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The Final Results of Investigation into Relationship between Mind Control and Religion

Aleksander Zielinski
June 2016
Edited December 2016

The more I know, the more there is to discover. This old and proven truth brings with itself a danger of losing recognition of where my knowledge is resting on. For a sake of avoiding any problems of the epistemological nature I needed to choose a formulae containing the essence of my understanding. It happened that I’m a mind control survivor. My greatest desire is to free myself from the burden of terrible, unnecessary and most times foreign in their nature problems. The most important tool for this purpose is the knowledge of mind control causes and aims.

Many decades of experiences in this area allowed me to choose a formulae, which at first seemed too fantastic to be treated seriously. While working on it, however, I could see that giving it up makes my situation worse, brings about the loss of my human dignity. It was like a repetition of the process I experienced in the eighties. Back then, it took me a decade to become fully convinced that mind control exists in the real world and that I was in fact mind controlled. At this time my recognition moved at faster pace. Within a few years I could observe that my controllers for already long time have been successfully employing similar assessment of the global situation. I’m gaining this understanding of the true mind control role in a natural way. My controllers possess technological know-how, with which they’re able to effectively disrupt quality of my existence, but I have the knowledge of reasons and aims of their work, being capable of disrupting their efforts.

Frankly, I do believe mind control to be as old as at least some of the Judeo-Christianity treads. During the last century some people came around who rediscovered the knowledge of resonance technologies, already known in time predating Moses (pyramids). The technology which god, whom as we are told nobody have ever seen, have used for the purpose of domination over the human kind (Ark of the Covenant). The conflict of appropriations is the reason for which this technology hasn’t so far been used for the Humanity’s advantage. The only area in which it has not been halted is mind control, which confirms with the religion. This preconditioned inhumane excesses of this phenomenon during the last few decades.

I know there shouldn’t be any doubts. Spreading of the religion, which deprived us of the ancient technological knowledge, was not a peaceful, full of love process. On Earth there are not only traces of inexplicably advanced ancient technologies. We can find traces of wars which effectively kept erasing the memories of our past, over the past few millenniums.  This subject could be very dangerous. Yet, the phenomenon of mind control causes the impossibility of its avoidance. To cope with mind control, the problem needs to be considered in its whole form, since its beginnings in the distant past.

It’s very likely that presently unknown gods (space travellers) were leading with us, and on us, some battles for their part in the Humanity existence. The main aim of modern mind control seems to be the status quo preservation in the face of human scientific and technological progress. Although, this isn’t all of it. The very phenomenon of mind control, creation of the technologically conditioned man, an operator taking place of god, is a significant status quo contradiction. There is a search for new solutions. We need to take into account a phenomenon common in the intelligence activities - active game outcome. It rests on the gamer getting ready for many different game results, and their interpretations for one’s advantage. While everyone uses this method, not only the game never ends, it also gets built ever greater. For this reason more and more people complain about mind control, while its means get more drastic.

Some years ago the observations of mind control led me to a conclusion that its key signals relate to the models of some of the religions. I’ve decided to use this understanding to support my personal attitude while resolving mind control problems. At present I’m yet unable to summarise the results of such conduct. Mainly, because many of those key signals clearly lost their significance. The one unchanged type of a signal relates to the Jewish intelligence. The others, more independent in the past, now seem to subjugate to the Jewish influence.  Simply, and with a dose of humour, whatever now produces itself on my senses it is either Jewish or serves Jewish interests. The only thing left to do is to acknowledge that Jewish intelligence wins mind control games, or other ways, it became exposed.

Because of mind control I broke up with the Catholic Church already 25 years ago. Although, I’m unable to escape logical observations. The first and fundamental role of Christ was conversion of the Jews. If they weren’t lost, the intervention of Christ, who was Jewish, and who taught the Jews, wouldn’t be necessary. The Jews have been using this without any hesitations. In my mind control, because of Christ, all the Christians are Jewish, and with suitable commitments. But the Jews are not Christians and have no commitments. Jews didn’t take up the Christ’s teachings, but his successor, in the eyes of over a billion of followers, says that first he prays to the god of Jews, that the Jews don’t need to be converted as they have their own special relationship with god. To modern people the saviour’s name relates to the credit of faith and trust. Religion is a salvation credit, which the followers keep paying off to receive their deliverance in the future. For the salvation sake they need to wholly submit themselves to this credit.  It has to be a comfortable business' operational model if I could see in this phenomenon so much convergence with the modern economy, relaying on credit, richly embroidered with the methods that take away recognition of the true values. It is confused and bloated system designed to provide the first profit that comes with the wealth which people are yet to deliver and to pay off. The question, in religion and in economy, whom is the first profit destined for? In mind control, there already was a lot about the saviour. The one thing that surely never happened was a saviour from mind control.

For 120 years, since the Nikola Tesla's time, we have been discarding the available technology to live in a constricted scientific system. Lately, the world of science is abuzz on the subject of the gravitational wave. It was discovered about half a year ago and now scientists are getting ready to continue looking for it in space. All the news items keep mentioning the name of Albert Einstein, a scientist of confirmed Zionist orientation, who predicted existence of this wave in the past. Commentators on this discovery keep outdoing each other in recalling his role. I’ve been mind-controlled since the early childhood and I never really knew how to learn physics. Humorously, it is me who cannot reject obvious observations. This kind of a wave was in use already thousands of years ago. Please, have a look at the Khufu Pyramid and try to convince me it was anything different from a scalar interferometer employing gravitation and resonance. My controllers are sure of it for a long time. For the past 12 years they trained with the scalar wave assembly on one of my implants using suitably modelled pyramid’s parameters. To my present knowledge, the primary mind control method was based on a standing gravitational wave which conducts information. I understand that such a connection can be started with the resonance synchronisation of the points which become beginning and end of the standing wave. In this context Einstein’s spectacular time-space curvature seems to be the theory of simple reality avoidance, introduction of gravity in such a way that it remains not understandable and unusable. There are two kinds of the science, the official one and the science of the controllers. Between other things, the latter conducts works on mind controlled people, like me, to produce scientific methods which hide the real possibilities of gravitation use. The works conducted on me were aiming at the creation of means for a disinformation campaign. Measures designed, if needed, to convince people that exploitation of the gravitational wave would adversely affect biological processes of living organisms. For a long time I was a target of energy effects, totally unimaginable to most people. The only one thing I became convinced of is that coexistence of appropriable gravitational wave exploitation and hidden mind control is impossible. In such a case the hidden mind control would have to become overt.

For over fifty years of mind control exposure I have been witnessing the processes which brought this perverted state of affairs. There were corrupted state leaders, royals, religious leaders, who sacrificed human morality for their careers, wealth, and personal survival. I called them the lead-in people, because they delivered the elements of power for which the Jewish intelligence couldn’t alone openly fight for. Of course under the cover of serving the religion. Now the Jewish intelligence, while using mind control, may blackmail these people with their involvement in its own endeavour. This is a classic effect of a Trojan horse with mind control as the main actor.

Such state of affairs allowed the Jews systematic and ever growing expansion in every area of life. I witnessed history as it happened. One of my grandfathers was imprisoned in Auschwitz. He came from the Upper Silesian town of Sosnowiec and used to be a soccer player. Because of his strong legs Nazi experimenters implanted a piece of wood in one of them. Grandfather limped for the rest of his life, until he died in unexplainable circumstances. When asked, what people where there in the camp? He answered, most of them were Polish. My grandmother, surprised, asked - what about the Jews? Most of all, I saw the Poles, kept answering grandfather. He was asked, which group of prisoners were the most persecuted? They were Russians. They were kept in separation and their treatment was bad, tragically bad, said grandfather. Over the past five decades, since my grandfather died, Jewish propaganda turned around the history for their own purpose. Now it is official, Auschwitz was created especially for the purpose of Jews extermination and the number of their victims seems to be ever growing up. It came to this, a few weeks ago a teacher of Jewish religion brought his students to the front of Polish diplomatic mission in the US, and they chanted that Polish soil is soaked with blood, protesting against Polish death camps and demanding everlasting compensation. Indeed, these were Polish death camps. Only because most of the prisoners were Polish. Perhaps, because they had too much sympathy for the Jews?

During the late sixties, there were still some more decent operators around. After sinuses surgery, in 1969, a signal reached me, about which I have forgotten for a long time afterwards. There was something that could slow my personal development, and there was a problem, what would happen in the future? Obviously, I know now it was about an implantation. About the same time I had a teacher of technical activities. It was an ill-tempered, snorting out rabid foam and occasionally slapping students’ faces madman. Incredible, how such a person was allowed to teach. When some parents demanded this teacher to be gone, they were told that he was a valuable member of the workers party, ex-prisoner of concentration camp, who had occasional problems with calming down because of enormity of his difficult experiences. In my personal opinion, person like him could have only survived the concentration camp as a capo. So this valuable party member, a Jew, ex-prisoner of the concentration camp kept going crazy, occasionally slapping students. The life theatre of his impunity created a mind control rule that a man, then a child, may be harmed because the Jews suffered in concentration camps. They may do whatever they want, and such is historic justice. In those times mind control was still governed by the real state administration. Even today I remember crying of some woman, operator. Those controllers with more humane attitudes disappeared, the pro-Jewish experimenters gained wider, not so humane field of work. The Jews had been becoming sanctified and untouchable, and I kept losing my personal development abilities. Of course, religion while being present when it all happened, have never done anything positive in the matter. Fifty years ago Polish mind control holders got to understand that with help of the Jewish agenda they may do things other ways undoable. They gave in to their urges, to chase the technology with which one may try to rule the world. And today all of this, and from every angle, is possessed by the Jews, who want more when the Jewish students protest against Polish death camps.

I haven’t written too much, but already can see I could qualify myself as an anti-Semite. After all there is a long list of the Jews protesting against Zionism. Without even going into what’s their real agenda. So where did all those Jews, and their admirers, who rule over the mind control of my person come from?

I need to start with the understanding of that for the purpose of religion and mind control assessment I would need to consider the religion’s broadest and most popular messages. The ones that reach everyone. The Old Testament consists of many books written in the distant past, and often describing the past of that time. As the stories of their world were written by those whom now we describe as the Jews, by default everything in there relates exclusively to the Jews and Jewish god. But it doesn’t mean at all this is real. Even if some Christians would want to witness the Jewish beginnings of this world, as I was taught by the religion lessons long time ago. In Abraham's time the Old Testament describes god in many different persons. If to look for the beginnings of the monotheistic god and the Jews as god's chosen nation, it would have to be in the books of Moses. It is there that I see the starting point for those now controlling me powers.

They supposed to be the Jews suffering Egyptian slavery, whom god through his Prophet Moses leads out to the Promised Land. It is them whom modern cinematography portrays as the creators of the magnificent Egyptian monuments of the past. However, this kind of history understanding is already rather unacceptable. Modern archaeology describes those supposed to be slaves as free, well paid recipients of social care.  Additionally, there aren’t any indications of them being Jewish.

If there were any Jews who left Egypt, or there weren’t any, it is not as important as the fact that this story lasted till modern times. There are mind control techniques full of utter nonsense which become logical after their translation. The important thing is to accept that this story describes then small, and now big part of the Humanity, which in ancient times had broke up with the old world, and submitted to care of the invisible god under guidance of Moses. The price to be paid for this care is an absolute obedience and submission to their god.

Meanwhile this god plunders the past, asks Moses so before the exodus the Jews borrow clothing and golden crockery and take it all with them on their journey. Those deceived Jews cruised around, in the desert, for forty years until all who saw the Egyptian land have died, to finally find their promised land, which nowadays appears arid and unattractive. They supposed to be the already remodelled men, who never saw places they came from. Those people allowed themselves to exchange usefulness of the Egypt’s resonance technologies for resonant, but captivating, holy tool called Ark of the Covenant. Researchers of the Egyptian culture are now finding elements of electric light seen in some of the ancient ornaments. Examples of machine stonework of the quality that even the best modern tradesmen would struggle to achieve for. The Jews, Christians and the others following Moses’ god spent thousands of years in the multidimensional darkness. Now, when the usefulness of the resonance technologies appears to be the human future, they serve mind control which employs resonant techniques as a tool of god. I remember always, never yet any religion did try to stop mind control. The Moses’ type of religion is based on the premise of business – grace of god for total submission. It begins to appear to be the worst business in history, and yet it keeps getting worse.

The pictures of default situation begin to appear with increasing clarity. The ideals of religion and scientific progress have forever been remaining in a contradiction with each other. Fast technological progress of the recent times indicates a fade-out of traditional understanding of god. For already long time, intellectual development of men naturally casts away many of till now sacrosanct religious dogmas. Faith requires constant effort at reconciliation of logic with submission to god. Religion doesn’t like the fact, it never will be treated literally again. Easy and profitable preacher’s work turns into hard, and never fully satisfying labour. I can see mind control as the reaction force opposed to this phenomenon. Long time ago, those who wanted to know too much were submitted to torture or sent to be burned away. Presently there are too many curious people who need to be reckon with. Mind control is like a prosthesis supporting the previous religious arrangements. It is an invisible world of arrangements and dependencies ruled upon by the religion and, I dare to say, monotheistic god of Moses. I have no doubts that TIs are people of highly developed intellect. The others wouldn’t fit for the purpose of works designed to create a model of dumbing the Humanity down.

Whatever will happen with us, the people exposed to mind control, it is going to have a deciding influence on the Humanity’s future. For over a century, since the comeback of resonant technologies knowledge, mind control has been an effective hideout for Moses-like religions. The new ‘Moses army’ has arisen, so much stronger, more numerous, and more assured of themselves at this time. They are not to lead out, but rather not to let in into places the Judeo-Christianity left thousands of years ago. Their main aim is not mind control alone, this can be done by the religion, but prevention of the practical resonance technology utilisation for our benefit. Why this is so important? This technology is to serve religion and the chosen ones. It’s possible that god, who wants to be omnipresent and invisible, wants us to subconsciously associate him with the phenomenon of resonance (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God). It may be an essential element of a greater, so far unknown gameplay at unknown scale. Those who can dictate the kind and parameters of the beginning and end of the standing scalar wave’s resonance do decide the purposes of technology's practical applications. This modern Moses army is determined by the following prophet Moses religions, high level personalities whose careers depended on mind control, countries and industrial and economic organisations which surely would go bankrupt without utilisation of the dirty energy sources. These are the powers which will do anything to disregard human potentials, and not to allow the use of very basic, already known thousands of years ago, yet forgotten technology. It depends on the most accessible source of energy of all – gravitation.

There is a danger of the monotheistic religion now being seen as a payoff for the humanity's survival. The Old Testament marks a period of time, soon after the exodus' beginning, with Decalogue deliverance at Mount Sinai. (In my opinion it was a mind control device.) When these Jews had no way back. Mind control may be to intimidate our collective consciousness. Anyone, without any exceptions, wants to keep as far away as possible from the things described by the TIs. In fact, and this is my opinion, mind control of the single individuals was most effective and most undetectable in the sixties. There wouldn’t be any need for the activities exposing control of our biological processes without any work on the modelling of our collective consciousness. I know it only too well. I have ‘studied thru’ this horrifying, collective type of fear of the technologically disabled Humanity being facing unknown enemy. The fear of losing things that make me a man whom I remember as a little child, before I was kidnapped. I’m sure, this fear is known to many mind controlled people. I’m lucky enough to understand a lot, and usually I can stand pressure of the situation, but I do dream of free from alien influence collective consciousness of ours. Such should have no problems with recognising the high level, friendly toward us intelligence present on Earth millenniums ago. We are told inconceivable bunkum about origins of the monuments of the past. Acceptation of this nonsense creates the state of intoxicating numbness taking focus off the reality. It is the effect of collective consciousness control.

This is why I know that it is worth understanding, I really should believe that we are not alone. Those Ancients who supported our development should still be present in us. Shouldn’t the evolution to depend on the interactions between organisms’ DNA? It needs to be clearly said that the success of Moses’ religion depends on parasitising on real and universal adoration of our origins. Men’s successful development should also be the Ancient's incidental victory over god-the parasite, who lately transpires as a being with body that's totally human unlike. The outlook at Men from a position of an alien organism seems to be a base of the Jewish success. Incidental victory, because opposite to the Moses god’s commandments, we are left with the freedom of choice. Following long and directed observation, those who acquainted us with their intelligence don’t dictate which religion to follow, what political or economic orientation, etc. In fact we may forget them altogether. The only important thing is that we are to stay with them till the end. So we mustn’t allow mind control to speed up the end unnecessarily. In the Universe there should be more like us in places named one time the ‘orphanages’. No need to feel like an orphan knowing that our origins should be sought most of all within oneself, and not with the religion of mind control. Some religion, organisation should come to existence, anything under the calling ‘Let’s go to heaven’, so we are to survive, to achieve sufficient development level to search for those potential relatives. Replace this unfortunate mistake of the Moses’ religion, so it would be known that we do understand true messages of the past. We must be aware, it’s possible that such potential relatives didn’t waste thousands of years following god-guerrilla and may be capable of the contact themselves. I know it would never happen as long as we allow the mind control religion degrading our identity and dignity. As long as we allow for it, in the Universe there won’t be anybody treating us seriously.

If asked, why do I write about things like this? I’ll answer without any hesitation, it is because I know the subject and I’m able to talk about it. I have something important to communicate. So far, for many reasons, not everyone can. In 1986 I worked for a very short time in the small West Australian town of Wiluna. There I found myself under strong psychotronic attack coming from the Israeli intelligence. I was forced to flee unexpectedly, without any preparation. Memory of this traumatic experience stands together with the intension born in these circumstances.  I memorised the four words out of a Dire Straits' song, – 'No compensation, private investigation'. Back then I began to understand that for all this trouble I found myself in, as much as for immensity of other troubles, there is no compensation. The only thing I could have was a private investigation of what has happened to me, what is it all about? The things I wrote about, after thirty years, are the frame results of this private investigation. I share this to sow a grain of the truth, to pass it under readers’ consideration. I have no doubts many people are passionate about these subjects. For this reason my opinion will be confronted in many different ways, but it all may now happen without any need for the terrible price I had to pay for it. It’s nice to dream about human potentials, about planet saving. It’s the Age of Aquarius, awaking time, you can try to conduct your own investigation, and reach your own conclusions. If so happen, may my observations to be of a useful assistance to you.

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