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Technologies Of Mind Control, Ancient Pyramid and Mysterious Doomsday Weapon Utilise Wood as Resonant Frequency Interrupter

Aleksander Zielinski
July 2023

Mind control technology employs various auxiliary techniques to improve and magnify its effects. In general, all of these are to make our minds weaker and dependable on stronger and seemingly more acceptable controllers’ information. People exposed to mind control unknowingly suffer drug addictions and withdrawal effects, horrific mental and often unseen physical wounds, which are systematically serviced and refreshed with aim to keep the ‘lesser human’ in desired condition. This all before even taking into account the shortcut, a trojan horse into human organism, the implants.

One of the very basic auxiliary techniques is oxygen deficiency. The same way as human body, the mind needs significant amounts of oxygen for proper functioning. Without adequate oxygen supply human mind becomes weak, blurred and prone to accept strong suggestions. Protracted oxygen deficiency is responsible for many symptoms of mind control such as problems with concentration, memory, facts association, persisted sleepiness and mental disorder. The longer oxygen deficiency the more we immerse into a sleep like state and move further away from our sensible selves. Mind control technology holders learned how to use this ‘being there and not being there at the same time state’ as a base for their constructions of artificially built intelligence which follows their lead without much constraint.

There are many ways of causing oxygen deficiency. As a mind control survivor, I can clearly observe the methods employed to create oxygen deficiency in my brain. I have a large cyst in my left lung and I do observe effects of control over blood flow in the left side of my neck. There’s not much I can possibly do about it, but I do still remember all the ‘forced exercises’ in shallow breathing that I dealt with in the past while not realising of it at all. In this case it is possible to work on my breathing techniques to improve oxygen levels.

Keeping sufficient organism’s oxygen levels doesn’t only depend on how much oxygen we intake. It may depend on the quality of oxygen. There might be good oxygen and bad oxygen with the latter being prone to break out from already existing molecules. It is quite possible to understand the way of changing good oxygen into a bad, or maybe call it unsuitable one. This technology of influencing oxygen state with the use of vibrational techniques can be found, employed for the purpose of weather modification, inside the ancient pyramids in Dahshur, Egypt.


Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid of Dahshur utilise a technique of resonant chambers. Corbeled ceiling inside a chamber makes use of gravitational acceleration. At various sections of the chamber, defined by the different heights of the corbelled ceiling, gravitation hits the chamber’s floor with varied speeds creating resonance of the floor. The higher ceiling height the faster gravity speed while striking chamber’s floor. This phenomenon creates resonance of the chamber which in turn makes pyramid’s walls to vibrate with frequency defined by the chamber’s shape.

Inside the Red Pyramid there are three such chambers. Two of them were used to store hydrogen and the third was designed to store oxygen. The resonant frequency of the chambers was employed as a carrier of natural resonant frequencies of oxygen and hydrogen. Then the pyramid walls were vibrating with the summarised frequency of the chambers carrying natural frequency of water. All this could cause resonant reaction in local atmospheric environment and create rain. This is how we may understand that the Red Pyramid was built for this specific purpose.

The Bent Pyramid was built to stop the rain. In addition to the described so far technique it makes a use of wood to disrupt natural oxygen frequencies carried by disrupted chamber’s frequencies. There are two resonant chambers inside the Bent Pyramid, both designed to store oxygen. Inside each chamber there were wooden beams installed across the ceiling. The presence of wooden beams was to interrupt resonance on the chambers’ floors. This resulted with the creation of interrupted natural resonant frequency of oxygen because it depended on transporting abilities of the chambers’ frequencies. In short, the walls of the Bent Pyramid were vibrating with the broken frequency of the chambers carrying broken frequency of oxygen. Water molecules present in local atmosphere were then exposed to frequencies causing their breakup. Decaying oxygen frequency was causing molecule to lose its bonds.

There is another disruptive system inside the Bent Pyramid designed to affect water molecule composition. It is placed inside horizontal part of the western corridor. Its boundaries are defined by two portcullis blocks housed in spaces roofed with corbeled ceilings. Two identical portcullis blocks were exposed to identical resonance created by identical corbeled roofs. This is a classic recipe for the creation of resonant coupling. It creates standing scalar wave which travels back and forth between identical resonances while being capable of carrying information. In this case the information was applied sideway, underneath the resonant coupling. There is an over two and a half meters long and four meters deep shaft which presumably was filled with water. While utilising magnetic nature of resonant coupling, it acted as some sort of gravitational antenna containing water information which was set to constantly interfere, mix up with scalar waves travelling between identical resonances. This way resonant coupling between portcullis blocks was carrying water properties information. Then this water information was to be constantly decomposed by the set of wooden beams installed in five pairs of holes on the walls of the corridor in the area preceding the water filled shaft. This is why we may know that the Bent Pyramid was constructed to stop the rain. This is only as concise as possible description of the techniques capable of manipulating the resonant state of atoms and molecules. More on the Dahshur’s pyramids may be found at this YouTube presentation.

It appears that this ‘interrupted frequency’ technique found its use within the mind control technology. While it is not apparent for mind control target in standard day to day operations, personally I can confirm that during the strongest attacks I could clearly feel the presence of wood. At these occasions my self-awareness felt like it was filtered with something I could recognise as a texture of wood. In 2004 I experienced most powerful technology attack. At that time, I also could almost sniff the smell of wood. It wasn’t exactly the smell but rather an impression of the smell’s presence. Thinking about it occasionally I considered the use of wood as some sort of protection against electromagnetic waves being too strong, or maybe protection against accidental use of it on undesired target. When I discovered what’s inside the Dahshur’s pyramids, I had to come to understand that it was all about the interrupted frequency technology.


Technology of Dahshur’s pyramids is based on pure gravitation. In fact, this is common to all the techniques found so far in the Egyptian pyramids that artificially induced gravitational resonance is applied back to gravitation with an aim to achieve desired effect. We are living in a world of forced energy used as a power source. In a hidden world of mind control mostly electromagnetic waves are used to create electromagnetic resonance, necessary for the creation of resonant coupling, the main technique of modern mind control. This is why mind control targets talk about electromagnetic weapons. While being able to sense electromagnetism, they are often dismissed with a standard theory which says that electromagnetic waves have no effect on human mind. Here lays the great misconception. A human being won’t be hurt while listening to the radio or watching TV. However, when an electromagnetic resonance within human organism, being created with the help of temporary chemistry solution, an implant or skilful waves interference becomes resonantly coupled with identical resonance somewhere else then this brings up capabilities of real and often harmful effect. Afterwards, a technique of interrupted frequency may be applied to electromagnetic resonance the same way as it used to be applied to gravitational resonance in Dahshur’s pyramids.

The same technique may be weaponised and used with an aim of killing human beings. In mind control oxygen deprivation is kept at a desired level, so to allow sufficiency for the controller’s operations. When used as a deadly weapon it might be brought to a level at which people die. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who died in 2022, was a Russian right-wing populist politician and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. He proclaimed in a television interview that Russia has a new technology to “destroy any part of the planet” and kill over a hundred million people using secret Geophysical Weapons. He mentioned about “new weapons that no one knows about.” He warned, “With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes.” “Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon,” he added, warning that “whole continents will be put to sleep forever” and that “120 million will die.” One may be pondering at where this number, 120 million, was coming from? Although I personally don’t have any doubts that he did talk about weapons using interrupted frequency technology.

Almost all living things, plants, animals and humans need oxygen to survive. Without oxygen we cannot release life energy, become powered down and die. While being cut off from oxygen supply, we would have 4 minutes before permanent brain damage and die 4-6 minutes later. The same would happen if we were breathing in resonantly modified oxygen that’s unsuitable for complex chemical reactions happening at cellular level within our bodies. This ‘peaceful weapon’ might potentially become the greatest mass killer ever known.

Assuming that Zhirinovsky was indeed talking about interrupted frequency weapons we face obvious questions regarding its delivery method. Likely, the technique used in Dahshur’s pyramids wouldn’t have enough reach and power needed to create an effect across a whole continent within 15 minutes. We should consider the use of highly powered electromagnetic waves. Things which come to mind are potential use of Russian scalar cannon or military satellite. However, researching this subject further brings some surprises. It appears that the Russians might have started worldwide utilisation of interrupted frequency technology already well over fifty years ago.


Everyone who knows anything about mind control must have heard about Russian ‘Woodpecker’. It was characteristic, sounding like repetitive tapping noise signal transmitted by Duga - extremely powerful Russian over-the-horizon radar system used in Soviet Union for over 13 years, from July 1976 till December 1989. Although earlier on these signals caused interference on 27 MHz CB radios in the late 60s and early 70s. Officially, Duga was a part of early-warning radar network for missile defence but the “Woodpecker’ signal gave rise to theories of mind control and weather modification experiments. The pulses transmitted by the Woodpecker had a wide bandwidth, typically 40 kHz and lasted up to seven minutes. Most of time their repetition frequencies were 10 Hz. While claims of mind control and weather modification remain of speculative nature the signal itself clearly bears a pattern of interruptions. It seems impossible to know what undetectable loads might have had been carried by it. We may be able to find one indication, though. Many researches describe human whole-body fundamental resonant frequency to be around 5 Hz. However, in recent years, an indirect method has been tested with results increasing the resonant frequency to approximately 10 Hz. It suggests that after all the ‘Woodpecker’ may be a carrier signal delivering undetectable load into the reception range of human body resonant frequency. Duga is positioned within Chernobyl exclusion zone and remains inactive. Interestingly, Russian mind control operations became somewhat disadvantaged in the middle of 1986 and remained this way until Russia began utilisation of their scalar cannon weaponry at the beginning of this century.

There are ancient monuments which can teach us the ways of utilisation of vibrational and resonant technologies. Unfortunately, so far this knowledge finds its use only in clandestine intelligence-like operations. After the big breakthrough of 2022 when Noble Prize in physics was awarded to three scientists researching quantum entanglement modern science seems to still remain as ever constrained by Albert Einstein presumptions. There still are some people considering quantum entanglement to be a philosophy rather than hard science. Following Nikola Tesla, our physical reality should be considered on the foundations of vibration, resonance and frequency. This knowledge needs be accepted and thoroughly tested by mainstream science to deliver sustainable technologies of the future world. We shouldn’t have any doubts, this is the only way of the world in which humanity may survive.


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