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Technology Djed – Video Presentation

Aleksander Zielinski
September 2020

This movie has been made because of my never-ending interest in technologies of ancient Egypt. Mind Control technologies are fundamentally based on the rules of technologies that were known and applied many thousands of years ago. Modern Mind Control remains hidden behind the frame of electromagnetism and electronics. Meanwhile usable technologies of ancient Egypt are relatively easy to comprehend as an essence of issues common with the resonant coupling. Djed technology is an important tool of operations on free energy. Without understanding of the technological methods of antiquity we won’t be able to fully comprehend Mind Control technology.

Mysticism in Mind Control

Complicated Subject of Defence against Mind Control

Great Pyramid of Giza and Implant – Free Energy vs Mind Control

Mind Control in XXI Century

Mind Control and Reality

Mind Control and Religion

The Final Results of Investigation into Relationship between Mind Control and Religion