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Mind Control And Religion

Aleksander Zielinski
November 2014
Edited: January 2017


Life of a mind controlled person is some kind of the hugely interesting unpleasantness. Unfortunately, the interesting part comes after a long period of nastiness. I’m mind controlled, and I do live in the endless cycle of destruction and renewal. During time of destruction, the controllers test on me the levels of human endurance. In times of renewal they observe my relationship with the world, test vision of their controlled order, and hunt for paranormal phenomena. Each next destruction have had been greater, and each time it was getting harder to come back to myself. Right now I’m in the period of renewal. At least it appears to be so. It is the only time when I can afford some philosophical attitude towards the things that happened during my life. Previously I made attempts to write about the problems of mind control, although never so far did I try to describe such a high level connections between this subject and the religion. 

I was born into catholic family. With passing time, I had been driven increasingly further away from the religion. Presently I don’t conform to any particular faith. However, I have developed the ability of religion evaluation on the grounds of observing the Catholic Church. I’m going to write on subjects, which do apply not exclusively to catholic religion only. The reader should understand this.

I’m not a typical atheist. Being open to the possibility of god existence, I tolerate religion as long as it won’t be turning into mind control. My concept of god wouldn’t be accepted by any religion. I remember release of the first Erich von Daniken’s book being for me a call from the future. Presently, there are many people sharing the same experience, and with similar world-view. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the Ancient Aliens theory. It is my belief that in the ancient past we were visited by beings from other worlds. These events produced basis for the creation of religion as we know it. I believe myself to be created of cosmic dust, whom these beings supported on the evolution’s way to become who I am today. My beliefs have emerged not only because of the ever increasing amount of information on this subject, but also are the result of many esoteric experiences I encountered on the way of my life. I’m not going to be sympathetic towards religion. The reader should know about it for the sake of objectivity in the assessment of my ideas.

Some things, I’ll write about, are result of my suppositions. A man under the stress of mind control has to know without any suitable sources of information. He has to try to overcome all the troubles without any suitable means for this undertaking. Such conditions result in the development of an additional sense assisting with the required tasks. With decades of experience, use of this additional sense becomes the second nature. Obviously, sometimes one needs long time to collect sufficient amount of evidence confirming his supposition. I do base my opinions on personal experience in the field of mind control. This way, I consider presentation of the ideas coming from a source, which I cannot fully explain, as morally acceptable. 

Reasons for This Discussion

History of the relationship between my world of mind control and religion reaches well into the past. Very few Targeted Individuals (TIs) complain about the religious symptoms of mind control. This is why I didn’t feel particularly inclined to take clear position on the subject. The idea of this article arose not long ago, as a result of reading the reports from two mind control victims from Wroclaw, Poland. I'm already familiar with the descriptions of terrible things happening to the TIs, but these two reports made me distressed because of additional reasons. The stories of Ewa Pawela and Rafal Kozlowski mark changes in the world of mind control. Changes that result in the religion taking new tactical position, and in situation when nobody makes it accountable for the past. Revelations of those two people, from the city of my youth, make no reference to religion. Ewa Pawela (pol) describes how for four years her environment, herself, and her relatives were a target of extremely low frequency, (ELF), media attack. I had an occasion to watch a few movies with her interviews. Rafal Kozlowski told the story of his impressions of being in contact with beings from the Orion constellation. His movies disappeared from YouTube. However, I managed to find some of his entries in the internet discussion group. While analysing the two reports, I had been becoming increasingly distressed. I don’t intend to criticise my fellow TIs. People describe their problems the way they can. I’m doing exactly the same thing. The more voices, the greater data field in search for the truth. It is good enough when against potential controllers’ reaction, and doubters’ mockeries, there are some people coming around to report the problem. However, I intend to analyse the content of their reports, as well as this, to what degree are they allowed to know the mind control’s true role and history. The reasons for my distress will become clear in further parts of this article.

Within the period of five decades of mind control influence I dealt with many controllers’ generations. The lifespan of a controllers’ generation varies between a few, and a dozen or so years. The oldest signal, I’m dealing with, persists for the last 27 years. I know very well that the controller, or the firm employing this signal, wouldn’t be able to conduct successful activity within the context of all the methods used on me during that time. The signal itself remains unique, as it seems to be a form of payment to the Russian intelligence for technological services provided. I’m not sure what happened with the controllers, who worked with me in the past. It appears clearly that one individual, who implanted me in 1980, became the CEO of Polish Post sometime later on. Another known to me controller holds important position at the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Marshal’s office. In conclusion, I believe nothing wrong happens to this people.

The most effective, unnoticeable, are the most subtle of mind control methods.  Human organism accepts these in an easy way. Delicate methods cause reactions at the greatest field of the body. This is where one would look for the esoteric connections. Methods like this were in common use several dozen years ago. Each next controllers’ generation has ever shrinking field, and growing strength, of the technological means at its disposal. I could observe, old generations won’t allow the younger controllers’ generation any easy access to their plunder.

Reports by the two Wroclaw’s mind control survivors indicate that relationship between the controllers’ generations affects the new TIs’ knowledge level. In case when they decide to go public, it could happen, their stories may be a little shallow and partly misinforming. I can see a characteristic lack of information regarding religion, or can even detect the religion's role being covered with some extra-terrestrial threads. There is a need for a confrontation between the history and the present forms of mind control, with considerations given to religion’s role in the dramatic progress and direction of this phenomenon. Discussion of this kind may be started by a targeted person experienced in the prolonged religious mind control influence, such as this author.

Reasons for My Distress

Ewa Pawela has described in almost authoritative way that mind control originated in the Nazi concentration camps. Particularly, as a result of the ill-famed Dr Mengele’s experiments on twins. This is one of the reasons for my distress. I can see the Jews playing a key role in the mind control events, the use of twins and people of great resemblance by the pro-Israeli orientated intelligence services.  However, this isn’t an instance of the historic justice. It’s already well known that mind control began much earlier than this. Indeed, pairs of twins, with almost identical DNA, do resonate with the same frequency. This is why they are able to inter-communicate in natural way. Standard cases of mind control require technological means to achieve similar effect. I've already written about the resonance role in my previous articles. Another observation, I cannot really remember if Ewa has ever used a Polish language description for mind control. Exclusive use of the English term, in case of a person exposed to mind control in Poland, brings about some impressions of pure propaganda. Ewa told story of the German scientists being employed to conduct MC experiments by the Western forces after the war. There was a description of weary effects of the ELF exposure, with the interviewer spectacularly starting to fall asleep. I took it for a mix of the truths and disinformation. Many people wrote about the ‘Operation Paperclip’. It is common knowledge that people landed on the moon thanks to work of the German rocket constructor, Werner von Braun, between the others. Things like this did happen. Exposition to ELF may cause extreme fatigue. I know about it, because of the personal experience. However, I know about only one politician, who threatened his enemies with the referral to eternal sleep. The name of the gentleman is Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky. On the base of personal experiences, I know that mind control was effectively conducted in Wroclaw already at the beginning of the sixties. Long time before anybody heard of MK-ULTRA, HAARP, BLUE BEAM, etc. Finally, I noted remarks in regard to the human fingers’ ability to generate specific life powers during Rosary prayers. In my case the fingers, and toes, were subject of interest for the controllers with self-declared connections to Vatican. I’m not going to wish anybody at all their mediation to god. Add to it, the interviews described mostly, if not only, the MC methods relaying on the use of ELF, and there it comes, a specifically directed mixture of the truth and misinformation.  Ewa Pawela’s revelations bear traces of studious preparation. Watching each next part of her interview, I could realise that mind control in Poland serves the Vatican’s interests and ideology (nothing new here), and the operations are placed within the framework of Russian environment control.

The Rafal Kozlowski’s case is brutally obvious. Controllers, who work in search of the true human origins, looking for traces of the gods of the past, finally have begun to replace them. This is an attempt to seize the potential merits of intellectual values, which would be the gods’ gifts. Such as these already possessed, and those which humanity may potentially develop in the future. The mysterious connections between some of the monuments of the ancient past and the Orion constellation are presently common knowledge. Surely, such attempts to ‘patent’ ancient humanity ties under the unknown name of Rafal’s controllers would be worth of a big laughter, if not for the role the religion plays in mind control. Religions participating in mind control relay on monotheistic god, who doesn’t allow any form of competition. This is god, who appeared in human history much later than the connections with the Orion constellation. Explicitly, this situation brings the impression of larceny. At present, I live under the influence of religiously administrated mind control. This is why I consider as appropriate to speak on the subject of religion's role in the undertakings which hijack men, statehoods, political and economic systems, science and culture, disobedient religions, and now the ancient history as well. I’d like to begin with a fragmentary outlook at history and curiosities of mind control.

Mind Control I Know

Serge KernbachAt the end of 2013 worldwide media informed about Serge Kernbach’s report: ‘Unconventional research in USSR and Russia: short overview’.  The paper reports, the scientific interest with paranormal phenomena appeared in Russia, at the end of XIX century, with the commission headed by Dmitri Mendeleev. Since the early XX century Russians conducted research, preliminarily with the attempts to scientifically explain the interaction between hypnotiser and his subject. Interestingly, the results of the research, dating back to the twenties, have never been released. The author presented timeframe and subjects of the Russian unconventional research while employing modern descriptions, such as: highly penetrating radiation, cerpan, and torsion field. Whereas pertaining to open and non-military exploration only, the report may well become the reference material for the researchers in the field of mind control and its history.

The Kernbach’s report raised interest of people familiar with this topic. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, formerly professor at the University of Wroclaw, now in the US, asked the question, ‘why does an expert in swarms of robots get interested in "unconventional research" that has to do with physics’? He found that Kernbach publishes in Russian rather than in English, have interest in highly penetrating radiation, and in fact is an inventor of some of the devices that produce such radiation. The physical nature of this radiation is not clear. It may act both, on physical devices and on biological systems as well. It can penetrate walls and act at a distance, faster than light. Following Jadczyk’s review, A. Yu. Smirnov, inventor of another generator of such radiation, suggested that Kernbach would be mainly interested in some kind of official certification of similar devices, perhaps for commercial reasons. Serge Kernbach produced a picture of selective technology areas, and yet, he omitted the information's and the human operator's roles. These areas remain crucial mind control factors.

Boris RatnikovIn 2006 Rianovosti agency published an interview on mind control with ex KGB agent, Maj Gen Boris Ratnikov. Prior to recent censure, the interview contained some curiosities regarding mind readings performed on Boris Yeltsin and Jegor Gaidar for security reasons. The scans detected, in fact, some attempts to return Kuril Islands to Japan. Russians were concerned, it could cause Chinese demands to return disputed territories. Back then, Yeltsin cancelled planned trip to Japan. The article had been describing how the Soviet Union era scientific achievements allowed information harvest, by scanning minds of high ranking Europe’s and US personalities. It mentioned about discovery of inactive equipment, at the US embassy, designed to influence Moscow residents. In regard to the advent of mind control, (rus) Gen Ratnikov said that since the ancient times powerful people resorted to influence thoughts of other people, and it is no surprise clandestine organisations adopted such methods employing scientific achievements of the XX century.  He described the outbreak of warfare in this field, in the first half of the XX century, calling it the ‘astral battles’. Following the censure, the present version of article, which originated in Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, and now is dated from August 2007, puts more emphasis on the history of mind control. According to the article, mind control originated with a scientific hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of hypnosis by famous chemist, Alexander Butlerov, in 1853. The first experiments with hypnosis applied to animals were described in the 1924 book by Vladimir Durov.  In 1932, the Bekhterev Institute of Brain conducted experiments on distant interaction. I would really prefer to have both versions of abovementioned article as reference. Still, I find opportunity to know of the Russian point of view on the subject of mind control history being very useful.

There comes conclusion, mind control was already being developed in the first half of the XX century. On the basis of the information above, did mind control originate in Russia? Likely, nobody can provide sure answer in this respect. Definitely, they’re Russians, whom can describe the subject in broader way, and with more detail. Main part of the mind control games is the struggle for domination. In my personal case, the games for the sake of gaining control over mind control started in 1964. In this field the Russians have huge achievements. This is why they can afford to be more courageous with their statements. Personally, I’m under impression that the technology of wireless contact with human organism, and the technological mind control the same way, arrived with the discoveries of Nicola Tesla. The opponents accused his technology of being dangerous, as it could potentially be used for mind control purpose. It is sad, after over one hundred years we’re still living in between the curls of cables. Meantime, the mind control holders have been getting ever more ruthless.

One interesting story of how far into the past one could find traces of mind control is of speculative nature. Long time ago I read, cannot remember the publication’s title and author, the story of abbott Trithemius. In the XV century, the creator of modern information coding methods possessed a talisman, with which he could influence a person gifted with it. The thing is that with today’s knowledge of how to create wireless communication, this could be quite possible. It was enough that apart of talisman, Trithemius was in possession of another object of the same resonance frequency. The common source of resonance could allow wireless voice communication, just like described in the book.  This way, what seems absolutely unlikely to exist in the XV century, in fact, was quite possible. At the end of this article I’m going to describe, what is it that I can see as possibly the first in history mind control device.

While I believe the hierarchy of mind control soldiers employs elements of self-control, the technology holders are forced, for their safety sake, to watch carefully external influences. It the past it was dictated by preventive measures, so the winning side wouldn’t find itself in the situation, in which they were controlled by unknown power, which without any responsibility would consume the fruits of the victory. Nowadays nobody would come around pronouncing their glory, but everyone likes to use the technology like they were the final winners. Definitely, the most important controllers’ aim, and a method at the same time, is to achieve maximum influence on anything one could imagine, and yet, save themselves from the effects of their own work.

CerpanWith the progress of mind control development, after period of the resonant coupling use, there came interferometry methods. It seems, the first method was most dangerous for the operator. It’s not a coincidence that at its beginning mind control was spreading (as far as I know) among helpless people, such as mental institution patients, prisoners, very sick, and children. The new method made targeting the operator, through the use of his subject, much more difficult task. At the end of the sixties, when I was implanted for the first time (as much as I know), at the mind control scene appeared a new tool called cerpan. It was invented by a self-educated researcher, the design director of a Czech textile plant, Robert Pavlita. There are two versions of where the constructor took his inspiration from. Following one version, he found something valuable studying ancient Egypt messages. Following the other, he utilised Prague's alchemists knowledge. Cerpan is a device capable of storing and generating energy of living organisms. One could easily imagine that for a controller cerpan is a perfect hiding tool. In one of their articles, the ‘Russia Today’ agency describes cerpan as a torsion generator developed by Anatoly Beridze-Stakhovsky. In the eighties cerpan became an important element of the Russian psychotronic warfare. I found a source describing Pavlita's generators being fatally flawed. They stored negative energy, as well as positive. Negative energy application was said to cause the Soviet Union collapse. Following the source, when the Russians used PSI to repair the damage, Pavlita’s generators caused even more trouble during the Yeltsin era. If there is any truth in it, then during psychological war, the perfect controllers’ hiding tool would cause the fall of the system. The only thing I can say in this matter is that my personal observations wouldn’t discount such a version of events at all.

Arguably, this or similar reasons made my mind control world, and environment, being flooded with the effects of the scalar weapon attack at the beginning of this century. I was washed out of everything of the past, and mind control operations were restarted anew. This time, it was me under the influence of negative energy, and to put it mildly, I wasn’t really well cared-for. However, activities of the psychotronic war attenuated quite a lot. That helped me to endure those difficult times.

 As much as I can observe it, the contemporary controllers once again make attempts to hide behind the animal. All this has already happened in the past. I was taught, these were Vatican’s methods.  Although, traces of the first experiments of this kind lead to Russia. Just imagine, energetic potential of a cow against man’s potential. Coupling of an area, where spine joins the pelvis, with the gravity of a huge animal causes indescribable suffering. Yet, coupling of a small animal with brain creates grand madness. This time, however, the brand new controllers’ generation attempts hiding behind the octopus. Initially, it seems to be lacking of any logic, and brings about fantastic conclusions.

Referring to the term of ‘astral battles’, these have been taking place until now. One of the main planes of the battle is competition between Israel and China.  It is a known story, American authorities became interested in mind control because of the minds of POWs being programmed during Korea’s war, in the fifties. Though, the contemporary picture of the battle is entirely different. Within my environment, all the noticeable effects of mind control serve Israel’s interest, while Chinese remain totally unnoticeable. In the past, there were some amusing elements of this battle. In October 2000, JPII canonised 120 Chinese martyrs associated with the Catholic Church activities in China. It appeared that the church, on the wave of success in Russia, intended to include China into the sphere of their influence - canonising such a huge number of saints at one go. Number 12 possess important meaning in the operations of Israeli intelligence related to Kabala.  Somehow, this event had rather humoristic effect on me. More seriously, I wondered what common interest of the East and the West allowed my migration to Australia, the country so much ideologically different from my previous environment. I came to understand that the area of common interest could relay on the search for traces of the Chinese technology, potentially hidden within the old technologies used on me in Poland. While travelling, I found that use of the heaviest technology methods is not allowed in the sphere of Chinese influence, and it is not allowed in many countries of South-East Asia.

The greatest plane of astral battles, however, is the game of religion. One can see this, while observing events in the mind control world, and while assessing controllers’ activities at the angle of practical usefulness of their work for the religion. More about it later on.

I have introduced very fragmentary look at the world of mind control. It’s been based on personal experience. Possibly, I presently am under direct influence of the Russian technology in greater way, than many other survivors. I missed on a lot. I didn’t mention about the technology of physical and chemical implants, preparation methods of the nervous system and human body, the properties of torsion field, and ways of programming. I missed on the use of the ultrasounds, and microwaves, which seem to be the Western specialities. Most of all, I haven’t mentioned about the psychological and psychotronic wars. These subjects are extremely difficult to describe to a person, who never experienced anything like it. Mind control cannot be pictured in whole. One can attempt to introduce some larger glimpses, while employing  intuition to understand it all. Intuition is, what I have used in choosing the subjects of this chapter.

The Religion I Know

In the environment, which I’m now a part of, so full of sensations that have nothing in common with the feel of a healthy organism, it is very easy to recognise mind control effects. Especially, while one already knows mind control exists at all. I remember, it was rather impossible at the time when the oldest technologies were in use. Back then, the technology signals undifferentiated from the signals of nature. When I was to deal with the religious themes, I would acknowledge the world was religious. If that world was to discern me somehow, I would’ve taken for granted it was happening in the religious world.  To me, the invisible operator from that time was a god. I lived in the religious world until 1964. After the technology upgrade, religious atmosphere of the events began slowly to disappear.  Interestingly, even up until now, though rarely, come some signals describing this time as being of the exceptional religious value. These put me in a position, in which I suppose to understand that dreadful technology destroyed this old world.

Then came time with the duality of mind control signals. I had been receiving the religious signals, and those attributed to the state. The latter kept bringing the impressions of intrusiveness and viciousness towards religion. That’s why I had more sympathy for the religious signals. Not that I would find hiding place in religion. I was a small boy under overwhelming impressions of a very active nymphomaniac. I guess, it had something to do with the Western programs of that time. In the seventies, as a teenager, I found myself placed between religion and the ‘soldiers’. I was to testify that ‘soldiers’ would not be needed in the future, and I had to choose between religion and the world in which ‘soldiers’ were. I used to live under specific impression of a strong, impetuous feeling, coming onto me from up above. I guess, again, it had to do with the Western LSD programs of that time. In time, religion started to sell me out. In 1977 I was called for the army service. Right up until then, I was convinced I would never be a soldier. At the end of the sixties a routine x-ray detected some changes in my lung. Back then, I ‘courageously’ decided not to inform my parents, so they wouldn’t get worried. Then I simply forgot about it. I spend two years of the army exercises suffocating, and never knowing that I could have avoided this altogether. In fact, it was an excellent method creating a long-term brain anoxia, which improved the mind control effects. The thing is, religion sold me out to the ‘soldiers’. Those were the first noticeable signs of Vatican, one would think morality preacher, indeed peddling their approval of the methods that were to be used on mind controlled person. The religious atmosphere of the Vatican's signals was systematically on the way out. There was something in the known about the church. Something, they couldn’t properly deal with. It’s obvious, mind control makes a traditional picture of god irrelevant, but there was much more to it than this.

In the early eighties, at the time of total destruction, when I started to suspect mind control influence, religion remained out of the picture. I already lived in Australia. Vatican’s position had been here, at the time, much more privileged, comparing it with the situation in Poland. I even was longing for the impressions of worthy, religious peace that I remembered of from the time of my early childhood. It’s important to point it out, this seems to be one of the more important, religious mind control methods.  Bringing one into the state of painful insanity, and in search of help from religion. I experienced similar attempts in 2004, however, because of the experience I gained by then, it was not successful. I again came closer to religion in the second half of the eighties. It was not so much out of respect for it, as for the dream of Poles living better, more affluent lives. In the crazy world of intelligence games I allowed religious signals for more than I usually would. However, I was capable of taking occasional hard stance. In 1991, with growing influence on the political life in Poland, where I was living at the time, the church began to place itself in a dictatorial position. There was not a chance to solve the mind control problem. I found myself in a very shameful place. Catholic Church enjoyed very privileged position in my mind control world. I had to change it very quickly, while under strong psychotronic attack.

Culmination of the dictatorial church’s stance arrived a year before the JPII's passing. In my environment appeared a team of the Vatican's 'chosen one’, Putin, with business orientated endeavour of the neo-feudal religious revolution. The order completion was received by known Zionist, Vatican’s multi-knight, Rupert Murdoch. Anti-human measures were introduced during grotesque, religious show. The aim of this action was to upgrade mind control equipment, and to enforce the power of unreal religious dogmas. Since then, there was not to be any discussion. The impressions of that time were not exclusively of the Roman Catholic nature, though these were the strongest ones. I dealt with threads from Vatican, Anglican, and Russian Churches, Sunnis, and the Jews. The influence of the strongest MC measures weakened after a month. Following it, the terror campaign of extremely unpleasant technology acts, however weakening over time, lasts until the present time. Looking at the history of mind control religious connections, I had no doubts whatsoever, it would be enough that Vatican didn’t accept this operation, and it would never happened. Treacherously, using for the last time traditional position of the middle power, the church approved the use of inhumane methods, which before then were used sparsely, and in laboratory conditions only. One could think, it was done to a single person only, but I knew, there was a trading of humanity's destiny aspect involved in it. It was the end of the religion as I knew it. Never say never, but I cannot possibly have anything to do with the religion of my youth any more. This would be inhumane. Those events revitalised my interest in the reasons for moral decline of the church, and in search for my human origins and its role in the world.

These were the reasons, which made me to understand the religion in a specific way. I believe, one cannot avoid religion's messages within the context of a reality recognition. The messages creators made them their own way. Instead, there were their successors, whom had been rewriting them for the sake of their faith. One needs to take into account that the messages were passed with style, and on intellectual level, designed for the minds dating thousands of years back. Presently, it is possible to treat the ancient messages as the stories of symbolic values. Interpretation of the stories to modern language may bring some amazing observations. I’m going to provide some examples. The snake from the tree of wisdom may symbolise DNA, and Adam and Eve story may be the time, when men attained intelligence allowing for mindful assessment of personal choice. The promise of heaven may suggest to keep improving on ourselves, so men could embark on the journeys into space. Death on the cross and the rise from the dead may symbolise a connection with other civilisation, stronger than death. Symbolism of the religious messages became a catalyst for my approval of the understanding of concealed humanity origins.

Possibly, the major problem of contemporary, widely assumed, religion is monotheism. Religions follow one almighty god, the creator of men. Those, who want to attain entry to the god’s kingdom, are required to share their lives with religion. To each religion, all the other religions are false, as is their god. The early stages of ecumenical movement do not change status quo at all. I believe diversity of religious orientation to be a tool of human survival. Unfortunately, the rules of monotheism are totally on the contrary. It’s especially clear in the instance of people with high level of religious tolerance. These people do tolerate god in many different versions. Tolerance of this kind is a continual game for time. In best case scenario, the game may end up with schizophrenia. Worse cases may trigger, very popular around twenty years ago, multi-personality disorder. Meanwhile, it is difficult to imagine humanism without essential reserves of religious tolerance.

Religious monotheism appeared around 3500 years ago at the characteristically small area of the globe. Pharaoh Akhentaten’s belief in the solar disc Aten ended with his passing. Hardly any traces of the Zoroaster religion lasted to this day in what is now Iran. The Jewish faith became extended by other religions, and have expanded recently to unprecedented heights. Ancient messages tell us about the gods, who lived in-between, and inspired people. How happened, there are now so many people, who believe in the unknown, following god whom nobody ever see, within frames of the religions based on the messages of one civilisation, which hermetically exist just for itself?

Perhaps, there will be many people willing to charge me with the intent to avoid the subject of the son of god. They might say that he was visible, and his rise from death is an ultimate proof of the true god witnessed by the generations of the past. Unfortunately, messages from the ancient past describe many figures dying on the cross, and then risen from the dead. Many of those date back very long time before Christ. The problem of monotheism remains active.

Monotheistic religions share common characteristics. Religion acts as intermediary to god. Religion rejection is the rejection of god. God’s love and full power expresses through the religion, which remains detached and separated from the normality of life, totally relaying on its leaders interpretations. Another characteristic are periods of stagnation in the human development in times of the greatest influence of monotheistic religion. History of the church is the history of false scientific theories enforced with violence. Only, when the scientific discoveries were to become too apparent, the church would graciously allow them. As for the people, the church didn’t offer any practical knowledge. This isn’t the way, as described in ancient messages, of gods teaching people technological knowledge, orientation in space, and the rules of healthy conduct. To my head come the words from Roy Orbison’s song. Something about drinking a toast to absent friends, instead of those comedians.

At the same time, religion very eagerly made use of symbols and impressions left behind by the religions of the past. Some examples of this include holiday’s dates, traditions of Christmas tree, and Easter eggs, or mitre – ceremonial hat of church dignitaries - originating from the symbol of ancient god-fish. Vatican was built on the grounds of ancient city of dead, and its name comes from the goddess of the dead, Vatika. Since dim and distant past people adored god, their inspiration and hope for the future. I believe, every truly believing person can see within themselves traces of the gods of the past, and desires to stay close by it. I believe it to be the very base of religious faith, no matter the religion’s name. But then came the religion, which exist only for itself and for the sake of its own survival, freeloading on the forgotten past. It is possible that religions of such kind, along with the religious businessmen, gather only for themselves the collections of people with valuable personal attributes.

If one is to acknowledge that the religion came to existence on the base of traditional memories of extra-terrestrial visitors, if to accept that to ancient people they were the venerated teachers, then one has to deal with the sensitive questions that demand clear answer. How happened, it then ensued the long era of invisible, monotheistic god religion? Why the period of its domination is characterised with the stagnation? Obviously, I treat the period of the last century, as the time of ever diminishing role of religion.

One could speculate, perhaps we were left on our own for the sake of peaceful, strong-grounded development? We could investigate, if three and a half thousand years ago, there was another visitor of different appearance, who had nothing in common with the humanity creators? Indeed, since then religions have been relaying on the god’s intermediaries and on mysterious revelations. In this respect, we may strive for a provision of maximum amount of data, however, the answer, and the ensuing responsibility for it, belongs to each of us alone.

Mind Control as the Religion’s Aftereffect

The most important reason, for which I can see the religion guilty of mind control development, are not my personal experiences. These pertain to a sole person, who in the face of magnitude of the religious faith represents not a lot. I never get tired of repeating that as of yet, no religion ever took a stance against technological mind control. Within my vision of the world, this fact outweighs the justice scale at the religion disadvantage, and allows me for the expressions at a global scale.

One of the religion’s main tasks is to stay on guard of the god’s creation. Yet, mind control maims and ruins men within a spectrum of between the highest spiritual values and the physically understood DNA. It is a usual practice, all the religions are very eager to take strong, just voice in the matters of society's life. The reason for this silence must be of an enormous significance. To be wasting such an opportunity, over a period of a few decades, may only mean that religion is bonded with mind control in some substantial ways.

I’d like to present the reasons, for which I do recognise the organisations that employ technological mind control as the instruments for religion extension, and in some cases, religious military arm. The opinions below came to life, when I made attempts to look at my personal situation in a philosophical way. I embarked on a journey, researching the association of mind control symptoms with its potential needs, and I drove myself very far indeed.

Just about all of the survivors, who managed to present their reports publically, portray a controller in plural form. Yet, for already long time the monitoring technologies have been developed to a degree, allowing one single controller to work on many people simultaneously, and with ease. Then why the encroached survivors deal with the signals representing a number of individual controllers?

Another feature, the signals are extremely unpleasant, terrible things do happen. There’s overwhelming expression of contempt, not only towards the victims personally, but also for the humanity origins. We call controllers ‘the sociopaths’, my personally favourite description is ‘anti-human prostitution’. A controller remains unreachable in a godly way, and capable of doing things to the MC survivors, which once were credited to god. Please, do not take it in a wrong way. The operators are afraid of a lot of things as well. At the precise time of the intrusive act of influence, though, the controller is a god. There is no power above his activity.

Yet another characteristic feature, each controller seems to work within the frame of the same agenda. In fact, often they are in the same laboratory. I came to accept, however, the separate controllers’ signals represent different affiliations. In reality, they fight each other on a battlefield whom is the survivor. This is a paradox situation, a battle in which the opposite sides don’t tend to destroy each other, but instead concentrate on destroying the battlefield. Clearly, it suggests the controllers strive towards common objectives.

Finally, the survivors characteristically sense disorientation, because of a natural need to assess the relationships between personal signals of the controllers. There are separate personalities, yet at the same time, controllers seem to unexplainably play their game within the frames of common origin, at the field of the same being.  At this stage enough data appeared to explain the intended reasoning.

We do deal with the signals of a few separate controllers, who do not care about humane needs of the controlled people. They possess capabilities associated with the power of god, and employ these for the purpose of internal competition. Their rivalry strives towards common objectives, and those are the survivors, whom suffer the consequences of their conduct. The invaded person has difficulties with describing associations between the controllers, because each of them seems to incorporate with the whole of the operation. Couldn’t it be possible, to compare all this with the situation of men facing modern religions? Especially a man with the high level of religious tolerance would be capable of observing the picture of religious interrelationships, which already for decades, in aggressive and forcible way, are the essential feature of mind control operations.

'Everybody possess everything’, it was a motto of the intelligence organisations controlled by JPII, for the period of two decades of the last century. It was the time of great activity of the so called schools, in which private contractors with strong government ties, and under protection of religion, conducted intensive research to improve mind controls techniques. The controllers have never yet been so unobstructed in the selection of methods applied to MC victims. In this respect, the period of time between 1978 and 2005 was historically exceptional. The same expression, 'Everybody possess everything’, may be useful for the purpose of describing the overall situation of contemporary religion. For many monotheistic religions, the one true almighty god rules over our world. Although, unexplainably, there are many of such gods with each one possessing everything. Observations of this kind bring the assumption of the contemporary mind control activity being organised in a very specific way. The operations utilise a model of coexistence between the monotheistic religions, with the application of relevant relationships schemes. It was that much easier to understand it for me, as for already long time each of the controllers’ signals exhibited an affiliation with a particular religion.

Organisation of mind control activities in such a way may serve as a universal tool for the religions, which allowed themselves its use, as well as for those that only remain silent. The competition may be led in an organised manner. In natural way, the leader is the one who exerts biggest influence on the controlled people, and at the same time can rule over the other controllers. Needless to say, such methods may well be used to ‘prove’ god’s existence.  Yet, if people were to decisively reject the unrealistic religion, one might become tempted to create a technological dictatorship for the sake of continuation of a role of the ruling group. It only takes to make sure that people consider the existence of mind control technologies to be an absurd, and to take care that the science doesn't conduct any activities in this field in an overt way.

It won’t be too much exaggeration in saying, these aims are already at different levels of realisation in the hidden mind control world. Personal experience is more than enough of a proof for me. Effects of mind control were always taken for an obvious signs of the god’s work by Vatican, and some other religions. The bounds of reasonability have been overstepped long time ago, and for some religions there is no more way back.

There are interesting questions. What allows the controllers to work on the plane of several personalities of common origin, regardless of internal competition? While using the previous method of comparison, is it possible to find the sources of this situation in the religion?

Once again, I’m going to invoke in this case the history of JPII. Not many know about it, and not many between them would speak of it, JPII had been led by the Jewish intelligence. I am a witness to it. He has left a huge number of apparent Jews and the descendants of Jacob Frank’s generation (converted Jews) in all the areas of Vatican influence. Apparently, the future of Anglicanism rests in the line of Jewish contenders to the throne. In contemporary mind control Jews play the main role. The aristocratic revolution in times of BXVI, which have had been aiming at the introduction of principles taken live out of the feudal epoch, has failed at least also, because the ‘first class’ couldn’t impose their will on the Jews. One cannot avoid the observation, religious mind control, through the Christianity, leans on the religion of the Jews.

For technicality reasons it’s necessary to answer the question, does the same principle apply to work done under the Islam’s name? I feel obliged to state that I never have met with any observable activities done under Shia Muslims. One example of the Sunni involvement may be Pakistan, which alongside the North Korea and Spain possess an access to devices allowing the influence of human body organs. The Sunni intelligence, which I dealt with, pointed to their supplies originating from the Bush's family. I could describe it the following way, it was a politician who used to appear in the front with background of various state’s flags behind him. Always, with no exception, in the row of the flags, at the first place there was an Israeli flag.

The escape to surrender under Jewish protection may be an effect of the need for comfortable ethical safety, in naive search of morality substitute. Without any doubts, mind control is the greatest in history crime against humanity. There were, in the past, the cases of atrocities with greater graphic levels of cruelty, mass depredations, and annihilations. Humanity’s history is stained with the blood of the innocent. However, people were able to learn their lessons of the survival in ever greater avoidance of evil. Following each case of cruelty, there were periods of peace bringing the possibilities for further human development. Clandestine mind control operations bring in unnoticeable ways the enormous dangers of depredations, and annihilations, for the humanity’s future. This is why, mind control is a crime of the greatest kind. The consequence of stealing from the future is the end of the world, at best the end of the world as we know it. Being burdened with such responsibility, the controllers, and their sponsors, may seek protection under the nation-product of monotheistic god. This might create a possibility of mind control being considered as a form of retaliation for the persecution of Jews in the past. Straightforwardly, on many fields the Jewish behaviour when attributed to the others would be unforgivable.  This lenience is explained away with the holocaust history. Looking at the mind control history, this ‘morally explained’ Jewish role began to appear in Poland at the beginning of the seventies. Personally, I take this kind of motivation for naive and cruel. I did not persecute the Jews, but it is me, who have to survive mind control. Let it never happen that the future generations were to say, it weren’t us to introduce the wrongful applications of technology on men, yet, we have to survive its effects.

However, I can see some other, logically dictated possibility, for which Jews took over the mind control. Just as mind control is the religion's aftereffect, monotheistic religion may well be resulting from the application of technology that mind control is a part of.

Was Ark of the Covenant the First Mind Control Device?

The association of religion and mind control may cause natural outrage in many people. There are some, who nurture the most subtle feelings towards the religion. Yet, mind control connotes brutal, torturous lawlessness. I’ll move forward, although, at this time I'll expound on the basis of logic rather, than on personal experience or long lasting opinions. 

Having no doubts, there are some religions that use mind control, I must ask myself, how long is this happening for? While earching for answers, I came to the astonishing conclusions. If I was asked, where do I see the beginning of these religions? I would answer without much delay that their origin point is the Jewish exodus from Egypt. I do believe, it was the starting time for the history of Judeo-Christianity. Moses is a recognised prophet in Islam as well. 

After three months' journey Jews reached the Sinai Mountain. God gave Moses two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments inscribed on them. The tablets, Aaron’s rod, and jar of manna, were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant, which was created especially for this purpose. There are many stories of the ark’s powerful attributes. These stories are well known to the followers of many religions. Presently, the ark is an object of interest for the researches of the Ancient Aliens theory. In this case, the ark’s extraordinary abilities are believed to be based on extra-terrestrial technologies. On my part, I’m interested in mind control's aspect of the story.

I’ll start with the Decalogue itself. I live my life in accordance with the commandments, and believe it to be the common standard. What about the lifestyles of ancient people? Did the Decalogue bring any new behaviour customs? By any chance, wasn’t it the way that new god recycled some already accepted rules of conduct for a sake of the first monotheism’s dictatorship victory? The introduction part, about the god who supposedly led me out of Egypt - the slavery house, - is this the most important relation to god, who prescribes the rules of social behaviour? I direct my attention at the first commandment, ‘thou shalt have no other gods before me’. By default, this commandment allows the possibility of another god existence. I ask myself a question, which god or gods created me? If I were to believe, I’ll have to stay the closest to this one. I have an apparent problem with the first of the commandments. Thinking about it, it becomes obvious that my controllers have huge problems with all the rest of the commandments. While I live at peace with nine of the commandments, the religious mind control holders disregard them. Doing so, they make me powerless in face of their activities. That allows them to achieve an advantage, which they’re using to hold me in their slavery. That’s a very serious tool of control.

Perhaps the Jews, already back then, were themselves exposed to some form of mind control? 745 km, it is the distance between Cairo and Jerusalem using route 90, which isn’t at all a straight line. If the exodus participants were to make two kilometres a day, using a longer route, they should be in the Promised Land within about a year. Why did it take forty years? After all, they had support of the power, which surely knew the way. One could assume, the new god wandered Jews about to adjust them to his own agenda in solitude. It’s very difficult for me to imagine another reason for this delay. Indoctrination in solitude is one of the main, apparent mind control methods. Would this adjustment include mind programming?  Contemporary religion advises, the Jews were punished this way for idolatry. This version of events only confirms the above supposition.

Not too long ago, I proclaimed mind control to be an effect of the modern ‘ark of the covenant’. The only difference is that this time it’s been in use by the chosen people, and the chosen ‘professionals’ as well. Indeed, the effects of modern technologies, including mind control, have been very similar to what’s written about abilities of the ark.

Erich von Daniken, whose books taught me the ways of contemporary thinking, suggested that Ark of the Covenant could have been powered with a mini nuclear reactor. He made this suggestion at the time, when men knew nothing about the devices which influence human mind, control the weather, induce earthquakes, and crumble walls with sound. Back then, no one ever talked about free energy, Marconi was the radio inventor, and serious people kept wondering - how one could imagine for oneself Einstein’s time space curvature.  Nevertheless, presently we can think it was a device relaying on the resonance manipulations.

An example of weather control device effect may be the cloud, which directed Jews across the desert. The crumbling of Jericho walls may be a sonic weapon effect. Adversaries, who fled the Jews in fear, would have to be affected by the mind control device. 

I don’t intend to go too far. I do write about the relationship between religion and mind control only. However, it should be quite clear by now, I have reasons to presume that the first known in history mind control device was, in fact, inside the Ark of the Covenant. All the same, at least in part, contemporary monotheistic religions are the presumed aftereffect of alien technology incorporating the technology of mind control. 


If there will be some people, who legitimise my way of thinking, then we could find ourselves in an extraordinary situation. Even for me, the concept of god, the hijacker of humanity, over three thousand years ago, a being of unknown apparition, demanding and rather inexorable, seems to be very fantastic. Even, if it happened that I used to deal with very fantastic things in the past.

I do perceive ever more that the religious intelligence, for already long time, secretly utilises the directed recognition of god as an extra-terrestrial traveller. They conduct intense research for the sake of situation’s assessment, with the intent to use this knowledge for their own purpose. They do gain a huge advantage, because they’re working on unwitting people. It is time that the humanity started to treat the problem of mind control, and the mystery of human origins, with the outmost attention. Any other way, we will remain under wrong influence of the ‘upper crust’, which with the help of religious half-truths, and clear misrepresentations, may lead us on the final trip to nowhere.

Religions collect the customs and symbols left behind by the gods of the past. What possibly can be said about the religion, which searches for substantial values within the self-described worthless lie with the help of mind control methods? One of the answers will be, this religion doesn’t consider their god to be almighty. Yet, the religion that collects the controlled people, technology methods, soldiers, and specialised MC firms, utilises de facto understanding that their god is unjustified.

Religion’s influence in the world’s affairs diminishes systematically. Modern religions pretend to be harmless. Delicate methods are used to elicit popularity. Unfortunately, in the hidden mind control world we still are in The Middle Ages. For at least fifty years, the Polish church exculpated and sheltered the people conducting activities of unethical and inhumane nature. Now, such people belong to the church’s collection of loony marvels of this world.

Meanwhile, for thousands of years Judeo-Christianity couldn’t break the humanity’s ties with the past. For example, there are some people, who until now keep saying, - “to Perun”, or – “from Perun”. Perun (English Thunder, Polish Piorun) is probably the most important god of the ancient Slavs. Religion made attempts to equate his significance with Satan, and yet to assign it to itself. The Eastern Orthodox Church sees St Elijah as Perun’s counterpart. In the Western church this is St Michael the Archangel. Nevertheless, people don’t say – “to St Elijah”, or – “from St Michael”. Polish national emblem is an eagle. Perun’s symbol is an eagle, which sat at the tree branch and sometimes flew down to fight the enemy. When the enemy was defeated, he flew back to the branch. This story could be interpreted with the use of symbolic language. In many ways the ancient past still lives in us, without any commandments, no axioms, no dogmas, and without mind control. Nicola Tesla was a man associated with thunders. Some of his inventions still remain in hideout. Although, the same technologies serve mind control, already for many decades. The question is, what do we desire the most, the technology of the future, or St Elijah? I’m afraid, these two options will not be compatible. 

While some of the religions prolong their world of axioms and dogmas, through the implementation of mind control, the superpowers build an arsenal of weapons, which isn’t known to many people. Humanity is unable to control the development of these weapons, because technology of this kind remains unidentified.  Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein), in one of his famous tirades, said things about an unknown weapon capable of destroying any part of the globe within 15 minutes. ‘No explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of a laser, not lightning. It is a calm and quiet weapon instead, with which the whole continents will be put to sleep, forever’. I guess many people took this for a pure fantasy. I’ve met with the Russian weapons activities, from which I assume such possibilities are, in fact, very likely to exist. Russia isn’t the only superpower in possession of the unknown weapons. That’s why there are so many TIs complaining about HAARP, while in individual's case it has no real significance. Disclosure of this kind of weaponry is synonymous with the revelation of mind control operations. The Judeo-Christianity won’t allow it. At the same time, taking into account the current situation, employment of the religion, as a mediator controlling development of such weapons, is synonymous, and this isn’t a joke, with an attempt of humanity’s mass suicide. For already long time, the morally declining religion accepts technological rule “cheat, steal, and kill”. The only solution seems to be in the collective consciousness acknowledging that religion conducts mind control operations. This may cause the fall of religion’s moral authority, in which case, it won’t be as efficient in the realisation of its agenda.

If there will be some, taking my remarks for blasphemy, I suggest to ask the religious leaders, if their religion accepts technological mind control as a god’s miracle? In case of negative answer, I suggest a question - why is it that for very long time the implications of religion in this field remain without any reaction? In case of cagey answer, I suggest some serious contemplation to work it out on your own.

Finally, there surely comes a question, - “then, what’s next”? The aim of this article was mere signalisation of the serious issue. Especially, while there are some alleged mind control survivors, who introduce the subject in incomplete and programmed manner. Everyone should have an opportunity to influence the future. Though for this to happen, everyone should know, what they are dealing with. The most important is a key term of the ‘Humanity Survival’. Survival of everyone. Any religion unwilling to submit to this rule should be unjustified. As for me, I may now return to my standard activities of the ‘existential hygiene’. This is how I call systematic cleaning-up of myself from the dirt brought by mind control. This article was an attempt to introduce my world-view, not aiming at any impositions. However, every day I do employ knowledge of the above themes while dealing with mind control. I intend to do so, as long as it will be successful. This is an effective method to achieve some moments of priceless peace. As much as possible, I’ll try to inform about any developments in this field in the future.


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