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Great Pyramid of Giza and Implant – Free Energy vs Mind Control

Aleksander Zielinski
December 2016

Over thirty years ago I was a young man who began to suspect the likelihood of mind control influence. My mission was most of all to prove to myself that there was mind control. Just like any other TI during the first years of their conscious mind control recognition, I was in a very difficult position. I had to learn how to pass through and sideways this foreign environment running rampant in my mind. Prevent, and manage unpreventable, excesses of the controllers. There was no Internet, I didn’t speak well the language of country I was living in, and the only thing I could do was to observe media, as well as the events of my life, to find an answer to my distressing question. I had to wait a few years yet before my doubts were fully gone. Before it happened, one day, while working at the factory floor, I heard that this technology was found in the pyramids. I understood, I was then under influence of the British intelligence, so I took the signal’s origin as such. Really, it was totally unimportant to me, where this technology came from. Like anybody else in similar situation, I only wanted those atrocities to be gone, so I could finally mentally and psychically rest a little. There was no remittance, and I hadn’t been giving any attention to that single signal until I started to see the links between the technologies of remote mind control and free energy.

Only a few years ago I stumbled upon a description of standing gravitational wave, thanks to Dr Hartmut Müller and his bio-phone. I found great help with Dr Henning Witte Brussel’s presentation, which has led me to the discovery of Prof Konstantin Meyl research. Thanks to those two researches my understanding of technology, which may be useful for the mind control purpose, took a quantum leap. The puzzle of questions, and answers to questions never asked, became increasingly more readable. This article is a complementing continuation of my previous posts, especially the last one, in which I postulated that mind control is being propagated for the benefit of monotheistic religion, often with money of dirty energy producers. As always I note that I can see mind control operations influenced by only some of the religions. Modern mind control is business. News about enormous payments for highly specialised in specific skills, commercially oriented controllers began to reach me about twelve or so years ago. Which is when some intelligence services, especially the Russian one, oriented their activities on the politics of energy exports. Golden deal is the one which allows earnings while sustaining one’s own needs.

I’m going to introduce some shared technological characteristics of remote mind control and free energy acquirement. To do so I’ll describe the way in which Khufu Pyramid may be used to produce free energy, then I’ll describe history and effects of one of my implants. This particular implant utilises gravitation for energy-related purposes. We do deal with many interpretations of mind control technology. Starting with hypnosis, through different kinds of electromagnetic waves, chemistry, etc., in search of mind control methods we have finally reached the knowledge of scalar wave and meaning of standing resonance. The last stage it is the unknown, mysterious gravitational wave. Most likely, the media employed by all the methods of remote mind control. Unfamiliarity with gravitational waves allows mind control an ideal hide-out, and impunity at the same time. We need to learn, how to recognise mind control while using meanings such as resonance, resonant coupling, standing scalar wave and gravitation.

The news items describing free energy devices were coming and going within the last few years. Most of times these devices require some small amounts of energy to produce much more by employing the phenomenon of over-unity effect present in scalar wave. These are mysterious devices which cannot be described in detail. Nothing is lost, however, because Khufu Pyramid is a very well-known and fitting this purpose structure, which didn’t even require any energy to start with. This pyramid as a powerhouse was an object of interest for many researches. To mention some of them: Christopher Dunn, author of the book “The Giza Power Plant” and Dr Carmen Boulter and many others in the movie series “The Pyramid Code”. My interest in the ancient Egyptian civilisation appeared after I found biblical Ark of Covenant to be, between other things, the mind control device. I was curious if this kind of technology existed in pre-Moses times. Obviously the first object of my interest were the pyramids, especially the oldest ones. I remembered there was somebody who introduced mind control as technology found in pyramids, but I didn’t believe that pyramid could be a device of this kind. Nor that it could take anybody into other reality dimensions. I found extremely interesting things. I realise my attitude towards understanding the methods of harvesting and processing energy in the Great Pyramid is so far unheard of. It may cause puzzlement and disbelief. Indeed, I use a charlatan-like way of putting together pieces of a logical jigsaw. With very basic knowledge of resonant techniques, most of all I use observation, anticipation and logical deduction. Despite having, as a TI, huge experience in this kind of thinking, I might be mistaken in some details. However, if Khufu Pyramid was to produce energy, some elements of the system I’ll describe are indispensable. There aren’t any other ways of producing energy without their utilisation.

Many researches seeking practical purpose and ways of pyramids exploitation use sometimes complicated scientific terms. Meanwhile, my version is very simple. The only thing is to accept the existence of gravitational wave and bodies, gravitational fields susceptible to resonance. In 2004 I’ve met with practical, spectacular demonstration of the gravitational bodies. This show was presented as transparent apparitions of known to me mind control agents. It was done by a team of Russian weather and mind controllers working back then in Western Australia. Of course without practical testing I cannot be absolutely sure my version is right. It can only be a proposition of understanding, how the pyramid supposed to produce energy, but I’ll use affirmative style sometimes for better acquirement of this topic. Those who ever were interested in the Egyptian pyramids will know what I write about. The other readers may use the pictures provided.

Khufu Pyramid as a Power Plant

The first thing is about the characteristic pyramid’s shape. Why this and not any other? Many people tend to imagine that more primitive, ancient people didn’t know any better than building easy, stone on the stone structures. Disregarding the question, who and how built the oldest pyramids, this opinion must be misleading. Pyramid is a boosting body of gravitation application. Smaller gravitational fields inside the pyramid are the catchments of gravitation suitable for resonant processing away from the external conditions. Between the oldest monuments of ancient Egypt, pyramid is a tool to create products out of the resources of gravitation.




Main parts of Khufu Pyramid’s energy system

  • Gravitation antennas (7) in the King’s and Queen’s Chambers (1,2)
  • Standing scalar wave between the King’s and Queen’s Chambers (2,1) 
  • Electric scalar wave in the passage leading to the Queen’s Chamber (5)
  • Electric scalar wave distribution system in the Grand Gallery (3)

The most important part of the Khufu Pyramid’s energy system is the one that seemingly nobody has described so far. This is a distance between the King’s and Queen’s Chambers. People look at these chambers, passages and do not notice that standing scalar wave could easily travel between the chambers. I have in mind this kind of a wave which travels exclusively both ways between the chambers as an energy carrier. Some specific conditions are needed to construct this kind of a standing wave – most of all the same, synchronised resonance of the King’s and Queen’s Chambers. Such synchronisation may take place naturally when identically similar chambers are exposed to the same resonance source. The Khufu Pyramid’s chambers differ in size, shape and quality of building stone. This is why there’s a need to investigate chambers gravitational field’s resonance. Resonance in the Queen’s Chamber should be of default pyramid’s value as it is placed in its centre. Here it is easy to guess that the King’s Chamber’s resonance would need to be, if required, adjusted to the resonance in the Queen’s Chamber as it possesses greater resonant properties. The sarcophagus in this chamber may be useful for this purpose if, for example, some sand would be added or removed from it. The reason for which the King’s Chamber would need some resonance adjustments is the area above its ceiling which absorbs resonance. This fundamental element of the pyramid’s energy system is indispensable for further acquirement of wireless electricity out of gravitational waves. The magnetic resonant coupling between the chambers is utilising standing scalar wave, which carries energy, for the purpose of exploitation of the energetic properties of gravitation. Resonant coupling is also a base for the remote mind control technology. At present, for many people under mind control influence the existence and effectiveness of this technology is beyond any doubt.

ShaftThere are many misleading ideas on the subject of Khufu’s Pyramid. The first one, obviously, is official archaeology describing this pyramid as a pharaoh’s final resting place. Although even more sensible researches spread misleading information. The so called ventilation shafts didn’t serve in first place the purpose of ventilation. Nor were these to emit microwave energy, as described by some researchers. In fact, this is a system of gravitational antennas, a part of the energy system, which collects gravitational waves to interfere standing scalar wave between the King’s and Queen’s Chambers. It is a well-known fact that to create scalar wave the interfering waves need to be of different values. These shafts are of different lengths, placed at dissimilar angles and with different kinds of endings. That clearly suggests their practical purpose. Many researchers have been expressing their surprise, while the pyramid is constructed with great precision, the shafts are rough, not cut-out properly and slightly bended. Meanwhile this is an essential construction method. Because of this accomplishment gravitational waves do not resonate in shafts, so to reach the resonant coupling in form of pure resource. Similar shafts have been constructed underneath the Nicola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower. In this case gravitational wave collection used to take place underground. In both cases a device of this type is named a scalar interferometer. At this occasion it is worth to mention about essential twofold quality of the pyramid’s elements. The elements serving purpose of energy creation have smooth polished surfaces susceptible to resonance. On the other hand, surfaces of the elements used for wave conducting and general servicing are rough, unpolished to avoid unwanted resonance.

Djed PillarAnother misleading idea is that about so-called the Relieving Chambers above the King’s Chamber. We are officially told that their task is to prevent the chamber’s ceiling against collapse. Surely such device would better suit the Queen’s Chamber which seems to be more endangered in this respect. There also are researches trying to work out some energy-creating properties of this construction. Researches eulogize over ingenuity of this device, while its purpose is totally different. The fundamental purpose of this part is to disperse resonance in the area above the King’s Chamber. This is an equivalent of the Egyptian Djed Pillar, in this case created with the use of gravitational fields of the shallow chambers. For people under mind control influence Djed Pillar is a very important indication of how to seek cover from unwanted resonance. Very characteristic property of this device is great unevenness of each of the chamber’s floors. It causes multistage resonance blockade in the area above the King’s Chamber. Similar device were, now missing, quadruple lowered doors in the passage leading to this chamber. Typical functional property of the standing scalar wave is full duplex communication ability. Information can be sent both ways simultaneously, so for example, a person standing by the Queen’s Chamber could talk with another person standing by the King’s Chamber without use of any other technology. In case of this particular construction, however, this isn’t fully possible. At the side of the resonant coupling, where the electricity acquirement and distribution system has been placed, information conveying can take place only one way, from the level of the Queen’s Chamber towards the level of the King’s Chamber. The Relieving Chambers and quadruple lowered doors serve this exact purpose by the way of dispersing resonance above and at the entrance side of the King’s Chamber. Information taking place by the side of this chamber cannot be intercepted by resonance, so it won’t be sent towards the Queen’s Chamber. However, gravitational waves drawn in the King’s Chamber’s shafts can still be interfered. It is so, because waves reach the chamber trough openings in the chamber’s walls. All this is a fundamental condition for this energy system to be workable, because as we’ll see later on, it prevents against catastrophic for the system about-turn of electric scalar wave in undesired direction.

NicheAttentive reader surely is going to ask now – what electric scalar wave? So far I wrote only about resonant coupling and gravitational waves interference. This time I need to point to the Dr Henning Witte presentation in Brussels, and most of all to prof. Konstantin Meyl discoveries. The latter discovered magnetic scalar wave. Prof Meyl found that scalar waves are directed and that magnetic scalar wave is directed perpendicularly to electric scalar wave. In one of his Internet interviews prof. Meyl stated that longitudinal waves, vibrating in the direction of their propagation, exist between others in gravitation. I believe that resonant coupling between the chambers is of magnetic type and corresponding electric scalar wave should exist in direction perpendicular to the coupling. This cannot happen near the King’s Chamber because it is shielded with the resonance dispersing (Relieving Chambers and quadruple doors). The place for electric scalar wave is near the Queen’s Chamber, in the passage leading to this chamber, to be exact. The characteristically corbel shaped niche in the eastern wall of the Queen’s Chamber allows for independent modelling of this wave in the passage. The niche corresponds in a straight vertical line with the top of the Grand Gallery. The Khufu’s Pyramid is a perfect structure with each element designed for specific purpose. Evident roughness of the floor in the passage leading to the Queen’s Chamber is there to prevent resonance and shields electric wave from undesired resonant contact underneath.

Grand GalleryThe last element of this energy system is to distribute electric wave outside of the pyramid. In the floor of the Grand Gallery, 28 ft. high passage leading upwards towards the King’s Chamber, there are 27 pairs of slots which, in the past, housed some unknown devices. There are some researchers, who assume these devices were the energy transferring resonators. This idea seems to be confirmed by evident deep burnt markings in the ceiling and on the walls of the Grand Gallery. Again, we need to remember that the coupling between the Queen’s and King’s Chambers is resonantly limited at the King’s Chamber’s level. Because of this limitation, despite the coupling possessing natural ability to communicate both ways, produced by the coupling, electric scalar wave in the passage leading to the Queen’s Chamber has ability to communicate only one way, upwards, towards the Grand Gallery. Huge height and corbel shape of the Gallery’s ceiling allows for stable resonance hold, able to intercept scalar waves. It is here where electric scalar wave comes to, from the passage down below. One of the parameters independently modelling electric wave is deepness of the corbel niche in the Queen’s chamber, exactly the same with the wideness of the Grand Gallery ceiling. Further away from the Queen’s Chamber the electric wave’s communication ability keeps getting lower. The Grand Gallery is aligned with the passage at an angle allowing to make use even of those lower communication abilities of the electric wave. One can assume the missing resonators were used as some kind of power points, which could have been resonantly coupled with devices outside of the pyramid.

I believe that inappropriately named, the Unfinished Chamber, is there to serve a purpose of controlling environmental effects underneath the Great Pyramid on its resonance. The chamber's rough,
irregular shape is deliberately used to avoid any resonance that could affect the relationship between pyramid and its underground surroundings. The Khufu Pyramid, just like Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower is erected over an aquifer. Some researches try to assign to this location some energy-creating properties. However, value of the liquid water resonant frequency property is high, and in this case it prevents the construction from resonant interference coming from deeper Earth layers.

I wrote a lot about resonance, dispersion of resonance, directions of scalar wave and arguably my description still isn’t fully clear. Please imagine that there’s the same resonance in all the pyramid’s chambers and passages. It’s well known that all the pyramid’s rooms share the same temperature, equal to the average Earth’s temperature. There should be the same, Schuman Resonance, everywhere throughout the pyramid. In need, the King’s Chamber's resonance could be adjusted with the help of the sarcophagus. Next, after lowering the quadruple doors, which function as an ON/OFF switch of the energy system, resonant coupling between the chambers should come spontaneously into effect followed by the described above actions. It is important that the doors in ON position block, even if the same, resonance of the King’s Chamber from contacting the Grand Gallery's resonance, despite some of the researches interpretations. The Grand Gallery should stay independent from other pyramid’s devices. This is an indispensable element of the system understanding.

Was the Great Giza Pyramid only to produce energy? I learned about many mathematical and geometrical relationships between the pyramid’s dimensions and physical phenomena, commonly accepted scientific values, and cosmic directions and distances. In light of this there is still to come somebody with a fulfilling answer to this question. It appears that the Khufu Pyramid is a scientific monument left out thousands of years ago. If one is to believe the pyramid was indeed used to produce electric energy in described way, and there’s a lot pointing out to it, then the principles of this system are so simple, and yet so effective, that we should’ve recognised the greatness of unknown knowledge behind it. Yet, the monument of this class and size isn’t really needed to produce free energy. The unknown resonators and the doors are now gone, but I believe we were purposefully left with the construction so well-known, and mysterious at the same time, simply to learn from it. The Great Pyramid of Giza remains a mystery and it would only be very unfortunate if there is somebody using this knowledge against freedom of human mind.

Finally, to end this proposition of how to solve the old mystery, it should be added that Khufu’s Pyramid is not the only ancient technological model. The oldest of the pyramids are devices which could’ve used resonance and gravitation for other purposes. For example, the Red Pyramid in Dahshur, with its three chambers, resembles H2O chemical formula. Perhaps its chambers’ resonance could be set with respect to that of water molecule and then propagated through the pyramid’s walls? In such case this pyramid could have been used to bring the rain. Then it would be the first in history weather control device.

UPUOn one of the stone reliefs, in the niches below Hathor Temple in Dendera, which depicts famous Egyptian light, we find UPU, a character with frog’s face, who holds in his hands two identical objects, which may resemble a symbol of the resonant coupling. At the left side, in the front of him, there’s hieroglyphic text which the researchers treat as a warning against using this technology for a wrong purpose. Unfortunately, at present, Humanity finds itself in the situation in which resonant technologies are used for the wrong purpose.


Implant's History, Effects and Designation

Story of the implant I want to write about requires some introduction. Years ago I had a colleague, old Polish migrant. After fall of the Warsaw Uprising he was sent to compulsory work in Germany. When the war ended he decided to migrate to Australia instead of going back to Poland. I knew him as an honest and truthful person, who would rather lose himself instead of exposing another man to a loss. We talked occasionally, and I didn’t know why our conversations were usually turning to the subjects of UFOs, possibilities of Aliens existence and alternative outlook at the global affairs. I have never talked to him about my real life’s history of mind control. Perhaps, because seeing his lively interest in unusual matters, I wouldn’t want to expose him to potential mind control’s troubles. When he was very sick, literally hours before dying, my friend shared with me the mystery in his life. He told me that while working in Germany, one day, travelling somewhere between villages he saw a flying saucer standing in the open field. He saw some people dressed in the German army uniforms running around it. He assumed that the saucer was malfunctioning and the soldiers were trying to repair it. My friend told me then that he never talked about this to anybody as he was afraid of ridicule and potential trouble. When I called him the next morning he was already gone. This memory implies that at least some of the stories regarding very advanced technologies of Nazi Germany aren’t really groundless.

I wrote about it to put into thought the genuine obsession shared by my Polish and Russian controllers on the subject of Nazi Germany. Indeed, within twelve or so years, until the end of the II World War, the Germans have accomplished many technological advances, with many of these serving humanity until now. There is a hypothesis stating that everything we discover is already present within us. It needs only to be uncovered and objectivised. This is a very important field of the controller’s work. Temptation of acting as those for whom fate didn’t spare technological advances must be great. At the same time, at the scene of human thinking, yet another field of the controller’s work, one could try to commit crimes in the name of Nazism. Since my youngest years the Nazi Germans were accused of the crime of mind control. It was them to be responsible for its dirtiest methods. After every important technological event of the Sixties I had visions of them still being around. While I was a child, when I needed to learn about life, and I had to wait nearly twenty years until I was to start to suspect mind control existence, already back then it mysteriously kept coming to me that all ‘this’ is German doing. This is how it was over fifty years ago and the same intelligence attitude has been in the works now. The Russians with their strong technology are not afraid of anybody except of the concern of what has happened with the technologies of Nazi Germany. Likely not all of the German scientist got compulsorily employed by the Allies, and this is why Russian mind control technology’s counter-intelligence plays Nazi role. So far, ever.

During 11 months, in the years 1980-1981, I was implanted three times, in Poland, Austria, and in Australia. The Viennese implant, installed at the beginning of January 1981, was my farewell to Poland. It’s rather not accidental that the implant which kept in place mind control of my person for the next 20 years, until the full utilisation of nanoimplants, which brought dramatic changes into my life, always reminds me of a place with distinctive German character. For a very long time I didn’t remember, what happened with me one night in Vienna, two weeks before migration to Australia. I was thinking about it many years afterwards, when my controllers told me, that night I was on the deck of a UFO. This is the reason for which I have prepared such a broad introduction to the subject of my implant, so to expose the reasons and the aims of their deceptions.

It happens that intelligence games allow with passing time for mysteries unlocking. To light come stories which were never to be remembered. There is a technology named Spread Spectrum Communication. It relays on sending parts of the transmission at various frequencies and a key is needed for proper assembly of the message. This is how it was with my consciousness that fateful Viennese night. I don’t have a key, but systematically, fragment after fragment, I recalled huge part of these events.

That night I was secretly narcotised and kidnaped to Polish Embassy in Vienna. There I was placed in laboratory conditions with mind control device nearby. It was there, only once in my lifetime, where I saw a mind control operator at work. His workshop was located at the very top of the building. I climbed steep stairs to get there assuming it was a tower of the main embassy building. He sat staring into some kind of a monitor, which I wasn’t able to see, and scribbled impetuously round the same place with an electronic pen. Right behind him, by the wall stood large computer recorder. Long afterwards I recalled some people from Krakow in the Vienna destined train, who carried such recorder with them. They had to explain about it to the guards at the Austrian border. I kept thinking if it was the same device? The operator was Bogus S, one of the people I shared my Vienna’s quarters with.

I didn’t notice back then these men were strange. Bogus S, just like all the others, was usually leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening. These people were not working and they only dined outside, in the city. Surely, after many years it was an easy guess, they were working for Polish secret service.

One of the frequent guests in the Vienna's place was Wojtek D. My flatmates knew him as co-worker in a place they called the institute. That night when I was kidnapped I could see that Wojtek D with family lived at the embassy’s grounds. It was him, who organised the implantation ritual. I chose this description because much more than implantation happened that night. Those were very drastic events. This is why I’ll cut the story very short. I was implanted, gang raped, physically and psychologically tortured. I signed some unknown documents, between others, in English, Yugoslavian and Chinese. On each of them I could see some amount with a large number of zeros.

All this happened in a large place looking like a lecture room. The implant was brought in an envelope by unknown man, whom I call a diplomat, because he came from the main embassy building and all the perverts treated him with the outmost respect. This man was the main recipient of this ‘homo spectacle’, it was organised especially for him. Although it is worth knowing that implantations in these times were usually ending with rape.

I could write much more about it, but this isn’t main subject of this article. Although, I cannot stop myself from certain observation. I know well that in the intelligence games there are people with similar names and faces. But when I see on Internet picture of a person with name, surname and face of Wojtek D accompanying one of the Polish ex-presidents, I cannot stop thinking, possibly what arrangement could trigger such a close-up?

In the morning, going back home, (intelligence agents’ hide-out), not knowing how I’m finding right way, not caring and not remembering what has just happened, I was programmed, psychologically and physically prepared for the huge problems waiting for me in Australia. With this new energy implant, I was a work field for the deviated transhumanists, propagators at the other people's expense of the movement which went very bad ways. In fact, during 11 months, in the years 1980-1981, I was implanted three times, twice in Poland and in Australia. Whatever happened, the Viennese implant was installed in me on the Polish territory.

Ironically, it is easier to work out the energy system of a pyramid, with its details commonly accessible, than understand an implant, which I have never seen. However, after 36 years since the date of implantation, the implant I write about in no longer so mysterious. Between many technologies and tools of mind control it played characteristic role. It was called an electrode and a divider which suggested to me its build. The big battles of the eighties and nineties took place over this implant. At the same time it was happening on my consciousness as implant modelled it into standing wave, much stronger than the natural one. This is how I know, the consciousness is a form of energy. This implant was a tool of mental and physical torture that’s not to be forgotten.

I think it must be a mistake that people exposed to mind control in the first place focus their attention on radio and electronic aspects of implant technology. We need to remember, we are dealing with quantum physics with particles much smaller than electron. Mind control can exist without the implants use. Such technologies were used on me already in the sixties. Targeting used to be performed by means of a very small antennae radio testing body parameters. Implants are energy comfort and widening of the controllers’ operational abilities. Electronics are not necessary for mind control to be successful and radio waves are used most of all for resonance setting manipulations. To my understanding, in mind control the real transmission medium is standing scalar gravitational wave.

Human body, just like a pyramid, is a gravitation application. It possesses its own gravitational antennas, ear canals, nostrils, own scalar wave. But it also is an energy object incomparably more complicated, able to transmit waves containing our biological information. It differs from pyramid. The ability of biological information transmission is a condition of our individuality. I believe that for the purposes of mind control a human being is, in order, body as a gravitational field, energy, and the relationships between energy variations. I’m not in any way an expert, but this is quite obvious.

The principles of implant’s operation are in big part similar to the described before principles of energy system of the pyramid. It applies into human energy body and the same way as the pyramid’s chambers allows for the construction of standing resonance inside it. The same way as pyramid it uses resonance dispersing to set wave direction. The same way, magnetic scalar wave aligns perpendicularly to electric scalar wave. Harvested by implant energy is used for operations on human mind and body. This energy contains biological information. In natural way, mind tends to cooperate with the stronger energy produced by the implant – until recognition of mind control influence. Nervous system cooperates with this stronger energy in undetectable way. I used to conduct observation, how such signals are built, and found that mostly these are relaying on the knowledge of the main senses and their mixes. With the implant’s energy properties controllers build constructions – persisted feelings of oppressive, sensual discomfort, torture that’s difficult to liberate from. The element that can join the construction parts is interchangeability between magnetic and electric wave. Just like the corbel niche in the Great Pyramid’s Queen’s Chamber. The purpose of these activities is finding, describing and registering of paranormal phenomenon. (At this occasion I’d like to mention about phenomenon not clearly seen in the pyramid. Following my observations, some of the parallel standing waves might have ability of information exchange.) Implants cause multiple effects. While a mind controlled person receives very irritating signals, at the same time their reaction is modelled by controllers with the use of standing consciousness wave. In time, a person familiar with mind control is able to see it, but it takes a lot of time and effort to free oneself from such nonentity. The hardest part is to cope with the strongest ‘Me’. The same way as in pyramid the implant allows for energy export for practical use. At this time this is energy of the mind controlled person. For example, I used to spend a lot of time coupled with dying people and the deceased when my mad controllers wanted to find the mystery of human life with the use of known only to them methods of technological reanimation.

My implant has been installed in parotid gland. Above it, when it’s hot, I can see a little white stain. First I thought it would be some permanent patching of a wound left by the implantation syringe. Although, in time, I came to think it rather is a resonance dispersing tool – useful for the energy system construction. It would have a role similar to the pyramid’s Relieving Chambers. I can feel with my fingers a little object in the parotid gland. It baffled me, how a standing scalar wave could possibly be set inside such a small area? I stopped thinking about it since I got to know that scalar wave may be as small as one hundred millionth of a square centimetre in meta-width.

Implant also produces scalar wave swallowed with saliva. It’s affecting my digestive system. Very popular with mind control survivors, homeopathic gold, couldn’t conquer energy effects of the implant, but it had distinctive effect on my digestive system. It this case I deal with the biological processes control rather than with mind control. Though I have no doubts, metabolism has huge effects on human mental conditions. One cannot fight biological processes control with the tools of mental attitude. In need of external help I found, besides of homeopathic gold, laxatives as very useful.

The implant I’m describing have lost its part of a main mind enslaving tool about thirteen years ago with the nanoimplants utilisation. Only then I could start to recognise its practical use. Nanoimplants situated in my gums, at the same time on the jaw taking role of an antennae - huge new implant, allow for much wider energy stream. This way workings of the implant are much more easily recognisable. Since then I started experiencing much greater energy effects. Very strange things were happening. Hugely unnatural phenomena corresponded with the implant's location. Independent feeling of the whole of mind about the size of a ping pong ball, around parotid gland. Sometimes stronger than my mind’s energy. Separate technological games within this place. In situation like this, despite all of my mind control experience, one could feel like a weirdo. However, the most troubling were the attacks of strong, wide and long energy streams. This kept me depressed for many years. I used to call it, simply, head beatings. There was no pain, but this phenomenon kept enslaving me till the outbreak of the next rebellion. It was usually happening in a half asleep state of mind, and in a flash could regulate my brain waves to make me fully awake. This energy stream could have the attributes electrical, sonic or clearly magnetic. The first two were more penetrating while the last seemed to be stronger. Simply, it was inhumane, mentally dazing. With time I realised that this phenomenon is common with my implant. I recalled how in the past I could stop jerky pain by placing a magnetised patch over parotid gland. This could slow down or even stop altogether this effect. With time it was enough to rouse implant's surroundings to prevent it. I figured out that this strong energy stream often contained my biological information. This way I was attacked with my own free energy multiplied by the implant’s energy system.

It took me long time to comprehend why was this all happening. Repetition of the same phenomenon for twelve years, sometimes a few times a day, seems to be horrendously senseless. Especially while it came to me, it was well paid for. One still dark morning I was awaken by incredible noise. I felt it the way like I was coupled with the head of a combustion engine. Just like a part of my head was melted together with a part of the engine. I started to wonder, why was I attacked by an engine in such cabalistic ostentatious way? Yet, it came to me this service was performed by Italian, the same as Vatican, controllers. In my environment emerged references to Saudi Arabia. I had been taking it in the first place for standard excesses of monotheistic religion. Although discovery of another of the main reasons for these activities was very surprising to me. I’ve been mind controlled since my youngest years. During that time I dealt with a great number of situations, methods, and controllers. I am well known, and my predicament was to serve as a warning. The controllers employing elements of free energy harvesting technology, better yet, the free energy of my person, had been terrorising, warning the environment against free energy practical implementation. In cabal language of the events understanding it was to mean that free energy is harmful, it won’t allow to live peacefully. Simply, I was chosen because I fitted their purpose. At the same time mind control religion gained financial support from the standard energy producers. Until then I wasn’t and I was not planning to become free energy propagator. Now, there’s nothing else left for me, but to witness that free energy is an obvious human future possibility and that the events of my life are proof of this.


There is one more perturbing connection between free energy and mind control. I have no doubts that thousands of years ago it existed, no matter where from, the technology of gathering free energy out from gravitation. Nowadays we only have some of the pyramids left to guess principles of this technology. For Prophet Moses and Israelites, who left ancient Egypt, this technology - Ark of Covenant, already is only a god’s gift, a tool for contact with god. To my understanding god’s contact through a device is mind control. Nikola Tesla’s technology also depended on the gravitation use. No longer so mysterious, shafts under the Wardenclyffe Tower are proof of this. These technologies have been discarded, destroyed and forgotten while mind control grew to an unprecedented extent. Yet, mind control benefits with the funds and services of dirty energy producers. Isn’t this right time to start to accept that for his own agenda, monotheistic god of Moses, whatever that means, doesn’t allow us free energy utilisation?

In meantime, we don’t have another possibility as only quick as possible implement resonant technologies for common use. Not only for the sake of climate saving, but also to replace technologies that utilise electromagnetic waves. I just cannot stop myself from doubts whenever I hear about programs searching the Universe for intelligent radio signals. The time for such technologies usage would have to be just a moment. Possibly, the introduction of technologies relaying on electromagnetic wave was an unnecessary mistake from the very beginning. It looks like electromagnetic wave is to radio signal whatever copper wire is to electricity transmission. We rather won’t find anything. There won’t be anybody advertising their position and technological underdevelopment. Yet, people have been doing it for already long time. This way we’re exposing ourselves potentially to danger that may yet to arrive.

Finally I’d like to introduce some prophecies, which can bring about my optimism. Paradoxically these are coming from a man calling on god and on god’s part in the Humanity existence. I explain it to myself in the way that god’s existence doesn’t have to be understood through mind control. In the XIX century, Mitar Tarabic was an illiterate peasant from a Serbian village of Kremna. The prophecies, written down in relatively understandable language by his godfather, are very accurate. To such degree so those passing them were accused of constant rewriting and matching the prophecies with current historical developments. However, the fragments below pertain to the future.

… People will drill wells deep in the ground and dig out gold, which will give them light, speed and power, and the earth will shed tears of sorrow, because there will be much more gold and light on its surface than in its interior. The earth will suffer because of these open wounds. Instead of working in the fields, people will dig everywhere, in right and wrong places, but the real power will be all around them, not being able to tell them: “Come on, take me, don’t you see that I am here, all around you.”
Only after many years, people will remember this real power, and then they will realize how stupid it was to dig all those holes. 

...This power will also be present in people but it will take a long time before they discover it and use it. Thus, man will live for a long, long time, not being able to know himself. There will be many learned men who will think through their books that they know and can do everything. They will be the great obstacle for this realization, but once men get this knowledge, then people will see what kind of delusion it was when they listened to their learned men. When that happens, people will be so sorry that they didn’t discover it before, because this knowledge is so simple.

I would like to believe, once the free energy knowledge will have been universally accepted, the Humanity won’t allow any more for the huge crime of mind control that’s been happening now. Whatever it is, the Humanity possess inclinations towards logic, justice and self-preservation. Our vulnerability to this technology would be used for a humane purpose, not for the Humanity destruction. Occasionally I go back to this prophecy and then I get into a philosophical mood. I knew so many people who passed away not even suspecting their mind control, and others who knowing about it didn’t last the day of freedom. What will be our fate? What’s needed so we could live full lives benefiting from opportunities which by now remain inaccessible? It appears that ancient people lost the knowledge of technology, which could have made thousands of years of human existence totally different. Contemporary people haven’t take up the technology offered by Nicola Tesla. How are we to live so not to lose our accessible opportunities? I won’t hide it. I’d like very much to live to see times of those more rational people in Mitar Tarabic prophecy.



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