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Mind Control And Reality

Aleksander Zielinski
September 2013
Edited June 2015

The mind control existence is unexplainably impossible to accept for many people. The subject definitely exceeds conventional reality standards. In short, it’s very difficult to accept this phenomenon exists at all. The situation used to be even worse. The one who wanted to talk about it, had to be prepared to be type-casted as crazy. The immensity of modern Internet information, and disinformation, allows for easier acceptance of its presence, however, without any deeper knowledge of mind cotrol devices and dependencies.

For many different conspiracy theory streams the description of mind control relates to much differentiated subjects. For some it is the activity of religious sects, for others, the influence of mass media. Many people complain about operations conducted by the state governments, or secret societies. There also are some who circulate stories about mind control being conducted by the elite group of men-lizards, whatever one may think about it. Sometimes the information gets around after the state programs are revealed, such as ill-famed program MK-ULTRA. The project, which became famous out of proportion, as it covered only a part of the mind control issue. Generally, we deal with informations regarding the fragmentary aspects of mind control operation, without any understanding of the entire character of this phenomenon. In such situation, it is much easier to accept the possibility of its existence, than to comprehend the effect it has on the politics, economy, science, military, and religion. Without such comprehension, even for those, who accept the possibility of its existence, mind control remains a mystery. Additionally, there is no precise terminology describing this problem. The same subject may be named and interpreted in many different ways, which adds up to the global confusion.

The most information should be provided by the mind control harassed people. Unfortunately this is, exactly, the hardest way to achieve some orderly understanding. Very often these are the people living in anguish. While the unbearable personal situation allows them to overreach common stereotypes, and to recognise the fact, they’re mind controlled, they struggle for objectivity in further insight. People exposed to mind control have to deal also with its esoteric side, which commonly has been used by the technology holders as an alibi for permanent concealment of the problem. As one of such people, after five decades of experiences with multitude of methods, at many different fields of mind control, at present I have more problems with the physical than its esoteric effects. I’ll get back to the esoteric subjects at the end of this article. The most important thing is the first question, asked always by the people to whom I talk about mind control – how it works, how is it possible at all?

The suitable answer to this question is a key condition for the mind control problem to be treated seriously, and with comprehension. For very long time, unfortunately, the provision of an acceptable answer was totally impossible. Despite of the huge amount of various information, there was critical lack of understanding, how the technological means do reach the bodies and minds of the sufferers. Just like with the MK-ULTRA program, for example, it is easy to imagine that mind control depends on the chemistry and psychological influences use, while it is only a part of the operation. I remember the story reaching a dozen or so years back, when the CNN crew conducted interview with Edmund Light, the creator of Mind Control Forum, (now inactive), and with a number of other survivors. CNN hired some technicians, who towards the end of the interview tried to detect mind control signals. They did not find anything worth attention. Obviously, the interested parties remained seriously intrigued, and upset, with the tests results. Mind control technology could have been taken for an unexplainably magical trick. Though Ed complained, they were conducted a little far from the proximity of his body, personally I believed, the tests were real. While the CNN technicians tested area around the survivors, they couldn’t test for signals inside the human body. It took long time waiting to finally discover, through personal observation, and most of all because of info on wireless electricity transfer, that the technology allowing access to human body and mind depends, basically, on the resonant coupling. With all the already accessible mind control information, this discovery finally allows for a compelling answer to the above question.

There comes an idea to search for some other technologies, which share the same scientific principles with the mind control, so to expose its reality, and to find out about its real possibilities. It’s been already a few years since we began to receive the informations about laptop's battery wireless charging, and we still have to wait for the practical implementation of this technology. Most likely, this isn’t caused by the technology unfeasibility. At least, the creators of this technology, so far, have not been accused of any scientific, or economic fraud. Things worked out in much worse way for the author of Global Scaling Theory, Hartmut Müller. This German scientist, together with Ralf Otte, and Martin Nathansen, created communication technology named G-COM, which allows the use of bio-phone. This technology employs the natural phenomenon of standing gravitational wave. The connections, between the bio-phone cells, don’t require any wave's transmission network. The phones of this kind connect directly with each other. Because of it, the communication is possible everywhere with no problems. In theory, it allows for interplanetary communication in real time. Never before, there was a technology corresponding so closely with the technology, which allows access to human organism. Müller became involved with the company, which was accused of the investor fraud. Himself, accused of fraudulent involvement with GSDI, and scientific fraud, he was sentenced by the Dresden court to a few years in jail, after court’s expert proclaimed his work as lacking scientific credibility. Müller never pleaded guilty, and proclaimed his Global Scaling Theory to be true. It is proper to recall that decades ago mind control technology was crypto-named “the phone”.

Thanks to the informations of this kind, we could start the search for more precise understanding of the relationship between resonant coupling and standing gravitational wave. Then we could look at, how this relationship is utilised by the technology allowing wireless access to men. Hartmut Müller acknowledged particular resonant properties of proton. It makes all sense to keep comparing it with the corresponding technologies, so to seek the mind control's technology properties. It also is fair, because mind control is one of the reasons which slow down the new technologies development and the possibilities of their practical implementation.

There are many reasons for which the Müller's, and some other useful technologies, keep disappearing, while mind control remains for most people being unexplainable, magic trick. Unravelling this technology phenomenon means the beginning of the immense problems for many powers. It is not only about the accountability of mind control holders. The successful implementation of the new technologies means the end of the world as we know it. Things will never be the same. There would be a need for new models of activity for the administration, economy, science, military, and religion. One could fantasise, and talk about Humanity utilising a technology, which is not a tool for creating madness, irking with electricity, or cowing with sounds, but which allows for the wireless transfer of free energy at very little expense. About the situation, in which it is the religion, and not some grumbling about mind control, that needs to fight for its reality recognition. About the science finding itself in a place, which today could only be called esoteric, where we could see issues never perceived before. About fragments only left of the huge, contemporary military industry, as the weapons known as ‘exotic’ are cheaper, and more useful than anything we know by now. While thinking this way, it’s easy to quite quickly come to the understanding that all the traditional models do relate to big finance, and to the tools of power. Such predispositions are not given up without a fight. This is why, we live in the world, in which mind control is taken for unreality, and where corresponding, useful technologies disappear without a trace.

Meanwhile, the time we have left to solve out the mind control problem, and to introduce profitable technologies, may be limited. In 2012 ‘Mail Online’ published online article titled “Putin targets foes with ‘zombie’ gun which attack victims' central nervous system”. The article informs about Russian defence minister, (then) Serdyukov, quietly announcing plans to introduce the psychotronic gun, which fulfilled a little-noticed election campaign pledge by president Putin. This weapon employs the use of electromagnetic radiation, and it is part of the Russian arms procurement programme for 2011-2020. Following the article: ‘Research into electromagnetic weapons has been secretly carried out in the US and Russia since the Fifties. But now it appears Mr Putin has stolen a march on the Americans.’ This press release signals the possibility of enormous problems.

The reasons for danger are totally apart from the fact that Russia possesses such a weapon. At his website,, Tom Bearden writes about around ten states being in possession of direct energy weapons. Every each of these states surely possesses something that may be surprising to the others. The danger relates to the conditions of technology implementation in the West. There is a model of Western technological activity, which depends on the purchase of Russian technology by private entities. The Russians often use to sell their advanced technological possibilities to their private Western partners, say, to preserve safety of their Intelligence, and there never was any shortage of the potential buyers. These technologies were then implemented on the chosen unfortunates, who were kept in torment for as long, as it would take for a miracle to happen, and technology lessee would take over the technology owner. Such miracle did happen once, at the end of the eighties, however, it had not been dependant on Russian weakness. The West introduced into play some very strong esoteric rationale, which the Russians didn’t want to destroy with the power of their technology. They backed off until such time, when the Western contractors purchased powerful scalar technologies, and at the same time diminished the role of the esoteric rationale, which once kept Russians on hold. Since the beginning of this century, the Russians have already been ahead, and after betrayal of the Western esoteric rationale, the next miracle rather won’t happen. When the approved by president Putin psychotronic gun comes into full scale production, surely there will be many entities in the West very keen to buy it. If Russians decide to sell this weapon, then we may have to deal with some kind of a “psychotronic Kalashnikov”, because with no doubts, it is going to be a very reliable weapon. Surely, Russian streets won’t turn into the Wild West, because the Russians possess well developed, strong scalar weapons, capable of countering any unforeseen problems. Russia introduced legislation against the use of psychotronic weapons. Illegal owners of such weapons may be lawfully followed after, and bear legal responsibility for their actions. The situation is totally different in the West, where problem of psychotronic weapons officially doesn’t exist. The Western introduction of nanoimplant technology required its placement in the environment of strong scalar weaponry. This is exactly the place, where Russians have the greatest advantage. If the Western streets would become filled with people carrying psychotronic guns, ready to turn other people into ‘zombies’, such problem may become insolvable. One possible solution would be to surrender into Russian administration of technology. This would easily bring about the danger of large military conflict. Such dangerous scenario shows the urgent need for the global mind control problem solution, while time left for it is not infinite.

Most likely, not too many people realise that the understanding in this matter won’t be possible without taking into account the role of religion. The relationship between mind control and religion is a very big and difficult subject, which would require separate delineation. For very long time, the religion stability has been an excuse, for mind control holders, for the suppression of technology, which they have been using themselves. At the beginning of this century, mind control strategy has overtly replaced the esoteric rationale, mentioned before, with the dictatorship of exoteric religion. Mind control religion contains clear traces of some of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. The important elements of its activity is the search for humanity genesis, and manifestations of intelligent creation within men and among the religions, which by now lost their importance. The technological specialists of mind control religion do not propagate any religious doctrine. On the contrary, they are led by the conviction that God, as popularly known entity, does not exist. Their main principle is that nobody judges the victors, and their favourite methods are games on human health. No religion has ever protested against such implications in mind control, regardless of the actual engagements. This relates to the greatest of all problem. These are monotheistic religions. Each of them is built on a belief in one only, true God that accepts mostly his believers. If religion is to have some say in the solution of the mind control problem, then come misunderstandings, at least equal to, or greater than, the differences between the particular religions. Not all the religions became implicated in mind control games. How to differentiate between religions, which at least tolerate their involvement, and those, which are not implicated at all? Already in the sixties mind control developed a trend towards religion unification, however, it is well known to be impossible. To manage the problem, humanity should stand on the ground invulnerable to failures to differentiate between mind control and religion, and resistant against religious conflicts.

Being abandoned by the contemporary religion, to preserve our human origins, perhaps we should look way back into times before the birth of religious monotheism? This view, exactly, introduces the esoteric rationale, which is being observed and tested by the mind control holders. General conclusions, coming from such observations, show that in distant past Humanity dealt with some technologies, which even today we are unable to fully comprehend. It suggests the presence of intelligence commonly taken for the higher power. Shockingly, the oldest monuments of the past are the ones created with highest precision, and their age is often unacceptable to official archaeology stream. For too many people the beginning of religious monotheism is the birth-time of the world as we know it. Meanwhile, with clear suspicion, it was the time of changes, which took people away from the technologies, which we don’t understand until now. The pyramids became covered with sand heaps. It took thousands of years until people started to look to the monuments of the past. Similarly, we had been waiting for over a hundred years for the emergence of technologies utilising the resonance in wireless transmission of energy, sound, electricity. Nicola Tesla employed these opportunities already at the beginning of the XX century. It may be too easy to explain this retardation with the greediness of his financial sponsors while considering a question – is it possible that humanity deals with civilisations of another order, which possess influence in the matter of when, how and what technologies we have been using? In the light of this, what would be the role of mind control? For the sake of salvation we must be ready to expect the unexpected, be sure of own desires, and most of all be directed by the idea of human kind survival. Surely it is a very hard take at the mind control problem. However, tolerance of the present state of affairs, in time will become impossible to be accepted.

With this kind of situation insight, soon or later we are going to come to the prime conclusions. It is true, only relatively small part of humanity complains about mind control, but it does concern all of us. Expectedly, we are on the eve of technological advancements, which in time will open the way to the Universe, and would allow us to play a role in there. The mind control problem arose on the grounds of technology that's necessary to fulfil these dreams. It depends on the people, what purpose this technology is being used for, the advancement, or for self-destruction? Are we capable of taking care about anything at all, if we would be unable to take care of our own survival? This situation may be treated as a major self-sufficiency test, before the chance of stepping onto the higher level of development. This appears to be the major esoteric rationale behind the global role of mind control.


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