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Mind Control in XXI Century – Witness Report

Aleksander Zielinski
March 2013
Edited November 2014


It’s been over fifteen years since I published my first report at the legendary Mind Control Forum and at my own Polish Mind Control Site. That first account of my life under the influence of mind control was a frank attempt to describe the things which happened to me. Unfortunately, at present I personally can see degree at which the report was unreadable and hard to digest. However, I decided not to change a thing. It must be hard to expect something more percipient from a person being demented by mind control since the childhood. Besides the informational value, for a thoughtful observer, the report might become a tool to describe my condition at the time. A lot has changed since then. In the previous report I wrote about mind control variability. Time of the past fifteen years brought many changes. The world of mind control today consists of different agendas, methods, and people. During that time, it came to my attention that my first contact with the controllers happened earlier than I believed it before. I learnt that valuable people came to be worth nothing and the weak ones became strong. Most of all, I had to recognise that ever more possessive and invasive mind control lives on. The current contribution is an attempt to sum up the events of the past fifteen years for the purpose of general information and historical data provision.

At the turn of the Millennium I closed down the Polish Mind Control Site because of its lopsided character. While dealing with lots of information coming from the West, I tried to make it available in Polish. At the same time I looked around for Polish victims troubled by similar circumstances. There was an overwhelming lack of info from the environment dominated by the Russian technology, and there was no Polish victims, who would testify – “I’m under influence of mind control.” In book “Kontrola Umyslu”, comprising information from my site, some references portrayed exclusively the atrocities in the Western World. Independence differentiates the survivor from a soldier. That’s how I’m to understand it. While being depended on the flow of information from only one side of the MC operations, I wasn’t going to be anyone’s soldier. I decided to close down my website. By now a few Polish people came around, who do actively testify that they are mind control victims. It turned out, for mind control upkeep the Western World is capable of a perfect agreement with the East, before any other war starts up. Today, I wouldn’t have to be tied up with such considerations. Bearing in mind lessons learnt, though, I’ve decided to treat the website containing this article as private rather than Polish.

The report below won’t be anything like a scientific paper. I’m not making any references to anybody’s work. It is, simply, an account of what is happening to me, what I know, and how I do see the World today. If there is anyone interested in pursuing further any particular subject, the desired info could be easily obtained on Internet. At present there is really a lot of it to be found. Such informal coverage can be trusted, or not. Altogether, today’s people are much more aware of the invisible MC world, than it was believed to exist fifteen years back. However, I read somewhere about my old website as being the most nonsense site of Polish Internet. It’s important that reader understands, I write about the world I know. Definitely, I believe mind control is the most important problem of the contemporary society. If we keep turning against ourselves, then even most marvellous technologies will end up in our great tragedy. There is only two way outcome for this longstanding, efficient, hardly detectable, and ever more ruthless technology. Either we’ll be able to tame it and sort out this phenomenon's problems, or as humanity we’ll end up degenerated. I’m seriously afraid, the sings of such degeneration are already clearly visible.

Finally, I wouldn’t know, how to write about it, but only by calling the powers by their name. My text will contain information which many people may find nerve touching. I know that in every organisation employing mind control methods, there also are some people, who know nothing about it. They could take offence, because of a ‘slander’ coming from some ‘controlled man’, who ‘frivolously’ writes about his world. I repeat that very often while approaching these problems: I’m not after fighting against any power because of its name. Being anyone’s enemy is not my calling. I would be most happy in the situation, in which I was to use my abilities in unrestricted way for my own good and for the benefit of the others. Unfortunately, I’m finding myself in the position, where humankind survival is understood very directly. This is much more important than any name's dignity. Without my approval somebody placed me in here, and I shouldn’t ask anybody to forgive me for it.


Mind Control Technologies

I could joke, in the XXI century there’s no more mind control. There’s no self-contained mind control for the purpose of controlling mind alone. Direct energy operations have been organised into the wider control spectrum. Starting with the access to space, through the weather and natural environment manipulations, to the control of the globe. Mind control operations are conducted within the framework of cooperation with the survivor’s environment control. 

I think, it was Harlan Girard, who first used a description of the Biological Process Control. While working on human body (nervous system, skeletal system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc.), and controlling the human relationships alongside of mind and senses control, the definition of mind control became very inadequate indeed. These are very difficult matters. It is hard technological prison, especially for those with one or more implants.

At the turn of Millennium I was running Polish Mind Control Site. It provided an access to the personal cases of MC survivors that created the impressions quite different from the vision of global system that’s noticeable in the XXI century. The system was modernised quickly. Obviously it’s easy to imagine, it happened because of the fast technological progress, however, it would be the truth partly only. The fall of the Soviet Union played a huge part in creation of new possibilities. The new openness allowed not only for greater political and trade contacts, or export of previously forbidden technologies. It also happened that the Russian mind control techniques gained much easier access into the Western sphere of operations. Especially the Western acquirement of some utilitarian aspects of the Russian scalar weaponry allowed the creation of operational spectrum with precisions, and in the relations way, never seen in the West before.

The apparent lack of competition between the superpowers, so much evident in times of the Soviet Union existence, have caused serious changes in the attitude towards the TI (Targeted Individual), and changed the mind control politics. These subjects, simply, became unimportant. Ethics and humanism were fully rejected. In fact, the relationship between the controlling and the controlled environments had been growing ever worse over period of a several dozen years. The beginning of the eighties was the turning point. Starting back then this relationship took a form of an internal humanity war, and next manifested itself in the ostensible TIs torture. However, even then the controllers pretended to have some motivation. There was something explainable going on. There were pretences to the crime and punishment reasoning. Something had to be learnt and taken care of. Even then, there was some partial union of existence with the TIs on the common grounds of humanity. Very early into the XXI century it all but disappeared. In total alienation the TIs became to be treated as utility, or rather as some kind of the ‘industrial’ resource. The system may be described accurately, as a total technological dictatorship by the entities that possess the technology. Nobody is to explain themselves. There are no pretences to be kept. It’s like the humanity became divided by the void of dead and unforgiving technology. It’s true, the humanity cannot be fully divided this way. We all stand in the face of common human problems. However, this natural inter-human relationship is being systematically diminished trough every day’s hassle, and coldly alienated torture of the TIs. Here love is dying.

Finally, I came to understand the principles behind this technological trick. What is this physical phenomenon that keeps changing my life for the past fifty years, and makes me to slave on the field, at which men don't possess any natural predispositions of survival ? 100 years since Nicola Tesla's discovery, the modern science begins to accept, and introduce in real life, the possibilities of wireless electricity transfer. It took many electrical kicks at my head, before I believed its existence without any objections. Electricity, magnetic waves, sound - mechanical waves, it all can be wirelessly transferred with the use of resonant coupling. Being more curious, I could have come to the same conclusion already 25 years ago. 

I was then at the scientific exhibition, SCI-TECH, in Perth. At one side of a large hall, there were two cone shaped, identical devices placed in the opposite corners. Each device consisted of a large circle made of pipe, and connected with a smaller circle with a few straight pipes. All the pipes were of the same diameter. Each cone's top, (smaller circle), pointed towards the middle of the hall. The place was full of playful children making huge noise. People standing in the front of the devices, about 25 meters apart, could easily talk to each other. Despite the noise, the voice I heard was very clear. I was under impression that the voice was coming out of nowhere. It was non-directional. This effect reminded me of the controllers’ voices effect, which I could hear mysteriously inside me. I knew, I was close to discover the origin of the technological trick which I was dealing with. Though I couldn’t imagine, how device like this may be transformed to become unnoticeable? Also, besides the internal voices, I was dealing with a large number of other, coming out of nowhere sensations. 

Nowadays, the explanation of this phenomenon seems to be easy. Children’s noise created mechanical waves, which resonated the pipes that both devices were made of. Devices resonated with the same frequency because of their identical build. Both devices were directed towards the middle of the room, the centre of mechanical wave created by the noise. The effect of the resonant coupling between the two devices allowed for wireless voice transmission. The voice wave didn’t travel through the noisy hall, where it would become disintegrated clashing with the stronger sound wave created by noisy children. Yet, without the noise created by children, there wouldn’t be any devices’ resonance and no voice transmission. Shame, I haven’t found about it earlier.

I finally found out all about it while reading an article about laptop’s wireless battery charging. Scientists at the MIT website assumed that they would prefer mechanical resonance to create the resonant coupling – needed for the battery wireless charge. All the needed information came together then. Most likely, there are some other forms of energy capable of affecting human organism, which may be transmitted exactly the same way. There it was – the mystery of the technological trick, which allows an access to my mind, and there was I who along with it grew up, got old, and never could help myself.

I should now mention that the controllers had first targeted me earlier than described in my previous report. It happened when a doctor placed small, slightly electrocuting object next to my ear, during home visit. I was made aware of it already long time ago. However, being afraid of memory implantation, I took time to check it out thoroughly. Interestingly, being a small kid, I waited for the doctor to leave so I could sit on a potty. He targeted me while I kept my anus tight. I believe, doctor took the measurements of my organism's characteristic parameters and stored it afterwards, somehow, as a permanent record. It appears to be so, because some time after I became sick with loose anus. This illness brought me to the neurologist in September 1964. I wrote about it in my first report. I’m under impression, this primary technology method utilised a single measurement record of my organism. Also that the controllers were not capable of its selective analysis. I believe that the trace of energy concentration in my anus kept coming back - being a reason for my illness. As usual, these are my suppositions, though, they’re reasonably conditioned. Black humour – just to imagine, if I wasn’t afraid that doctor would walk into the stink, maybe they wouldn’t target me anymore. 

The next time, with another doctor, the things became more complicated. I was exposed to the methods of interferometry. The significant elements of that process were: device called ‘a radio’, tiny antenna, a huge lamp placed on the stand, myself, and the doctor. The arm of the lamp, my body, and doctor’s body were subject to position changes. Huge force came onto me from up above the left side of my head, going through to the chest. This suggest the field of my body crossed with much stronger field. Thinking of it, I came to the conclusion that from then on the controllers have been using dynamic records of my organism. I believe, I was back then put into a loop, which contained input for their operations.

Which method would be more efficient? Without much explanation, I used to be convinced that both methods share the same principle. For a TI the main difference is in interferometry's strength and greater precision. The first method, direct resonant coupling, could leave untouched more of man’s spiritual treasures, while the interferometry is more violent, incisive, and destructive in its nature. No matter what, one could see the effects similarity comparing direct resonant coupling with the interferometry’s media crossings at a distance methods.

A few years after the described above events, I was implanted for the first time. This is where I need to stop investigating the key elements of technology. Too many methods and too many controllers cause conceptual mess which I cannot get out from. Back then, for the first time ever I dealt with the elements of bioelectronics, which remain foreign to my own recognition system.

Already for long time I know that I’ve been coupled with the dead. For some time now, many signals represent the objects being under the effects of technological activity, which are energetically much stronger than me. This suggests I’m put into multisided loop where, besides everything else, the controllers seek testing the reanimation’s methods and attempt to construct a utility for that purpose. This can be possible only while technology is capable of transporting something, which I can only call the life energy.

Thinking alone of what happened in the past is not enough to guess modern methods of mind control. Since the childhood I was manipulated, so I would be unable to think about it. At least now I know, this technology methods depend on a phenomenon called resonant coupling.


Story of the Past Fifteen Years

In 1997 I was full of dignity and hope. I had such a feeling of the righteous fulfilment. Just imagine a man, who one day wakes up to suffer from very bad mental illness, in a totally different world, in another hemisphere, and between people talking different language. Through the huge impression of guilt and shame comes a hunch, something is not what it seems. Shame and humiliation demand to search for the reasons of the illness. It takes a few years, before I start quite seriously consider the existence of mind control. It takes nine years, before I definitely know and can prove it - mind control exists and it does happen not only to me. Finally, after sixteen years, I meet on Internet people, who share the same problem. Personal experiences and the flow of information start to realise each other creating full picture of the situation. Then, without any constrictions I understand – this is not a mental illness. I shouldn’t bear any shame of imperfection for these incredible problems I suffer. The guilt belongs to somebody else. I discover many layers of the consciousness which, surprisingly, I knew about all the time, yet which never appeared to me clearly enough to be taken into account. I feel more intelligent. Naively, I hoped then that I wouldn’t be so disadvantaged anymore, and I could live my life quietly in normal way. I considered my self being some kind of a veteran and I hoped that with my age I would be treated with some more respect.

I intended to start building a better life from the bottom up, so I decided to study. I knew, because I was brainwashed many times in the past, my chances weren’t good. Especially because of the memory lapses. I felt reasonably intelligent, but technological distractions and memory lapses made the study outlook not very encouraging. My choice was the Information Technology, because I used to spend heaps of time with my computer. I thought, doing the same things, over and over again, it should be easy to remember. I decided to start the study at the lowest level, and to make any future decisions only after it was fully completed. For a while, it came to be one of the best times of my life. The beginnings were pleasantly easy. Certificate courses were immersive, because I studied subjects I was passionate about. Mind control tolerance use to come easy, because I fully understood, what was happening with me. Contact with other people was refreshing. Certificates came easy. A walk in the park. While running, I decided to go for diploma when controllers grew tired of my studying, and things started to get harder.

It may well be, it was happening not only because the controllers became tired allowing for my peace and relatively stable lifestyle. The time of disorientation caused by the fall of Soviet Union was reaching the end. The controllers had put their act together again, and they started the execution of their new agenda. After a while it became to be known as The New World Order. While study requirements were on the way up, my personal predisposition went on a steady way down. The attacks grew stronger and more frequent. It was hard to cope with it, but I became stubborn. I had to deal with a question - in light of this new situation, would my education ever be useful? I knew, in these conditions I wouldn’t be able to live or work normally. I decided, regardless of work perspectives, I wanted my diploma.

There was a new stage of the action in coming, new rules of the game. As usual, the attack was coming from many directions. One day, while eating a dish prepared by my brother’s girlfriend, I felt very sharp pain inside my mouth. It felt like something was sucked in there. I thought it was a thermo-shock caused by cold food. Years after, I came to understand I was back then implanted with a new controller’s tool – nanoimplants. This event was really spectacular. Sometimes I felt puzzled if it wasn’t staged in such an obvious way as a cover for some other implantation, or a few? I still don’t know until now. Soon after, I started to experience problems with crackles in my teeth. In time, I found it was a game of ultrasounds hitting tartar build-up there. Some things happened that I never experienced before. Occasionally I felt a hit of ultrasound wave, coming from underneath of my tooth, going way up. The effect was similar to the sound of ultrasound pump, used commonly to clean-up the engine’s cylinders in the racing cars. Such precise operations never happened before. Teeth that were attacked started to wobble and fell out after some time. It was the turn of the millennium. For me it was the beginning of the age of the nanoimplants.

The number of my problems grew with the passing time. I had severe spine condition. One day it started to hurt while I was taking a sit on the chair. Nasty pain was coming in, out of nowhere, going up along the spine. It was a sign of great troubles to come. When I decided to seek medical help, I was told that I suffered from degenerative spine condition. I was told to watch it. As with so many problems created by the controllers, there was no cure for it.

Gradually, my studying turned out into a battlefield. The greatest battle happened while completing TCP-IP course. Fat book, a lot of material to remember, extremely demanding teacher. This didn’t go well along with my rule – ‘I remember, because I do it often enough’. Yet, I needed to know a lot of English descriptions which I’ve never used before. English is not my native language. I had to learn all the new descriptions and the course content with the little memory abilities I had. Exactly then, the controllers introduced brand new method. The way I felt it – a signal of distant family member took residence in my hair and began to play. It was terribly distracting. I wouldn’t know how to manage the course, which I had to memorise. I use to take the book in my hands, and after reading each chapter I kept repeating its content aloud. Other ways I would absorb nothing. As this happened, the idiotic internal voice played with me, kept changing the words and their meaning. All this coming down myself from the hair on the top of my head, more important than my mind. I believe, it would be difficult to find any more obvious example of studying during psychotronic occupation. This confusing and exhausting game lasted for a few weeks.

The reward for this effort was one of not many moments in my life, when I felt proud and truly victorious. Final test done at well over ninety percent. The last major obstacle on my way to diploma conquered. I still had to suffer walking to and around the college. My spine ached big way. I felt all shook-up and really had to watch out, so none of the passers-by wouldn’t bounce off me. Such accidents were indeed very painful. Yet, it was the case of physical rather than mental effort. However, with the passing years I came to know, I had to pay big price for this momentary feeling of victory. In many cases mind control uses reinforced, and suitably adjusted, natural abilities of the TI against himself. Back then, I had uncovered myself way too much. Because of this, my controllers gained work access at a brand new field – at the edges of my mental capabilities.

In big pain, demented with craziness of mind control, I wouldn’t even think about looking for a job in my new occupation. Because my diploma came together with a special award, the college offered me a job with selling installations of the computer networks. I thought a little about it. A few years back I could only dream about such job - interesting occupation, contacts, and adequate pay. Unfortunately, I was hurting too much being tied-up mentally, under too strong psychotronic attack. Because of it, I didn’t even answer this job offering. I had been licking my wounds and waiting for better times to come, when the time of travel had arrived for me.

The island of Bali is a very popular holidaying place for the Western Australia’s residents. Flight between Perth and Denpasar takes about three and a half hours. Even the poor can afford it. I heard about some families stopping themselves for some time from buying clothwear, so they could make all their shopping in Bali – enjoying free holiday at the same time. I didn’t like it too much. Holidays had to be sumptuous or none – definitely not for piggy bank spare change. However, because of the newspaper add offering hugely discounted, last minute flight, I hastily took up this opportunity, and I decided to spend several days in Bali. I was worried slightly, what would happen overseas, if the situation with my spine gets worse? The decision was – in case of such problem, I was to stay in the hotel until coming back. After two years of illness, I already had enough experience of how to manage pain. I believed, I wasn’t to get stuck somewhere immobilised. I found a lot of info on Internet – what to expect in Bali - and after a few days, off I went into unknown.

Already in the airplane, I was taking my sit cautiously with my back straighten up, watching not to get hurt. After ultrasonic attacks some of my teeth were wobbly. Yet, the same day, in the evening, I walked the streets of Kuta like I had never been sick before. I felt good with no crackles in my head, and after very short time the sick teeth stopped wobbling. I had to understand, in Australia my controllers were allowed much more than elsewhere. It wasn’t the way, there was no psychotronic attack, but with my experience it was more like a play. I felt myself as being a free individual. I’ll always remember this trip as the first ‘wind blow of freedom’ after decades of obvious captivity. Even now, I remember the wind slowly moving tops of tall palms, sun reflections on their leaves, and huge, colourful kites above. This sight equated with my memory of freedom. I came back to Perth regenerated psychically. For the first time in a very long time I was sure of myself. My health improved greatly. Most of all, I came back with wider world-outlook. Absolutely, I wanted to fly to Bali again, so after three weeks I was there again. This time for longer.

Since then, for a couple of years I used to fly overseas as often as I could. It was to regenerate my physical and mental health, and to keep coming back to myself. It was just about unbelievable. I fly out suffering terrible paradentosis - with swollen face, on my gums huge blisters with infection. After a week, I’m coming back with no pain, dry gums – all without any medications, yet after significant doses of holiday alcohol. That’s how it was for two years – problems in Australia and personal regeneration overseas. Over time the situation while away was getting worse. My controllers slowly were able to find better ways-in and contacts, but all this wasn’t enough to destroy me again. I experienced some very positive sensations. What’s most important, I was able to recognise the differences between life under technological dictatorship, and moments of greater freedom. Also, from the perspective of the freer world that it is beautiful, worth every effort to preserve it. I felt love towards this free world. I knew in my love, there is a place for me in this world of the free. In my own way I endeavoured for the quality of my world. While dealing with my controllers, I allowed myself a lot. I was an active rebel. All this lasted just about two years, until April 2004, when finally I was caught.

This part of my account needs an explanation. Until 2004, there were significant differences between the Western and the Eastern technology ways. Not even knowing that I was controlled, I noted that some levels of my consciousness disappeared soon after I arrived in Australia, in 1981. It was so, because at the time, some of the Eastern technologies were not in use in Australia. The West depended on the resonant coupling, while the Eastern methods employed interferometry.

When I found out that I was mind-controlled, I came up with some memories which I never interpreted before. It was the beginning of my grudge, aversion, and finally the open hatred towards the Soviet Union. The reasons for it were such as: I was abducted in the Russian sphere of influence, then I was technologically prepared and sent to the West so the Russians could run their business here. This isn’t naive at all while taking into account that in the West there always were people very hungry for the Russian technology. Next, I was motivated by the explanations that after my migration it was already too late to improve my position. There was something in me explaining I had to endure great suffering, because there were no other ways available to solve out the intelligence game problems. True, I remembered about blaming the Vatican, but they were supposed to be busy with taking care of wellbeing of men and technological order. Back then, within my technological environment the Vatican was considered to be a power with great authority, a kind of the moral judge deciding the outcomes of problems. Only after 1992 I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Vatican.

For many years I fought against the Russians with clean consciousness, fully believing my attitude’s righteousness, and the environment quite liked it. I would expect anything at all, but not that in April 2004 the Russians would show up in Western Australia with the brand new weapon, apparently, doing to me things that shouldn’t be done to a human being. It was a total reversal in the local environment’s attitude, new rules of the game. The weapon showed up to be extremely strong. After some years, I found it could only have been the Russian scalar interferometer cannon. I found the Russians were back then utilising the series of their technological achievements. In fact, their technology remained pretty much the same. The achievements were that their equipment became much more precise and portable. I understand, it was done in cooperation with the Japanese Yakuza.

While I have already dealt with the scalar technology back in 1981, then it was done in the laboratory conditions. In 2004 it all happened in the middle of a big city, within the environment of people leading normal lives. The target of the scalar interferometer was the flat I occupied.

Until the new equipment arrival, for personal defence reasons, I knew how to navigate between controllers representing different orientations. Suddenly, I lost this ability. I absolutely didn’t expect this moment, when everyone stood together against me. The controllers, probably, even prepared me, so I could feel big, strong, and sure of myself, ready for mental slaughter. Then they commenced the attack.

For a month I was taken into a different level of consciousness. It was like being asleep, yet awake, but without any access to many mind functions which normally are not available while asleep. Then, there was a big spectacle. The first kind of signals represented personalities of the people. The second kind, there were impressions of some objects and the technological activity.

The spectacle clearly was of a religious character. Both kinds of signals were bizarre to the stage disabling any possibilities of their more precise description. If I was to deal with the signals representing people, based on old technology, I might have had some fun ridiculing controllers’ standards. However, at this time the signals were based on technology I didn’t know – strong and deeply infiltrating. Many of the signals represented the objects energetically stronger than myself. I was unable to find any workable relationship between my person and this phenomenon. I couldn’t cut it off. I believe that such grotesque, exceptionally bizarre character of the spectacle was to prove that the controllers with help of this technology will force people to accept anything dished out with it. 

The personal casting of the spectacle was also not to be believed – trio of mysterious and unrecognizable aliens, two kinds of the Islamic God, invisible but in-person the Holly Mary, a group of outstanding political and religious celebrities, and well-known Australian billionaire. As for the nationalities there were Australians, Poles, Czechs, Italians, Germans, English, Americans, and Jews. After adding to it all the vision of the Holy Trinity, with a measured up white body inside, and a triple spring jostling empty head of Lenin’s mummy, the addition of the whole groups of known and unknown to me controllers wouldn’t make any difference. It was crazy! I understood the costs of the show were covered by known Australian, presently American billionaire. However, I was unable to find out, if he was contracting for Jewish, or for Vatican intelligence.

I’m going to give up on the description of the themes of this spectacle, because, surely, it would be impossible to digest, how any person would feel with a head that somebody is drawing on, or the impression of a skull being assembled anew, or a vision of the oscillating movement of the oil pumps gradually blearing impression of the mind’s presence. How about the Jews looking in-between the springs inside the empty Lenin’s head – which was not different at all from the head of a great polish religious leader – if there wasn’t left anything that belongs to them? The effects of this type were painfully many. 

One could easily go insane because of only the casting and the subjects of this show, but this wasn’t the worst yet. The spectacle employed the method of distinct, strong, and precise impression of objects movement. I felt the objects moving throughout my body and mind. I was told there was some technology breakthrough. I thought, it was not only about the strong technology being out of laboratory, but also that they have achieved more efficient ways of the mechanical wave transmission via resonant coupling.

A signal of the person, whose motto has been “treason means glory”, and who now presents itself as octopus’ avatar (I know, I’m, too, getting dizzy) said the spectacle was a “review”. I understood it was the technological abilities review of some intelligence service, which employed the western and the eastern methods, and the tools relating to politics and religion.

This bizarre and very strong nonsense lasted for about a month. I was extremely weakened, and I knew in this conditions I wasn’t to survive much longer. Some hope came around after I received a signal informing, there was no more money. Indeed, the attacks started to fade. The controllers tried yet to show that the Chinese intelligence took a part in the show, but I understood they didn’t succeed. 

I experienced many shows, sometimes those were long, sometimes included the miracle-like effects, but this was, without any doubts, the greatest of them all. This all simply didn’t make any sense, nor did it seem to aim at anything. For a long time, before this show, I felt proud that I knew what and for whatever reason was happening to me. Then there it was, something unexplainable. Although in time I came to understand all that happened, since April 2004 my life was never the same again. I never really got well. I became weaker and more helpless. One of the controllers’ visual signals told me - once more and I’ll be finished. It means all this happened at the edges of human technology tolerance.

With the passing time I comprehended that some intelligence service upgraded, or maybe even fully replaced their equipment. Perhaps it was done for the implementation of the nanoimplants’ full service. It required a lot of investigation to understand that the Russians worked in Perth as some kind of upgrade controllers, consulting the allocation of the equipment within the environment of Russian scalar weaponry. In short, mind control became merged with the weather control. I was convinced, such activities of the Russian weaponry on Australian territory would be treated as an act of war, if not that everybody conformed to it. In May 2004, the coverage of May victory parade in Moscow was a sorrowful sight for me. Seeing the European and American leaders hugging Putin, I knew with no doubts, the World has changed, but there was even worse place left for me in it.

I know Western Australia use to be a direct energy weapons testing range, but never to such a big degree, and it never happened in the middle of the city. After two months I managed to fly to Bali again, but at that time I was too damaged, so it wasn’t helpful. While in Bali, something had shown to me the methods I’ve just experienced were available in there, but not to be used in such a manner.

Most likely, troubles occurred on a larger scale. Personally, I’ve noticed a few unusual events of that time. Polish Pope died exactly a year afterwards. For some time, back then, Australia was without the US ambassador, and in January 2006, Jeff Gallop resigned from the position of WA’s premier because of mental illness. It is not known, what really happened behind the stages. As for my opinion, the most likely scenario was that the intelligence service of the next pope took over the initiative already a year before the death of Polish one. I see this possible because, between other things, I’ve experienced hugely amplified signals, which I understood to be German technology, and an abundance of signals enveloped in the German atmosphere. However, I wouldn’t be able to prove that I am right.

From then on I’ve been living under the influence of very strong technology, which itself remains within the environment of Russian weaponry. It became a little less obvious after the 'show', and depended greatly on ad hoc purchases by my controllers. I was treated more like an object, than a man. Gone were my dreams of freedom. The time of 'vegetation' was upon me. 

Lost, monotonous years, I lived from one day to another, with no plans and no aims. I was unable to see, what was going on. It was a total destruction of everything that I hold valuable. Life under unforgiving occupation. My controllers treated me in angry and ruthless way. Each time I tried to 'rise up', my head got a batter. I had little place for myself. I remember black humour – ‘I live, so I could feel that I do not exist’. Thoughtless movie watching, a walk, some food, a dose of nastiness before sleep – everyday was the same. Some say, a man beaten on the head goes stupid. I experienced this to be true. Gradually one loses ambition, feelings of any love, respect to oneself and the others – one becomes a numb fool.

Meantime, towards the end of 2006, I experienced the next dose of troubles with my back. This time controllers did it in a totally overt way, with no pretences to natural illness. It took a few weeks till they proclaimed the motto of this operation. It was ‘a little radio and the howl’. Indeed, I howled a lot. I called it a ‘rubber spine’, because I totally lost its control, and I just couldn’t keep my spine in proper position. I crawled on the floor, and it was a special kind of experience when I needed to go out to the shops. Once again, this all was of a religious character. I remember being immobilised, on my knees at one stage. A signal of a female controller said with voice full of humour, – ‘Finally, you’re on your knees’. I answered, – ‘I’ll kneel, if there will be somebody to kneel for’. I was made a great enemy of the religion, so I could become one, I guess. It’s only, it is so easy to declare one to be the enemy, while one’s on his knees and cannot stand up. Back then, I didn’t consider myself to be an enemy of the religion. I felt somehow betrayed. This all lasted for up to a month, until I started to recover. It was ordered service, done by specialised contractor. At this time I wasn’t to know, who paid for it.

Just little bit after, I fell into natural depression, because my mother became very sick. The doctors diagnosed her with the breast cancer when the lump was already very big. Surgery, radio therapy, chemo therapy – my mother was fading away suffering terribly. It was absolutely shocking for me that I recalled some signals referring to my mother’s illness, taking place way before I became to know about it. The controllers treated this situation with ease and humour. One day a controller announced that starting the next day, my mother’s health would get much worse. That’s what indeed happened, and it never got any better. In situation like this it is not possible not to fall into depression. Sometime in the past, I had a grudge believing my parents didn’t watch me enough, when in childhood I was kidnapped by the controllers. This time it was me to feel the guilt. Someone was proving to me they martyr my mother, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I would want to run away from it. Now I know, how it is when traumatised people lose the memory of what happened to them. Circumstances of my mother’s death are very controversial. I found that long time before we got to know about the tumour, my mother had done a test, which found traces of cancer in her breast. I don’t know, why she had not started treatment in time? I don’t understand, why she wasn’t treated? It looks like a premeditated murder. When she died, the controller’s voice said, - ‘Finally, the old bitch has died!’ Once again, I would want to run away and not to listen to it. The question arises – who brought to this world this inhuman prostitute, who commanded this signal?

After some time I embarked on a trip to Cambodia. While there, this time I waited for about two weeks to become more like myself. Just a little, though, because of too many problems, and too much of technological torment. I experienced quite a bit of confusion and head crackles, but when the controllers started getting ready to batter my head again, I believe something has stopped them, as they had backed out. Once again I found, in the foreign countries things are done in different way comparing it with Australia. Little refreshment didn’t last long. After coming back, I experienced even more intensive attacks.

In 2009 I decided to relocate to another town. I was interested, if the new place would be any better for me? Unfortunately, I’ve met with the same situation. Only, that the signals are becoming more anonymous. I had a little fun discovering the new environment. Momentarily, I could focus my attention on something different from technological problem. Although, often I’m finding myself in described before situation, – 'I live, so I can feel I don’t exist'.

I am in a very unfortunate situation. The controllers gained precise and powerful access to the huge areas of my mind and body with help of the nanoimplants. At the same time, while utilising the old implants, a powerful zap can create on me virtual fireworks. There are no perspectives for the things to get any better.

I started my rebellion again about two years ago. Perhaps the power of the technology weakened, or maybe I got used to this inhumane situation and I was able to find more personal space. Rebellion means not to leave any of the noxious signals without any answer. Unbelievably, this is working. By now it helped me with partial restoration of the respectable personality.

I described very fragmentary history of the last fifteen years' events. I had to miss a lot. It is impossible to write down all the feelings in the controlled world. For many symptoms of inhuman technology there are no verbal descriptions as yet. The outline of main events may be helpful in understanding, where my opinions regarding mind control are coming from.


The Survivor’s Environment

For a survivor, just like me, the environment consist of two main dimensions. The first of those, it is the outside world. As much as I possibly can, I have to lead normal life and to adjust myself to the commonly accepted norms. The second one, it is the invisible world ruled upon by the controllers. Within this dimension I have to defend myself, although, most of times it comes only to outlasting the difficulties of my personal situation. Being mind-controlled, I’m placed at the crossing of these two worlds equipped with the internal wealth that I still possess. The controllers work not only on my person, but their field of interest is also my relationship with the Universe. The outside world doesn’t, or doesn’t want, to know about them. Because of this, the relationship between the controllers and my outside world is one-sided, without any mutuality. It is this lack of the mutuality that creates conditions, in which the controllers remain hidden and unpunished. For these reasons my personal environment has no natural balance. There’s a huge relational gap in it. This is the place where I stay the most of time. Regardless of my wishes, I have to work here in many, sometimes unexplainable ways, to level up the deficiencies in my environment.

People around me don’t know about the mind control existence. In my present environment people don’t know, who I am, and what is happening behind the mask of smile and extravagant politeness belonging to the toothless guy they see. I am trying not the break their world. Despite many iniquities of the outside world, the rules of human interactions, organisational advantages, and the spirit of human community are great support for me. So much evil, so many wars, and yet the outside world seems to me being innocent, if compared with the world of the controllers. For long time now, in the controlled world everything is being done in the first place by means of treachery, war, evilness and immorality. I’m getting restless seeing so many rules of the controllers’ world being reflected over time in the outside world – gradually making it worse.

These two worlds might crossover. I’ve met people, who pretended to be friendly, and then showed up to be the soldiers of foreign agenda. It was a detectable presence of the controllers’ world within the world of outside. Sometimes, to protect the outside world, it was me managing adamant attitude that the controllers had to get adjusted to. The survivor, too, may have some say occasionally. In this case, the conditions of the outside world had some impact on the controllers’ world. 

All that described above constitutes a base at which I do recognise my personal environment. This is the starting point for my relationship with just about everything, and this is where I do experience the effects of all the events.

According to my experience, the TIs aren’t successful in creation of any form of a collective environment. Even the virtual Internet environment is not as noticeable, as it used to be some years ago. Decades ago, I dreamt of meeting people like me. How good it would be, if we could put our strengths together to fight off the controllers. But when already in contact with the desired people, the ideas of joint activities haven’t rather realised. Some dependencies became apparent that I didn’t know about before. I would like to introduce a few cases of this nature.

Throughout another controlled person the survivor can see their controllers. It causes distrust. One day I had a visit from a certain woman, who described herself as a mind control survivor. She asked me about a lot of things, though, she didn’t say much about her. Most of all, she wanted to know, where she could go to escape the mind control persecution? I couldn’t find common trustful language with her. To my understanding, the maltreated person should behave different way. I had distinctive impression she was unconsciously, or perhaps even in a conscious way, a tool of the intelligence game. Seeing her next time, on the street, I run away. She caught me inside the supermarket. I truly don’t remember, what exactly her pretences were all about. I think, her problem was that I purport to be mind control survivor while I do nothing useful about it. I was unable to trust this person, and I didn’t want to talk to her any longer. Every survivor knows, how important it is to watch their personal space. I was under impression this woman attempted to get into my personal space wearing somebody else’s ‘dirty shoes’.

Mind control survivors are used for the purpose of disinformation and propaganda. One day, I’ve met W.G., a nice woman, about whom I had no doubts whatsoever – she was authentically harassed. We talk to each other a little, we wrote each other. I could see, what her controllers were after. I felt sorry about her immense problems. W.G. remained in a total conviction that the root of all evil is HAARP. I didn’t like it too much. I knew, what the controllers were capable of doing to a man with the help of a compact radio transmitter, already in the sixties. HAARP might be useful for a military purpose, but such powerful radar is not really needed to make an individual miserable. However, I was willing to tolerate her opinions, if not for too many declarations of the type, – ‘But I’m telling you, this is HAARP for sure’. It wasn’t about me understanding W.G.’s case differently. It wasn’t so important. I felt it the way, if I was to treat the persistence of her opinion with silence, then it would be used by the controllers for the purpose of disinformation. I was fully aware, my controllers couldn’t survive any longer without the Russian technology, and I didn’t intend to be for them an easy disinformation tool. So I asked W.G. not to write me anymore.

There also was a situation in which my controllers, possibly, didn’t want to have anything to do with the controllers of a friend. A.F. was a young man unable to digest mind control effects. I could see, he worked hard on it, but the problems he’s met were way too hard to overcome. We had some discussions on the subject, exchanged views. It was a short time after the unforgettable events of 2004. I felt weak, strung out with the incisive effects of the new technology. One day I suggested, we should go publically on a hunger strike in protest against mind control. This idea, most likely, wouldn’t have any good ending. A.F. loved the idea, but shortly after he disappeared. He had somebody taking care of him. I suspected his partner placed him in the face of choice. When we saw each other for the last time, A.F. never said anything about it, but somehow I knew his situation. I don’t believe I wanted that much to start hunger strike. After some time, I worked it out, it was my controllers’ initiative.

The cases described above exhibit the reasons of why is it happening that the survivors are left with their problems alone? Whatever may be, the social dissociation of TIs is one of the main controllers’ tools. 

I know that most of the mind controlled (unwitting) people don’t realise their true situation. Whatever may happen, this awareness doesn’t reach them at all. Most victims live and die without any understanding of what is happening with them. This causes big loses for the humanity, because we were created to be in the state of consciousness. Then who are those, who while being aware of it, are capable of talking about their situation? Who am I, who writes about these things?

I may suspect that people like me are being used for the unknown controllers’ agenda. Perhaps, it is for the reasons of disinformation? Perhaps, the controllers prepared a survey – they created a public information exchange forum for their own assessment of the survivors’ discussions? In the past I seriously suspected that a handful of survivors was used for the purpose of humanity customisation with the possibility of the mind control existence. A first step to prepare the people for conscious approval of personal interference. If it was any other way, why I am able to take public stand against mind control, while I cannot manage many problems coming with it? This is what every conscious survivor needs to think about.

One thing seems to be quite certain. The controllers depend on the society silence. One day they might allege, the society knew all about them and kept silent – the same way, making people the silent partners of their crime. Something about it in the next chapter.


Help! Help! Please Help Yourself!

Main character in the “Conspiracy Theory” movie is finally found by agents of the righteous government. Now, all the problems are going to be solved. Relevant institutions are to make sure that no evil is going to happen again. These were my dreams of the years left behind. This will never happen.

By now, the religion, governments, their institutions, and even non-government organisations, became totally corrupted and dependable on mind control holders. People holding all the important positions are being prepared for it since the childhood. It is irrelevant in this case, if they knew about it. The technological dependence reaches far beyond any religion, national or party differences. The most important thing is that in the queue there are some individuals, whom the controllers may depend on without any doubts. 

This personal conviction has its roots in times of my childhood. 'The miracle child' expected totally different future, before it became apparent I’m not fit for this duty. Even a thought about entering in a sneaky way the spiritual space of another man would bring about the feelings of disgust. 

Those holding relevant public positions, who could at least try to bring in some order, have in their disposition a number of excuses. Important state secret, dangers to the public order, or that it could be damaging religion.

Mind control is in the contradiction with any religion. Controller took over the place of God and Devil. It is an ongoing irresistible proof that God, as described by the religion, simply doesn’t exist. No religion ever took any official position in regard to mind control, not to mention open criticism. The reasons for it are obvious. 

The only countries that managed to create some laws against mind control are Russia and Bulgaria. Information regarding Bulgaria remains unverified. The Russian law prohibits use of certain techniques on Russian territory. The list of these techniques seems to be incomplete. However, it was only the USSR, where the propositions regarding normalisation of direct energy weapons problem came from, at the UN forum. The other parties remained uninterested. 

People affected by mind control are unable to organise themselves. Yet, the other people, who meet with this information, simply disregard it. Such technology seems to be unbelievable. Not to mention – how to believe in existence of a group of people, who even having such incredible technology would even want to use it for the purpose of physiologically deviated characters’ needs? To rule over the Humanity? Impossible! Anyway, whatever this may be, it is interesting, but having no problem, apparently, life goes on.

Meantime, the evil affairs keep progressing at unforgiving pace. In my case, the methods reserved for the military purposes have been used within a large civil environment, in the middle of a big city, and with disregard of national boundaries. All this indicates existence of a certain principle. Controllers coming from various orientations are capable of unity supporting the whole of mind control operations, before they go back to their old contest. Nowadays, there aren’t any more such important guests at the May victory parade in Moscow. However, the standard of increased contempt that men is treated with, still lives on, because of the TIs' treatment.

I wait no more, and I don’t believe there will be someone coming around, who would amend mistakes of the past generations. Technological excesses of the past thirty years make it increasingly less possible. Past generations lost this opportunity. Modern controllers have no more chances, but keep running away from responsibility. Most likely, the easiest form of such escape is to create a total system of overt control.

Increase in the mind control signals frequency predicts some very bad times ahead. We are being prepared to be divided between those allowed free thinking, and those, who won’t be allowed it at all. In the same manner, as we are divided by the potentials of acquiring the material wealth, we might become divided because of the rights to use mind and spiritual wealth. What’s really terrible, I observed the later kind of wealth is being readied not for the wisest, rather opposite of it. Unfortunately, the human intelligence cannot be supported by a mind with no suitable natural predispositions to it. In this case we are in danger of quick degeneration.

I wouldn’t make any calls for swift revolution. I know at the controllers’ side there are many good people, who care for humankind survival. It’s the system that became inhuman. I would encourage at least to personal attitude that states – stop, no more, let’s work it out together. I call this attitude “going the same way”. Even not unified people, who share the same believes and goals, constitute the power to be reckon with. Please help yourself - please help the humanity.


Mind Control Causes and Objectives

This is most important of all. Without understanding of its causes and objectives, the problem cannot be resolved. I know my report, so far, may seem to be a little out of this world. However, I wrote about the events and the problems which I have experienced personally. I’m a witness to it. What I’m going to write about now, even to me seems to be out of this world. However, the conclusions I reached have shown to be inescapable. Besides, I found that in mind control it’s impossible to run away from the subjects, which are not from this world.

I’ll start with a standard, easily agreeable subject. This is something that many people see as the final mind control objective. For me it is a starting point for further search. With the eyes of imagination, I could see the mind controlled army walking to perform their slave duties. Can mind control be a tool of Globalisation and the New World Order?

Most likely this is ‘yes’. Decades ago, the controllers in possession of a perfect tool, decided to take over the world. No need to think about it, most definitely there were some who liked this idea a lot. It required the creation of a global system for the purpose of unexpected wars avoidance. This also doesn’t require a lot of thinking about. Especially at the field of mind control, and for its exclusive use, they created global system, which overlooks the state and religious conflicts. It’s been like this for already long time. The powers may be at war, but their war takes place at the previously prepared field, while the mind control holders stay safe out of the war’s reach. There are great many observations pointing out at the Vatican intelligence being controlling this system.

The phenomenon related to this system bewildered me in the eighties. The powers competed each other - which one was capable of making me feel the craziest. This was going beyond the scheme of my imagination. Assume, there is someone who is the best specialist at making another one crazy, what’s next? After a while, it became apparent, the winning method of making one crazy would be introduced as a model method at the battlefield. From then on, it was the standard belonging to someone, while the controllers directed their attention at war in yet another dimension. This way, the battlefield was becoming a kind of the technology bank. The system worked the way, the technology was to be improved upon - regardless of who was in its possession. In times of the polish pope there was a slogan – “Everyone possesses everything” – to be understood as – everyone having an access to everything. Elements of this system survived till today. Nothing is as important as the technology role.

However, all this pertained to the world of technology. Relations between the powers are not only the mind control affairs. In the world, where mind control officially doesn’t exists, the things were going their usual way. This is where the controllers’ comfort ends. To use technology everywhere, safely, and without any responsibility, a total kind of globalisation is needed. Without it, the controllers have to pay for the methods which they do not possess. Yet, the real unification is not possible until the end of all conflicts between all the powers. One needs to sacrifice their identity, and everything in one’s possession, to become a member of a class fully dominating through the use of the technology.

Additionally, in 2004 there was someone, who employed the methods, which until then were of military character - weather control, and who took mind-controlled man on a trip to the edges of human technology tolerance. The first are the best. It looked like someone tried to take over the technology control. Now, to fully globalise, the powers would need to find understanding not only on the fields of human being control, in politics and economics, but also at the military field of weather control. This is becoming increasingly more difficult. In 2004, there were some indications of attempts to link a machine with human intelligence. Soon after, it became known that some countries conduct intensive and advanced research at the creation of intelligent military robot. The possibilities for the successive globalisation have been significantly pushed back.

The New World Order means, between the other things, there is someone with a name, who rules over the globalised powers. At the end of 2003 the slogan ‘Everyone possesses everything’ changed into ‘We all are the Jews’. I couldn’t comprehend – how a Jew?!? Perhaps not everyone, but the controllers only? Because it’s been brought to my attention that presently all my major controllers, in fact, are the Jews, I suspect it is them, who attempted to take over the control of the technology bank in 2004, just before Polish Pope passed away. Why at this point in time? A lot of observations suggest that he was led for long time by the Jewish intelligence with the help of Russian technology. In such the case, the Jews would wanted to utilise this arrangement as much as they possibly could, before he passed away. Someone has to rule over the globalised world. Until now the Jews seem to be the main pretenders for this position. 

Direct energy technologies, including mind control, are voluptuous and dreamed-of objectives for many globalisation supporters. Providing, it would be them to play the main role in this process. Without fulfilment of this condition, even the prospects of unrestricted technology utilisation are not enough for the accord.

This is how I see NWO and the Globalisation’s relationship with mind control - based of my personal observations and experiences. There is something extremely important to be further said about it. For a month, in April 2004, the battlefield which I already named the technology bank, had changed into an operational table, which could be coming to permanent existence after a successful act of the globalisation. To state it clearly – in such conditions one cannot live. Absolutely everything has to be done to conquer the problems of mind control before any unification activity taking place.  Only then, there will be some opportunities for the true human unity and cooperation. Any other way, the humanity is in danger of self-annihilation. There are too many reasons for it, we cannot afford to leave this subject disregarded. It is exceptionally important, it cannot possibly be any other way!

Despite the obvious reasons, things I described so far seem to be not the final objectives or causes of mind control. If it even is so - the key MC’s supervision positions are filled up with the Jews - they don’t generally intend to identify themselves. This clearly is against status quo within the NWO. Investigating the reasons for the events of April 2004, I couldn’t reach logical conclusions. Inter-relations remained unfulfillable. I had to reach for the methods of abstraction. Then, I was able to find another dimension of mind control causes and objectives. 

Searching throughout the history of my life, examining real meaning and the symbolism of the events, I noted the controllers conducted the same kind of investigation on me. So I aligned myself in an abstract way with the position of a person under interrogation, and then, like from a variety bag came observations, which so far have been left unattended. Very quickly it transpired to me why. I came to understand, what the propulsion mechanism of this unstoppable mind control development is. I understood, what conditions dictate, against any logic and ethic, the success of this phenomenon. 

I have reached, in a clear way, to something that I used to observe in the past, when I was unable to focus enough attention at it. Why there are on my senses some crazy, grotesque spectacles? Why are my mind and the nervous system exposed to never ending interrogation of personal endurance and abilities – reaching almost paranormal stages? I understood, the mad theatre forces me into slave labour. If only by the natural reactions to its stimulus. After each lunacy, each brainwash, and every tragedy, I have to put myself back together again, have to normalise my affairs, and try to create conditions to normally live again. This all happens while my organism is constantly monitored.

What I do know, came through displaced and mixed-up mind, disobediently spilling brain energetics, and manifold controllers’ terror. For these reasons I do depend on my opinion. The only one thing I have, needed to get by the controllers, is the truth recognition. Before I can tie-up all the subjects together, I need to describe the points of my attention leading to it.

In today’s world increasingly often we are confronted with the questions regarding the origin of men. We are beginning to understand, we were not created by God as described in the Bible, and neither did we evolve as suggested by Darwin. Researching the ancient monuments, we have been finding more and more unexplainable dependencies. We do not understand, how ancient people without knowledge of modern technology, using primitive tools, could create treasures that we cannot even duplicate. Scientists, who research alternative version of human history, present us with the relationships between new interpretations of traditional information and the archaeological findings, which leave us speechless. 

We are disturbed with the influence of disinformation campaign being conducted by the religion, governments, and science, which all have stopped in some aspects of development about a hundred years ago. We have been deceived by the activities of simple charlatans, who serve us with the prepared by intelligent services and taken out of context information, which take us to places where knowledge is being moulded into the wasteland. 

Looking at it objectively, I cannot escape the impression, we were created by a high level extraterrestrial civilisation. We are design to evolve and to go to heaven – meaning set off into Universe. I cannot deny sensation, the Gods were with us long time ago, before embarking on to continue their journey. Their essential particle has been left with us, and makes us what we are. We cannot refuse it, we cannot contradict ourselves, and we cannot squander the destiny.

But is this about all of us? The ruling religions, which supposed to take us to Heaven, stand in huge contradiction with the above opinion. People are not important, they can suffer. It doesn’t matter, if their lives are to be wasted. It is especially blatant in case of mind control. Religion silently allows for the situation, in which people live and die without being aware that there was someone, who affected their lives like God himself. The most important thing is that people stay close to the Church and dutifully follow its teachings. One day, perhaps, they would go to some abstractive heaven to stay in their happiness forever.

Many people invest in religion their real feeling of contact with the Creator. The religions themselves are often a fragmentary continuation of the prior believes. They continue records of events, holiday’s dates, and traditional customs. The great figures of present and prior religions can be astonishingly alike. 

Is modern religion reaching our Creator? Unfortunately, without parasitising on those who reach there regardless of religion, it rather is not. Personally, I experienced, the religion I did try to follow is not the way to Heaven. The respect towards this religion, keeping this religion within my personal space, brought me to the technological hell. I’ve spent most of my life trying to reconcile religion with the reality. Now, I am in a place, where religious signals of mind control made me the religion’s enemy.

We’re not all the same. The convenience will never allow the religion holders to accept that the Gods were with us, and that we can embark on a journey to real heaven – not going to some place in imagination. Jewish exodus divided the humanity and separated the followers of many religions from manhood roots. Moses, with the alien changeling of other ways naturally understood rules of conduct, became a symbol of a road sign which points us towards technological degeneration. It is since Moses that someone offers us this, what we naturally possess ourselves.

Meantime, it is the religious science, most probably, which was the first to discover the true meaning of human origin. Vatican received signs of warning from Fatima. Religion needed rapidly the ways of finding a comfortable position in the quickly changing world. Means of mind control created a useful tool of domination and trouble avoidance. The controllers’ advice and personal experiences taught me, the first institution administrating mind control was Vatican. They, especially in times of Paul the VI, gave it to the governments of some countries, which in turn to avoid responsibility, the same as Vatican, relayed at the beginning of the eighties on the private contractors – usually rich billionaires, who already possessed well organised personal intelligence. It was them supporting, what I previously called, the technology bank, where in so called school the most important thing was the technological advance.

Honestly, I don’t deal with the multitude of religious information, the kind of you can get in the church. However, just like never any religion took a stand against mind control, I never have experienced a mind control signal contradicting the religion. None, in any system, any country, at any field. Incredible, but true. Through the net of controllers locked in their own relationships, this is the religion that remains the first holder of the technology.

I had to come to understand, in the first place I deal with the system created by the religion, which is aware of its true situation, and through the net of controllers does – well, exactly what?

Long time ago, as a teenager, I used to spend a lot of time skating on ice. It was there, in one of the rooms at the ice rink 'Torpiast', (Wroclaw, Poland), where I experienced one of the technological revelations. My controllers employed these to mark up the most important elements of their activities. I was aware, while being not aware of it at the same time. Importantly, these remained in my memory. On the backdrop of some cosmic space, unknown voice proclaimed – from time to time, there are operations organised, to bring from the space certain soul. After this revelation ended.

Very long time after this proclamation, it becomes a key to understand the present situation. There is something in space, which possibly have some relation with us, that is being sought after. Now, all the controllers’ methods and all the events, finally, start to make some real sense – like it never happened before. Within a human being, who is a part of the Universe, there is a search conducted for the tracers of his Creators. It is done by the means of interrogation of abilities and coded within men information. The special environment and the personal conditioning of mind controlled people are created for this purpose. The research is conducted at many fields, and people are treated as a raw material. That’s not enough, there is a search for the Heaven’s protection. Technological theatre creates a vision of terrible dangers to human kind in expectation of heavenly intervention. Ouch, all these fears of the eighties! Cutting it short, the modern religion, instead of offering us the sure way to Heaven, searches for God and his intervention within men. If I even was suitable for it. After so much of technological brainwash, there isn’t in me too much of wealth and treasures left that usually belong to an average man. If I believed in Devil, then I’d say - devilish idea indeed.

In this context NWO and the Globalisation are the logistics, a method of payment for the chosen and dutiful. Much more important objective of mind control is to control the relationship between men, his Creator, and the Universe. Real treasures are in Heaven.

So, is it all? If I'll accept that the uncomfortable position of modern religion is the cause, and the search for God within men is the main objective of mind control, would I be satisfied with the result of my investigation?

I understand it as fairly certain, there aren’t any more important objectives of mind control. One could inquire, why did religion find itself in this position. The causes of it should be researched by the religion holders – instead of conducting 'mining' activities on men. While dealing with the religious specialists in disease, tenacity, the masters of simultaneous ambiguities and of this what they call the little tortures, I promised myself forever, to never again leave in my personal space any place of freedom for the religion. Definitely, there is not enough of myself left out. For me, the next betrayal of human qualities may end up with fatal consequences. 

To me, the cross of the Third Fatima Secret symbolises the truth of men's origins. The religion not only took good care of the technological degenerates. It also conforms to the systematic process of self-morphing into mind control. Religion holders have no contact with humanity origins. This is the final reason, for which there is someone, who wastes my life away. Because of it, I always will be making sure that I follow my Creators. I know only too well, without them there wouldn’t be any I.



I prepared this account of the personal events, and I introduced my world-view from the position of a person affected by mind control, and yet with an insight, which should belong to a person I would be, if my life went a normal way. I realise, the things I described about are menacingly horrifying. However, I did it with no intention to complain, and not to bring about the feelings of compassion. It’s very often in life, people achieve what they have been dreaming about since their youngest years. Those, who have been dreaming about big money, often become wealthy. Those possessing specific skills, who dream about fame, very often become famous. As for me, while I was a child, I dreamt about being useful for the humanity, I wanted to play a role in its history. It might be hard with this dream of mine, but my dreams also came true. I realise clearly, I am at the advanced front line of where the future of humanity is being decided. This way I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, rather I should concentrate on fulfilling my dreams. Philosophically, I'm under clear impression, we come to this World for the reason of self-improvement. It happened, my work is more difficult than the ones of the others.

Not many mind control affected people attempt to write down their history. For those who try, it is incredibly difficult to depict subjects, which are so far away from the reality of every day. I know my first attempt, in 1997, wasn’t rather fulfilling. I don’t know, how I have done this time? I aimed at taking the reader for a trip into my world. To allow a look around, to get to know about problems, listen to the stories, and then to get the reader back to their own world. It isn’t nice in here, but it may be interesting, 

I understand the stories alike are extremely appalling. I’ll be sad, if I insulted someone. Please understand, I described my own world. I didn’t try to convince anyone to share my views. Each of us have their own predispositions to self-determined world outlook. It makes us all diversified and more interesting. The more input for this task, the better. This improves the chances for broader world-view. I could only be glad, if someone comes around, who convinces me that I'm mistaken. Unfortunately, I know, this will not happen.

It seems that I’m lucky with being the first. Some time ago I was, very likely, the first Pole to flag the existence of the organised mind control. This time around I am, probably, the first mind controlled person making a connection between this very problem and the problems of religion – reaching at the same time to the primal stages of this relationship. First doesn’t mean better, especially in the world of mine, although it is proper this relationship, finally, became signalized. 

The lack of understanding of the cheap trick, which someone long time ago preserved exclusively for themselves only, has not only disadvantaged technological progress for the past hundred years. The humanity will be put in the face of choice between unescapable degeneration, and further progress. The knowledge of this phenomenon, and its use, will become decisive factor in the choice’s outcome. Never in history so much depended on the role of one physical phenomenon. It is good to know about it, so to have something to say in the forthcoming events. If there will be some, who would find my account made the knowledge of this phenomenon easier, and allowed for broader insight into its aspects, then certainly my time was not wasted.


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