defence against mind control we should strive for how to understand this technology in a universal way.  This is most important to obtain knowledge allowing for developing and testing some defence measures.  I think that I have had some success, though there’re no prospects for complete satisfaction. It’s natural because scope of this understanding would probably be as huge as the universe. Those who know prof Meyl’s work got accustomed with electrical and magnetic aspects of scalar wave. I took a step forward and found most elementary kind of resonant coupling, a base for all the other resonant techniques. This is gravitational wave coupling, treated as magnetic scalar wave with availability of perpendicular electrical scalar wave. Mind control technology is based foremostly on this phenomenon.

Then I discovered ancient Egypt with symbolism of its technology. It was incredibly engaging feeling. Do imagine a man who used to only just pass physics as he comes to understand how the Khufu’s pyramid produced wireless electricity. Ancient Egyptians knew well how to symbolise the subjects of appropriable as well as life’s energy. They had been using common symbols for both. Their medicine relayed on the use of healthy energy against energy that became spoiled. This was technique opposite to what mind control does. Finding out about it I could understand that subconsciously I do exactly the same thing while fighting off harmful energy controlled by my oppressors. In this case I found out, I shouldn’t fight against contents of harmful messages but rather concentrate on exercises in manipulation of the energy these are based on. Next with the help of advanced science I could come to personal understanding that my life’s energy is scalar wave - most of all product of my DNA. This is energy produced by every cell of my body. My life’s energy is also, if not first of all, my mind, my consciousness. I started to understand that if controllers didn’t have a way of employing my biological information then their methods wouldn’t have any use for mind control. All that they do would just pass me by without any effect. Also, I got to know that they do not control all of my life’s energy. They never will, as if they did, I wouldn’t exist anymore. So, for as long as I am, I have something to defend myself with.

resonance stopperI found true purpose of the Egyptian Djed Pillar, a tool of defence against resonance. Ancient Egyptians used devices of this type for wireless energy isolation. Being used at the bottom of energy system it prevented it against influence of resonance coming from inside of the Earth. So, the wireless energy wouldn’t be absorbed by the Earth. Device of the same type are the relieving chambers above the King’s Chamber, inside the Khufu’s pyramid, protecting top of this energy system. Looking at modern electricity poles, at the top of some we see similar devices. These are to stabilise electrical grid - defending against influence of unwanted resonance. We could experiment how to use this knowledge to defend ourselves against unsafe resonance.

Another method originating from ancient Egypt is to create resonance which could disrupt controllers’ operations. An example for it is a niche in eastern side of the Khufu’s Pyramid’s Queen’s Chamber. Such primitive gravitational resonance could, perhaps, be quite efficient if we are to believe that all mind control techniques relay in the first place on resonating gravitation. Looking at the cut-outs in stone blocks in some of the Egyptian pyramids we will come to understand that resonance can be added and subtracted. While we cannot live in rooms built of stone blocks, we could experiment in search of practical utilisation of this understanding.

Mind control starts and ends at its highest levels with energy operations. Unfortunately, this energy type is capable of transporting biological information. This is simply competition in energy manipulations. It has been self-evident since mind control was placed within frames of weather control. This technology allows for observation of energy operations. Those of the victims who found themselves in similar predicament should understand that we have been made into live transhuman devices of wireless energy.

Then again, we could study Khufu’s pyramid. This is a scalar interferometer. Resonant coupling between King’s and Queen’s chambers utilised four so called ventilation shafts. It is a gravitational antenna which allowed gravitational waves to be collected and interfered with the coupling. This system was to create suitably strong coupling between the chambers. Human being is similar to such device benefiting from our natural gravitational antennas, such as ear and nose canals. But if a TI has an implant installed in his head, then his presumably strongest natural energy coupling, placed in the chest and often associated with the soul, becomes energetically veiled by the resonant coupling inside the implant, which too interferes gravitational waves from ear and nose canals.

In such a case target, unnaturally, has in his head another, artificial soul with huge energetical potentials. True soul is defended by our natural Djed pillar, which is the vertebral column (spine). Ancient Egyptians associated Djed pillar with the spine of their god, Osiris. But a person with an implant in his head has no such defence and so they've been crossed over in any each direction by strong streams of energy. Clearly, I have been living like this for the past fifteen years so simply I was forced to understand this subject in a described way. The less gravitational waves from ears and nose to interfere with implant’s coupling the weaker aggressive energy. All in need could study Khufu’s pyramid in search for suitable solution.

I created 50 minutes long video on subject of free energy in ancient Egypt. While it isn’t about mind control, I’d like to encourage all interested people to have a look at it. I think nowhere else we could find more evident symbolism of wireless energy technologies than in ancient Egypt. This is a very solid base to understand this technology fundamentals and we should be able to employ this understanding in search for defence measures.

The only global tool to fight against mind control would be legislative and necessarily executive administration orders which would cause controllers’ firms to collapse and forced controllers to look for another jobs. But we know very well how it all looks like right now. Nobody wants to know anything. Not to mention that such controllers’ firms are natural consequence of the governments’ decisions, which in the past started to employ private contractors to steadily burden them with all the dirty jobs. If it wasn’t enough, for years now the controllers conduct themselves the way as they were some underground resistance movement. So, if it comes to it and society would start to disassemble mind control structures, we might have a huge problem. In search for defence methods we are forced to reach deep into technology’s fundamentals and to seek the reasons for its existence on our own. Our only weapon is understanding and as for now we have to do with it.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to propagate free energy ideas. These are simple, just look closely at the great pyramid’s internals. Mind control as we know it should cease to exist with implementation of free energy. Games of resonance would become far too dangerous for everyone with no exception. Just as nowadays state governments administer electromagnetic frequencies allocations, in a world with free energy, resonant frequencies synchronisations would require adequate control. Nobody will be able to say they don’t know what’s going on. Ideals of free energy introduction are our natural friend and we need to demand free energy as much as we demand our freedom.

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