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Free Energy in Ancient Egypt

Aleksander Zielinski
January 2019

Long search for comprehension of baseline mind control technology took me to places I never expected to understand. I had to come to realise that mind control relies on technology common with energy acquirement techniques which were used on our planet in ancient times. Perhaps, the best example of utilisation of this technology in antiquity is a system of free energy production hidden within the Great Giza Pyramid. And I thought it must be well worth of an effort to present this understanding in form of an easy to follow video presentation. I never made such presentation before, never expected to make one. This movie is not about mind control and it all may seem a little amateurish at first. But if you decide to invest 50 minutes of your life to see something new, something that as ancient Egypt research goes is absolutely revolutionary, then you are in a right place indeed.

If you already are familiar with the concept of resonant coupling, you could jump to 22:05 minute of presentation where I start description of the Great Pyramid's wireless energy system. Other ways I’d suggest to put up with my imperfections and to watch it all from the beginning to get better grasp of the concept. Between 12:05 and 22:03 minute of the movie I interpret meaning of one of the famous Dendera Lights reliefs to present broader picture of how resonant coupling technology and wireless electricity was portrayed in the ancient past.

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