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Mysticism in Mind Control

Aleksander Zielinski
February 2019

Likely, every person dealing with mind control has met with this phenomenon. Controllers are often accused of connections with some secret organisations. Moreover some people assert, this is most of all the freemasonry guilty of ever growing mind control problem. If you’d ask mind control survivor, he or she immediately would answer – Sure, I know something about it, - but soon after their mind embarks on a journey into a sphere of subjects which cannot be described with words. Then usually this comment –Sure, I know something about it, - is followed by silence. Some more ambitious survivors attempt to describe personal experiences and feelings to practically explain how they see the role of esoteric mystery in mind control. Most often this results in stories hardly understood even by those who sincerely seek their understanding. This way this mysterious subject remains unexplained. With no doubts these overwhelmingly absorbing attention experiences are only one of many problems troubling mind control survivors. But for some of them, on this particular stage of the control program, this is most important because of dangers to their mental health. Then, why is it impossible to accept mystery in mind control and where did it come from? Is this influence of freemasons, cabalists, simply a fake, or is it something more natural in controllers’ disposition, to which option they adhere as long as we let them to.

One of fundamental attributes of mind intelligence is mental association ability. Already for a long time the controllers were able to observe and successfully recreate this process in TI’s mind. Because of it a person exposed to mind control may involuntarily mentally associate things or ideas which other ways are not to be naturally associated. The subject would be more understandable to those familiar with scalar wave and magnetic resonant coupling. It is like artificial one-way coupling, creating an ‘equal sign’ where it shouldn’t be. Misfortunate victim may be experiencing various preposterous mental associations which require some solid psychic workout in order to get rid of them. Such unfortunate sensations do occur within our thought process, often as an interpretation of outside world signals, and may be escalated with the controllers’ ability to contact victim’s mind at the subconsciousness level. The controllers are this way free to create unnatural symbolism. With passing time, often many years, the victim learns how to downplay tenacity of unnatural associations, gradually reclaiming natural, free abilities. Although, this phenomenon does not disappear completely and often may be used to debilitate victim’s mental abilities. While using this mysterious language of understanding the controllers present themselves as possessing some unknown type of knowledge. If it’s already known that we’re dealing with unnatural mental association and we have gained experience in this problem avoidance, why is it that occasionally this bunkum resonates so perfectly with our minds, holds us in indignity of such indescribable type of mind control shackles?  The victims are captivated by this phenomenon. While not understanding its role and origin, they are incapable of meaningful decisive resistance. What is the root cause of secretiveness we cannot fully reject?

Modern mind control is oriented business like. In short, we don’t deal with idealists controllers. There are contractors working for a suitable pay. Opportunities for their services are many. Dirty energy providers want to survive forthcoming free energy technology, big pharma desires avoidance of more effective and cheaper solutions, some religions fight against systematic devaluation of their value, mass media want global influence, people fight people, organisations fight organisations. Likely, there is much more than this. Despite wide variety of assignments there is something supporting ever existing power balance. Same people remain controlled by the same controllers. There must be a division cause reaching deeper than scope of described gameplay.

Mysterious languages of understanding, where are these coming from? No doubts, mysterious language of symbols is present in music, movies, literature, poetry, religion, and it reaches the targets by the way of daily news and history interpretations. Present in mind control, symbolic mystery language has in common not as much with the symbolism type as most of all with methodology of wide use of symbolism in freemasonry and cabalism. Also no doubts necessary that the phenomenon of the mysterious symbolic language is rather their appropriable method than a product. No reason to investigate if masonic or cabalistic symbolisms influenced mind control’s mystery language because despite their similarities, in this case we deal with something downright original.

It’s hard to define something that doesn’t have any definition. Something that simply is a definition's contradiction. One important thing is that we live in a world full of mysteries. These are often described as conspiracy theories. In some you could find a dose of truth. For example to many people mind control is one of the conspiracy theories. Meanwhile mind control is main reason for which I talk, and I do not tell a bogus story. It is only natural, with mystery comes mysterious language of understanding. Some time ago the controllers made a huge mess filling up the pot with many types of mystery. No doubts they did include in it some of their own secretiveness. And now we, people exposed to mind control, suffering disgraced conditions of personal environments are to solve where, what for, and of what real value these things are.

Now, after this introduction a little humour. If I were to say that mind-control’s esotery is so far the only successful way of defending oneself against controllers’ intrusions many would find me suffering hopelessly from some kind of permanent artificial mental association. Yet this is exactly what I’m going to describe.

Because of a specific, simple personal insight I’m no longer abused by the mystery. Even more, exactly opposite to it, it is the mystery itself that serves me as a method of playing against the controllers. My experience doesn’t necessarily have to be useful for other survivors. As well, this isn’t a method of liberation from a wide variety of mind control means. For example, if a victim is overtly served with chemistry, its influence cannot be overcome. If one finds himself in a ‘nervous system washing’ environment then search for adequate escape way is the only solution. I was, however, able to liberate myself from the madness of mystery and I could successfully use it against the controllers. Thanks to it for already long time I’m not harassed by mystery's hassle and with clean consciousness I can state that I ‘outtalked’ the operator. However at present I’m a target of the more physical intrusion methods, or maybe I would quickly name it as ‘gravitronic’ methodology. Those are operations conducted on my body’s gravitation, which not as often employ advanced psychological triggers. This is greatly uncomfortable. For safety reasons one needs to consider, such could be the consequences of practical implementation of the understanding soon to be described.

When target uses suitable understanding of mystery’s language against the controllers, it is possible to diminish or stop effects of their serious mental attacks. Controllers become more powerless, as if they were losing reasons for their work. As if at this particular occasion prey was to change into a predator, and old predator feverishly sought ways to get into the prey again. Then, in time it is possible to understand and realise the theatrical, spectacular mind control’s role.  This observation brings some relief while smoothing away feelings of entanglement and unity with mysterious controller’s messages. Mind control survivors can free themselves this way from the false sense of personal responsibility for complicity with this particular part of mind control operations. It is important because psychologically mind control preys most of all on our sense of responsibility for ourselves and for the others. Occasionally, while looking throughout internet forums I have encountered some opinions that it isn’t right to argue with controllers and my statements of this type surely are their own additions. I kept thinking about it for a while and this is how idea of this article came into fruition.

Just as any other person mind control target remains in a state of relationship towards the rest of the universe. This exactly is controllers’ place of work. Biological processes and mind control is infallibly effective for already long time. The most effective are early technological methods which victims cannot detect. Contemporarily it is more obvious that victim’s senses, spirituality and psychology are treated as a scene of a show where controllers tamper with our relationships towards the rest of the universe. Undoubtedly it is related to experiments seeking higher intelligence levels and improvement of secret technologies.

There are two main schools of such conduct. One of them could perhaps be described as German. This technique separates victims from naturally occurring signals. Typical signs of this barrier are tenaciously constant internal noises. This is miserable, run on slow senses life. In such conditions people are prone to mental depression. Also external environment of a victim is often full of noises. Presumably every target experienced this type of artificially induced signals. Before dawn of the flat panel TV era the greatest spectacles used to take place on CRT TVs. Vacuum inside CRT TV’s tubes provided controllers with some extra abilities. I personally lived in a world of ever crackling TV sets. With my first flat panel TV I just couldn’t get accustom to absence of TV noises. Now there still are traditional throughout many decades, noises on the walls, ceiling, fridge, on items made with some plastics. The system’s elite readily conducts serious energy attacks against target’s body and environment. Strong effects that somebody I don’t like named an ‘ionospheric feat’. Interesting fact, I’ve met with such effect, really loud sound was coming from the room’s emptiness. It appeared not to be tied up with anything. Fifteen years ago this school was described as anti-outer-space defence, but controllers doing it often pretend that they could be of alien origin. The second school could perhaps be described as English. It floods victim with highly excessive amount of mysterious, but this time more natural, relating to psyche signals. Before one can digest sense of a mystery, there comes next, and next, etc. People in this circumstances are often described as schizophrenics, paranoiacs, but those with a little intelligence don’t have any time to be depressed. This school, for change, seeks natural cosmic influence in our relationship with the rest of the universe. Mind control survivors are exposed to both schools at the same time, though one of them is to play leading role.

Without a solid control frame over the chosen elements of victim’s senses and spirituality the investigations and spectacles of mind control will not be possible. Spectacles of this kind require organised order. Other ways the controllers could deal with something comparable with a situation where spectators storm the stage, or actors leave it to mix up with the audience. The show wouldn’t go on. This is where mind control survivor can seek a chance to find essential differences between control’s frames, in this case controllers’ appropriable interpretations, and personal nature. Controllers are prepared for it and natural reactions become a target of cowing and humiliation of victim’s mind abilities, until one won’t take a stand and proclaims – Enough, operator, I won’t stand your madness any more. What’s next depends on the victim’s specific conditions. We need to remember that mind control has to work both ways, even if we deal with multiple controllers’ personalities. Target’s actions are to have some effects in mind controllers’ world. Sometimes it is necessary to embark on a journey through hell to find sufficient freedom, but surely offensive attitude towards controllers is possible and it will cause their disorientation.

While approaching mind control’s mystery language it is important to know that it cannot be created for a personal benefit. Power of mysterious messages relays on interpretation of completed facts. Controllers who intend to build appropriable, offensive symbolic languages to create their own reality versions soon or later come into a conflict with higher symbolism level.

My mystery language is clearly understandable and as such it only refers to the mysterious mind control’s purpose. I’m led by belief that I have discovered the reason for controllers’ success. I’ve been assuming that the mystery starts at the birth of religious monotheism, and there is no mystery beforehand. I have identified mind control as the last line of both, defence and attack of the system that was born three and a half thousand years ago with the story of Jewish exodus from ancient Egypt. I consider this system to be a cancer on humanity’s body. The malignant one because it always tends to acquire anything it can. In full of life universe some people want to adore only one kind of life. Even if many do it only ceremoniously to keep up with the tradition, they de facto do conform to occupation of human kind by one only, really unknown power. Mind control existence denotes that this unknown alien is not gracious, merciful, nor almighty. For the same reason we can assume its power against us has diminished to the stage of micromanagement. Instead of specific to many religions a chosen one, prophet, son of god, now we are dealing with an army of controllers.

Now imagine, please, controllers avoid the subject at any cost. I’m carrying on like this for some years now, and not a single time they would take on the matter. All that’s needed afterwards is little intuition, how to interpret aims of the controllers’ work within scope of my understanding. With this type of personal conduct I have reclaimed a whole sphere of mind’s freedom never obstructed by controllers’ intrusions. Surely, there are many methods of harassment to hurt a victim, but never in any way related to my judgment. It is my burden to investigate in which ways mind control works and then suitably apply results of this investigation. I used to consider if all this was not in fact a result of some special, personal mind control program. But mind control mysteriousness is a method that makes a target psychologically weak and powerless.  In past I was successfully attacked with it.  It’s easy to understand, nobody gives up on well working technique. Besides there is perfectly logical explanation for it all. Sizable ‘essay’ could be produced on it, but at this occasion I need to make it short. Controllers do not ‘resonate’ with this subject because they are afraid of becoming themselves a target of the fairer world of resonances and gravitation. Yes, if it even exists a controller not being controlled by any other one then there is gravitation that connects all of us with the mysterious universe and in the face of it the controllers prefer ‘not to know’ what really they’re doing.

Over the years I had to come to understanding that it is very important. Mind control is indeed bound with technological prolongation of monotheistic system. Even without religious dogmas propagation. For many different reasons it is obvious that the controllers do not go beyond the monotheistic principles frame. No brainer here at all. This kind of monotheism includes not only certain religions. It includes every organisation promoting absolute power, including communism’s corruption. One of the examples may be Putin, designed as a saviour of post-soviet world, and his party United Russia. Its name properly translated means ‘the only Russia’. This name brings about the impression of exclusivity, one and only party with its almighty saviour. Currently not only religion could serve as an example in order to explain the essence of mono-system. Ironically, at the same time religion is totally unable to confront mind control, which very likely was born as its replacement if religion loses its reason to be.

Nursing my mental health in this particular way I began to stumble across amazing stories of primeval life on Earth. Modern alternative media are overloaded with such bewildering information. With experience of well over half a century in mind control survival I should have developed some basic instinct to know, what story could possibly be true, and what is typical disinformation seasoned with a grain of truth. This isn’t time nor place to talk about it, so I’d like only to mention about my world outlook as a result of personal experiences and appropriable method of tackling subjects of mind control and its purpose.

World outlook is a recognition system of our reality and its relationship with mysteries. To investigate mysterious language in mind control we need consider that we live in a world of people who don’t know their roots. Indeed we don’t know where we’re from, what our purpose is, and where we’re going to. For millenniums this fact has evidently been misused by religion. But in a world with mind control in it religion has lost its traditional meaning. Operator can create more embarrassment than very angry god. It happened, we live in a world in which because of mind control we don’t owe religion our trust any more. Instead it is religion that owes us stronger than mind control, religious proof. Who can still believe, we live in 5579 Hebrew year since creation of the universe?

We don’t know full history of humanity and our planet. Perhaps, after some cataclysms we were restarting everything from the beginning. We know, there were glaciers, global floods and meteorites strikes. But in fact, perhaps we do not remember because someone is very comfortable with it?

We also don’t know what our destination is. The only thing we know about it is death. Religion teaches that this life is not everything. As a person often used as a guinea pig in various mind control experiments I’m confident that at the borderline of life and death there’s nothing. Coupling of a victim with deceased produces nothing. I went through mind shorts where I wasn’t here for a little while and there was nothing. Classic retuning of consciousness to different brain waves’ frequencies feels a little like leaving this world, but there’s nothing there. To survive mind control I am obliged not to lie to myself and not to provide any credits. Especially while knowing that religion doesn’t care for mind controlled people. Ironically, I wouldn’t like to be mind-controlled forever. Most of all, let’s have a look at the known history. We can find huge number of gods, idols, and intermediaries who left behind mysterious relics, but now they are not here anymore. If it appears that living gods aren’t present here then who am I to expect eternal life within my current biological form? For this reason I believe that the most important is time of our lives. We cannot allowed ourselves to waste it. We shouldn’t give away any credits to the unknown while limiting personal opportunities. No reason to wait for fulfilment of promises by those who conduct or at least tolerate mind control.

Not knowing our past and future, we’re living in a state of dissociation from recognition of our real role in the universe. I blame for it the system of religious monotheism. False system of the only God - Always, Everything, Everywhere. The first system of mind control. In my opinion two stone slabs of Decalogue symbolise a method of this control. Two identical slabs represent opportunity for resonant coupling which produces standing scalar wave. This is basic method of modern mind control technology. Ten Commandments mean control of thinking and conduct of the faithfuls. At these occasions, traditionally, I remember that religion never took a stand against mind control. Also I never knew any controllers who would openly contest monotheistic religion. Millennium after millennium monotheistic system of artificial intelligence that’s called religion separated us from the memory of the past, destroyed whole generations of people with useful to us, but undesirable by the system abilities. The first victims of its genocide were wandering across the desert Jews. All of those to whom in the first place young monotheism offered promised land. With no exception, all of those who saw and remembered now enigmatic world, ancient Egypt. We became deprived of memories such as free energy, harmless health treatments and correct understanding of our universe. We have lost understanding of big machines, pyramids that utilised gravitation and resonance. Instead, this useful knowledge has been used to control our minds. At this occasion without any promises of heavenly salvation but evidently to dumb us down, as well in world without religion. At present it is not as important to this system if we are to follow one god, one leader or any other guide. As much it does degrade desired human dignity, there always are some ever zealously keen to take on this role. Their exclusivity is a tool of the system to always keep us in its hands. 

For those of us who don’t like to be a part of this system, what we have left is an aspiration to uncover our past and desire to liberate potentials of our capabilities. This is my way of how to understand time of my life. Without disposing of our past and without any credits for the future. This is my world outlook. Against it, controllers with faith and those without, supporters of communism, kingdom or capitalism, specialists of overt or covert sciences, superstition or forbidden knowledge followers, morality propagators or criminals, none of them can effectively oppose it.

This is why it is for me the only acceptable way of how to treat an obvious fact - existence of mind control and its mysteries. Controllers don’t want to know this language of understanding. Thanks to it I could find enough space for little personal freedom, a chance for independent thinking and hope for the future – power of survival. If you do look for a way to survive mind control, perhaps one day you will test similar understanding in your attitude towards controllers. If they’ll fail to react or answer with jabber, it would mean you could have found a method to free yourself from their mystery. Despite troublesome nuisance of their other methods you are freer than themselves. With such feeling, simply, one can live.

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